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  1. Schatt

    Show us your Arkhan The Black

    Hi, Here's a vintage Arkhan The Black on Undead Chariot. The chariot has 2 options - Fly mode and Attack mode. Miniature hinge allows you to raise and lower the carriage. Citadel plastic horses had been replaced with metal Iron Claw steeds. I'm a big fun of Dark Omen PC game so I tried to...
  2. Schatt

    H: Vintage Citadel Undeads etc W: OOP Citadel Undeads

    Hi, Please check my wants lists at the bottom. * Click on miniature title to see a photo. ** <source> link navigates to a catalog page. I send worldwide by recorded air mail with tracking - $4. Open for trade or sell offers. Regards, Dmitry RARE HUMANOIDS ORCS-GOBLINS UNDEADS DARK...