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    New Van Hels Dance - can't charge with it right?

    I looked everywhere but couldn't find this.... probably cause it's clear enough but honestly I just want to be clear. With the new Van Hels... you cannot charge because the movement is "remaining moves" right?
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    Mortis Engine/ Coven throne

    I was fortunate enough to have another Mortis engine given to me as a gift. So I know own two of them. I was thinking of just glueing one as mortis and one as throne... but seeing all the talk on magnetizing / rods etc... makes me wonder if I should attempt to make them interchangeable in the...
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    Official Rumour Thread: New Vampire Counts Book

    Found this! Not sure if it had already been posted but here it is anyways.
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    WD Wraiths reaction

    Indeed I went to the GW website as if to Order/Advance Order the new wraith models and it says you can make a Wraith and a Wraith (character) out of the kit which seems to strongly indicate that they are still both as artisturn has said.
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    Hex - Forbidden Lore

    In my gaming club we've looked through the book and can not find anything that says they do not stack. We play with them stacking. We also do the same with augments. Personally I always have to light vamps in my army and double pha's protection is actually pretty cool!
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    2250pt Von Carstein Army List!

    The wristbands are not considered bad (at least not by me). He just won't be getting shot at directly if he's in a unit / bunker. (Bunker means putting him in a unit behind another unit and deploying / playing to where it's hard to get to that particular vampire). Anyhow, if he's "bunkered"...
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    Werewolves: The Bears Anger Tactics

    Forbidden Lore IMO can be quite powerfull. I've sometimes ran games where I do give it to my lord while ensuring that the pertinent annoyances of necromancy are still present via necromancers. Lore of the Beasts is actually one of my favorite Lores (I do fight High Elves CONSTANTLY). So...
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    Worst Moments

    Well with VC most recently at the 'Ard Boyz Semis (fight for 2nd place which I lost) Vampire Lord with Armour of Night in the woods (visible though), spear chukka (goblin bolt thrower) I was a single target (-1), Armour of Night (-2), with cover (-1), at long range (-1) he proceeds to roll a...
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    How Many Armies Do YOU Have?

    I have four: O&G, HoC, VC, Dwarfs.
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    Zombie Pirate list

    I found a copy in the following link: If I was not supposed to post that then apologies and delete as necessary. I did not post it directly to a file in case there was any "trust" issues.
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    WHFB - 7th VC FAQ is out!!

    Loving the screaming into combat bit!
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    New Daemons (no, this is NOT another rant)

    This is definitely something I do and works very very very well. This or if I wasn't good enough to engage with I pray I can get a nice chunk of zombies on it and that will hold for about the same time.
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    Weapon choices questions

    The way I understand the rules tells me that the magic weapon would replace the lance. Also, when you charge with a weapon / shield combination you are commited to that for the rest of the combat unless that particular model / unit has the army exclusive option of changing weapons / shields out.
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    Possible To Win Without The Super Grave Guard Unit?

    Well, I am guilty as charged and take a big block of GG in about 60% of my battles. I've been very fortunate with them and they've been forgiving enough to have me take a double bret frontal charge from two lance formations and two flank charges from pegasi and win (I was very lucky). I've...
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    Here is my 2250 army

    Also, if your lord is mainly a caster I personally don't bother giving him armor at all (although I could see the point on at least having some sort of save). However, you gave him the blooddrinker which tells me you plan to have him in combat. I believe he doesn't have the tools to be...
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    WHFB - 7th Pitched battles?

    I've been throwing the term around in my gaming club (we're all fairly new enough to WHFB to not know for sure). We've been assuming that it refers to a table deployment that has a fairly, if not completely clear center. Is that right? Apologies for the silly question.
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    WHFB - 7th Dual Fell Bat charge.

    So I have a screen shot and basically Unit A & B charge C. Unit C makes a fear check because of Unit A, it passes, Makes a fear check because of unit B fails.... what happens? Doesn't Unit C flee from Unit B but Unit A still move after the "unit" not the spot they used to be at?
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    WHFB - 7th Wight King BSB & Shield?

    Can our Wight King use a shield as a BSB? I've been reading everywhere can't find where it says one way or the other?
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    VC vs Brets 2250

    Great report! That Varghul is a BEAST! (no pun intended). P.S. Nice Strahd Avatar!
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    Bad luck

    I wish I could complain but alas, my dice have "usually" balanced out. I have a gaming group and another member and I play almost daily. I've seen Grail Knights die time after time after time after time to a simple unit of 3 spirit host bases or zombies!.... On the other hand, the other day I...

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