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    Deintalos and the Exiled Dead

    I just finished painting these guys. The one with the halberd will be my zombie champion. :-)
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    1k Vyrkos List Paint Log

    The wolves look awesome! I really like the color. And it looks like the Blood Knights are off to a good start.
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    Cursed City Rises from the Dead

    Agreed! It should be cool.
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    Cursed City Rises from the Dead

    Great news! The game, along with expansions, is coming back!
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    Tale of Painters Month 3

    Can't wait to see these get some paint! Very cool models.
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    Vampire Lord Anasta Malkorion - Limited time model

    Did you order it through a local shop? I am excited for this model too. She is holding a baby dragon in the picture. While I may not use that build for her, I might use the bit on something else...
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    Vampire Lord Anasta Malkorion - Limited time model

    I plan to pick up this model and swap in one of the extra heads from the Blood Knights. Also--and this might sound crazy--I think I'll put her on a 25 or 32mm base.
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    ++A Wolf's Howl and a Bat's Shriek++ - Von Carstein Sylvanian Army

    Lovely! I like how you have incorporated some of the older models and bits into the new skeletons.

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