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  1. bigbadbat

    VC 2400 pts competitive list

    I'll say to trim the core pts down to as close to minimum as possible (600) Then you have pts for more toys and other more effective units.
  2. bigbadbat

    Undead legions in mathematical terms is mwbd or hatred better?

    Between Book of Arkhan and VHDM, you should be able to get those rerollable via magic. The Necrotect doesn't provide any value for me.
  3. bigbadbat

    Undead legions in mathematical terms is mwbd or hatred better?

    Initiative is the problem here. The Necrotic could well be dead before the unit he's in gets to strike, wasting the hatred and pts. MWBD offers some defense in the way of getting hit less via the higher WS of the unit. With access to Van Hels, and the ability to equip the TP/TK defensively, you...
  4. bigbadbat

    MSU VC ? "Zombies dont Count LOL"

    You've got to be very careful with your angles and hit targets with multiple units and you should be alright
  5. bigbadbat

    MSU VC ? "Zombies dont Count LOL"

    Get that Vamp charmed shield. If your VL is 3" away frim either HW unit, he may take a 4+ LoS. I've run this to great effect, albeit before the dawn of Storm fiends. Get those HW to seven though and maybe drop the Hellwraiths? You can certainly get Hard Cover from the HW or Vargs, but keep that...
  6. bigbadbat

    MSU VC ? "Zombies dont Count LOL"

    Looks fun, I'd say drop those Black Knights and grab a wraith and a Spirit host. Guessing you're going for the 4up LoS shenanigans with the HW, if that's the case beef those 2 units up to 7 with the BK points. Remember you won't get a LoS as it is from the HW.
  7. bigbadbat

    Undead Legions Lore of Light Council

    It's a keen idea, but as you alluded to, you're paying a heavy premium for that lore and the number of caster's to boost your banishments. I believe the light council should be bunkered up and used as a Magic Missile center of your army. It's counter intuitive to dump those points into combat...
  8. bigbadbat

    Our Buss and the change in the metta

    Just jumping in here having not read the entire thread. I think the traditional BK bus is sorta dead. With Storm Fiends, Lore of Metal, Light Councils, etc running rampant there's just not enough wounds to get those Vamps into Combat. I've never been a big fan of the cav bus, I like the skelly...
  9. bigbadbat

    Nagash at 2500

    Raise a necro with scroll...
  10. bigbadbat

    Zombiedragon Lord ETC Tournament

    Happy to help! Now... Don't have the current ETC draft in front of me, but... (In Darth Vader voice) Your lack of Fell Bats is disturbing. Are you maxed at flying units/qb/rf? That leftover 14pts + dropping that SH = 2 units of Fell bats. Imagine for a second... Your VL declares a charge...
  11. bigbadbat

    Zombiedragon Lord ETC Tournament

    Let me chime in... Not sure where your list is at presently, got lost in the muck. But... I prefer the banshees in units opposed to Wraiths. Sure, wraiths have more attacks, but the scream although not dependable when it works it works wonders. I'd also go CH over Harbs and maybe lose a varg to...
  12. bigbadbat

    Lore of Undeath - Ryze The Grave Call & Characters

    Alabaster427 sums it up. There is a glaring loophole with regards to logic, I would say in friendly games, no. However, some tourneys or gt's may rule that it is possible...when in rome!
  13. bigbadbat

    Corpse Cart Vigor Mortis and multiple combat

    Nope. That is a special rule that only applies to Zombies.
  14. bigbadbat

    VC Weak Under Swedish?: why VC are underrepresented at the US Masters

    Without getting in to great detail, I will say it's a bit ridiculous to pair opponents or grant handicap based on a system that itself is not balanced in the least. You can game Swedish comp. In uncomped, everything is fair game and there is a bit of rock/paper/scissors if you build skew lists...
  15. bigbadbat

    VC Weak Under Swedish?: why VC are underrepresented at the US Masters

    All that said Julian is a great player and should do well. In Swedish, matchups are key, and he has tools to deal with most things.
  16. bigbadbat

    VC Weak Under Swedish?: why VC are underrepresented at the US Masters

    Swedish puts the smack on VC for sure. The Swedish comp pack I believe is designed to encourage players to use different units, different char. builds, etc... Let's be honest.... VC have very few legitimate choices in competitive play. Some of which are completely neutered by a 5 pt weapon...
  17. bigbadbat

    Lore of it all that?

    RAW, RAI, etc... I personally wouldn't employ such a strategy in friendly games, BUT... if a tourney or GT rules it this way, as most around me have, then "When in Rome..." Daisy chain away! It's really brutal.
  18. bigbadbat

    Lore of it all that?

    Trick with LoU is to daisy chain Necros. 12" becomes 24" becomes 36" pretty quick.
  19. bigbadbat

    pit of shades vs ridden monster

    It follows the rules for templates, so rider and monster are hit. If its a cannonball, it hits both. If it's a stone thrower, you randomize which "model" is under the hole, but both are hit.
  20. bigbadbat

    Trying Lizardmen at 2500 points

    Great call on dropping Saurus! Other than that, looks pretty boss!

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