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1000 point army vs WoC

Aug 21, 2011
This is basically an edited list of something I used before, but I had more upgrades, a corpse cart and larger unit sizes. Now I've made space to fit in a necromancer and a terrorgheist.

I thought the TG could be very useful against WoC as they all have naturally high armour saves and he could scream some Chaos Warriors / Chosen / Knights to pulp. My idea is to keep him on the flank next to the cavalry bus including my vampire, as to get him behind enemy lines ASAP.

I know this list isn't the usual with lots of ghouls and a grave guard unit, but I have had success with BK in the past and I think that Skeleton Warriors fit the theme better than ghouls.
The story is that my character is a blood dragon (who for some reason is a lvl 1 wizard :rolleyes: ) from Bretonnia who slaughtered his loyal servants (the Gate Guard and the Knights) after being given the blood kiss. He then raises them as his own minions. To prove his strength, he set out to enslave the giant bat known as "the Hunter" who used to plague the town of Lyonesse. Seeing as this majestic creature obeyed the vampire, a roup of ghouls was inspired and joined the army. Nicholas doen't really accept them, but they just tag along through the shadows and feast on the flesh after battles. To keep this army "alive" and running, Nicholas needed more than his measly magical powers and so a necromancer had the honour to join his ranks.
Wow, that was kinda long :silent:

Please give me your thoughts and any tactics I could use against WoC (I'm not too familiar with them). Are the ghouls useless in such a small warband? Should i switch the skellies into ghouls and form one unit of 29?

P.S. The list actually is 1001 points but its a friendly match, and my opponent doesn't mind :vampire3:
Apr 18, 2011
WoC has great armor saves, better T and good S. You can expect to see some marauders, possibly with great weapons. This means that your skellies armor is next to useless, and their skills in combat leaves much to be desired. Hopefully the new book will change that.

Ghouls are the better choice here, really. 2x poison attacks and harder to wound. I've started leaving the skeletons at home, and rather take larger groups of ghouls.

WoC is a very tough opponent for vampires especially as you've not included grave guard. Their armor saves are simply too much for us to handle most days. Get the TG behind their lines and use the shout for all its worth, then supportcharge when absolutely nessesary.

Redirection is key against WoC, so get Raise Dead on your vampire so you can block with zombies. Its free points, but I've had great success with them
Aug 21, 2011
Yeah I thought the skeletons wouldn't really help it was more to fit the theme, but i guess i could switch them out into some ghouls and have a horde (is this the best way to field them?) of 30 including my necromancer.

I'll have some points left from the FC that I cant take now, should I invest them into, say, the Sceptre de Noirot on my vampire? I think it would help in summoning enough zombies to hold up an enemy unit for a turn or two. Or should i just take summon ghouls or any other ideas?
EDIT: nvm this, I'll have to take some extra ghouls to fulfill the minimum core requirement xD

As for the high T and ASv, I was hoping that my TG and my BK on the charge would be enough, with the poison on the ghouls making it easier to wound.

Btw, I'm sure my opponent is taking a sorcerer of chaos as most likely his only hero and he's also definitely taking warriors of chaos. I'm not sure on the marauders though because I've never seen him use them before (he really likes an elite small force instead of numbers).
Aug 21, 2011
Sorry for double posting, but I just want to say i played a game against the WoC player with this army list (with the skellies turned into ghouls).

The deployment was quite normal, my ghouls were in the centre-left area, my BKs in the centre-right and I kept the TG till last and deployed him on the flank, but still in range of the general.

The first turn had normal movement, with my TG aligning himself to scream at a troop of Chaos Warriors with the mark of Nurgle.
In the magic phase I rolled 6 and 2 for winds of magic, which wasn't too good, but I managed to get winds of undeath and an invocation off (to heal the gouls who died by dangerous terrain while crossing a river). My opponent had 5 troops on the field and I wounded 4 with WoU, summoning a spirit host in front of his marauder horsemen.
For shooting, my TG screamed at the Warriors and killed 4 of them instantly. I loved the look on his face when he saw that his mark nor armour protected him from it :).
His turn was pretty standard but he did do a lot of damage with the 6th nurgle spell, killing 4 knights, 5 ghouls and taking 1 wound off the spirit host.

Turn 2, I moved my TG behind the enemy's unit of 3 ogres and screamed at them doing an impressive 7 wounds and leaving behind 1 ogre at 1 wound. My BKs charged into the rest of his warriors and killed enough to break them (taking no casualties in return), immediatly overrunning them and into a unit of marauders (yes, he did bring them this time). The ghouls were still not in charge range, and the spirit host just stayed in front of his horsemen which he had tried to reform.
For magic, I rolled 6 and 1, even worse than last time, and managed to just heal 1 knight back, nothing else.
In return, my opponent did some more damage with the th spell again. I had to let it throgh because i used all my dice to dispel cloying quagmire on my BK's including my vampire (which would have probably killed them all). He still didnt get to charge me though, because his one ogre failed a charge and his horsemen failed their quick reform again.

Turn 3, I screamed the last ogre to death, killed the war shrine with my BKs, and combo-charged his horsemen and sorcerer with my ghouls and spirit host - breaking and overrunning them.

All in all a really good game for me, winning in turn 3 already :vampire3:. I took almost no casualties aside from magic and the TG and BK really worked for me. I think the ghouls were kind of useless though, because they were too slow compared to the rest of my army. Of course i have to take minimum core and they would have been better if the game had lasted longer.


Vampire Count
True Blood
Aug 28, 2011
Terrorgheists pwn WoC... if I was playing a tourny with lots of WoC, i'd take 2 if allowed :konrad:
Dec 6, 2011
I find 10 Crypt Gs not so usefull try not putting the skeletons and getting more ghouls, ive use to have hard units against warriors of chaos but they pretty much seem useless against them, cuz they have better armor saves with the mark of nurgle 5+ ward save and if they failed the break test still got the will of chaos roll.
Go on with more Ghouls if you want and dont make very strong units like the black knights they simply prove weak against chaos W,K or other units and they cost a lot.

As for the vampire use the Crown of comand, Vampire counts core units have very shitty WS so that may prove useful against his powerful warriors.

Hope it helps im having a hell of a time against WoC.
Oct 23, 2011
I've been trying to get my WoC friend to play at 1k/1.5k, but he always complains about not being able to take as much stuff..

I was going to play something like this
Vampire-Dark Acolyt, Summon Ghouls, Helm o Com, w/10 ghouls
Cairn w/ 24 Ghouls
25 Ghouls
Terrorgeist (Maybe with bat explosion)