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1,000 pt tourney game 2 report


Minister of Thriftiness
Dec 9, 2013
So on the top 8. I know that's no big deal when there are only 16 players, but this is also the smallest tournament I've ever played in and I've never been in the top 8 before.

After besting the Ironjawz, the wretched refuse of Chaos rears its ugly head at the emissary of Death. Nurgle.

For this match, we played Blood and Glory.

My list:
Abhorrant Ghoul King on TG, general, Cursed book, Red Fury
Crypt Ghast Courtier
Screaming Skull Catapult
Ghouls x20
2x Ghouls x10

Opponent list:
Great Unclean One, unknown artefact and command trait
4x Plaguebearers x10
2x Beasts of Nurgle x10

I did remember to take a single picture

I get initiative and decide to go second. He does some laugh of Nurgle thing and gives IP to a unit of plaguebearers. He casts mystic shield on one unit of beasts and fails his other spell. He moves up the unclean on, both beast units and two units of plaguebearers. In response, I give IP to the larger unit of ghouls an fail Unholy Vitality. I move everything up so that if he charges in turn 2, he won't be contesting any objectives. I shoot the catapult at the non-buffed beasts and do no damage. The following scream gets two wounds (I really hate playing armies with Bravery 10 across the board...). I go to charge, but only the GK gets a high enough roll. I don't want him to be alone for potentially 2 turns, so I decide not to charge.

Turn 2. I do not get the double turn. He casts mystic shield on the plaguebearers this time and puts Inspiring Presence on the unclean one. I am perplexed to say the least. I asked him why he put IP on a lone model and he says he wants to protect him from the leadership modifier of my catapult. I figure he hasn't played much so I correct his understanding of IP and allow him to put on a different unit. He is grateful. He then does some crazy 21" heal bubble that allows each unit to heal D3 wounds.He moves up the unclean one farther, near the middle of the board and puts a beast unit next to him so they can slime anything that charges either one of them. He then ends his turn. My GK and TG are licking their chops at the sight of such a large morsel. I take a deep breath so as not to forget my hero phase again. Unholy Vitality goes off. I give IP to the larger unit of ghouls again. I move everything except the catapult and the ghouls on my right closer to the unclean one. I shoot the catapult at the Jabba the Hutt wannabe. nothing. I scream at it. Nothing. I charge the GK first and make it, but also hit the beasts beside him. I take two wounds from the slime. No Big Deal. Both units of ghouls charge the behemoth. The Ghast fails, but I'm ok with that. The GK only deals five wounds on the unclean one and fails Red Fury. Big Deal. I have never played against Nurgle before and I have no idea what this thing's like in close combat. He decides to swing at the GK. Cursed book for the win. he only gets three wounds on the vampire. The ghouls strike at the monster and get 2 more wounds. The beasts of Nurgle get another two wounds on the GK. The scream is essentially useless now. The second unit of ghouls do no damage. However, their pile in move brought a unit of plaguebearers into the fray. The plaguebearers take out 4 ghouls. No battleshock.

Turn 3. I get the double turn! I roll to heal the GK and get 2 wounds back. He protests that I didn't do this in previous turns, but I point out that he hadn't taken any damage in those turns. I fail Unholy Vitality. I keep IP on the same unit. The Ghast restores five ghouls. I shoot the unclean one and fail. I scream at and fail. I fear that my TG is choking to re-death. I swing into the Unclean One and the Ghoul King rolls 5 sixes on the hit. My opponent becomes depressed, but I know this means I'm about to roll 5 ones to wound. one wound gets through, but he saves. The claws also fail. The choking Terrorgheist decides the key to clearing his throat is not vomiting, but instead, to swallow more. He bites a chunk out of the herald of Nurgle and scores a second blow. The Great unclean one saves two of the mortal wounds and fails the regular. I roll just enough to kill it. Red Fury passes. The Ghoul king lets loose and deals 4 wounds to the nearby beasts. The TG, however, is now sick with the swill that it just devoured and fails to wound. The Nurgle player nearly avenges his Great Unclean One by getting the GK down to 3 wounds remaining and decimating a unit of ghouls.

At the start of his turn, he charges a unit of plaguebearers and the second unit of beasts into the GK. He fails his first round of wounds. I destroy an entire unit of plaguebearers and he concedes. He says it's no longer fun and it's ridiculous that I was able to spend 40% of my points on a single model. I try to point out that he could very easily win. All he needs to do is claim 2 objectives. One is completely unprotected and he has models only 10" away. The other is only has one unit of ten ghouls on it, which he could easily take with a unit of plaguebearers. If he claims both, he immediately wins, regardless of how many points are on the table. He still concedes.

We inform the TO and he says to remove all enemy models then take my turn 4 and 5. If I am able to claim all four objectives (which I was able to do), I get the major victory. So win #2. After the round is over, it turns out that the only player to achieve a major victory in round 1 has lost round 2. This means that not only am I in the top 4, I am tied for first place. (woohoo)
Jan 1, 2017
That was kinda a childish reaction... I could see it with a beastclaw Allegiance that at 1000 pts can field a Frostlord on Stonehorn and a Thundertusk (it's battleline!), but anyway i don't think Daemons players can lament about big nasty models.

Kudos for your sportmanship... and for your brilliant report, I especially enjoyed the part of the choking TG. xD