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1000 pts list for specific scenario. Comments and critics are welcome!

Nov 6, 2007
I’m going to play in a 2 vs 3 scenario. My opponents are Dwarves (with 2 cannons and maybe an organ gun), Lizardmen (With the classic 3 dice for leadership tests and 3 salamanders), a Goblin army (magic heavy) and an Orc army (dispel heavy and lots of elite troops). We are going to choose the teams randomly and one side will have the advantage of number (3000pts), but the other will be placed in the center of the map, on a very advantageous position (hill, buildings, etc…) but wit less troops (2000 pts).

So here is the lists I made up.

1000pts army list.
*Araknor* Necromancer General : extra level, book of arkhan, scroll (150)
*Isabella*Necromancer: extra level, Rod of flaming death (Works wonder against goblins and orcs !) (150) (Or the black periapt and dispel scroll or power stone) (140)
*Von Carstein thrall: hauberk, wolf form, GW (134)
*Melkhar*Blood Dragon BSB with Flayed Hauberk and sword of might (130)
*Blood Dragon with Flayed Hauberk, GW, strength of steel (134)
3rd Necro with extra level and the rod of flaming death or black periapt + dispel scroll (150 or 140)

*War veterans*19 skellies: full command + light armour (225)
*Brains eater*20 zombies: standard, musician (135)
10 zombies (zombie bunker) (60)
*Blood hound gang*6 dire wolves (60)

*Bloodsuckers*5 Fell Bats (100) (Or 2 units of 3 for 120… But the problem is that the Warmachine crew of Dwarves and Lizardmen (salamander) are very tough!)

1000 pts exactly if I take the 2 necromancer (300) and the BD BSB (130)

PD = 6(7) or 8(9) with 2 Bound spells
DD = 4(5) or 5(6) with 1 or 2 dispel scroll

I only think I need something else as a hammer unit… But, on the other hand, it’s going to be team play so if I’m the Horde mandatory, I’m going to have an ally (orc or dwarf or lizardmen) with troops that are more hard hitting. But I would have love to put some ghouls or a wight unit… What do you all think ?

I accept all comments and would be grateful to hear every advice of experimented players.


True Blood
Oct 11, 2007
I don't understand the rules of your game.

2v3; one side will get 2000 pts (per Army or total?) and the other will get 3000 pts (per army or total?).

I'm guessing you mean each army will be 1000 pts. I can tell you now, regardless of position, an extra 1000 pt army will win the day. Especially if your advantageous position is the center of the map. I'd recommend equal total army points per side, so the 2 team had 1500 each and the others have 1000 each. With the low amount of points, the extra 2 PD and extra 2 DD with equal number of points will be advantageous enough.

Don't depend on your ally for a hammer unit. I have found they can be less than dependable.

Also, Fell Bats will get torn apart against salamanders. You need to hit salamanders with a hammer unit, or get lucky with ghouls. I hate salamanders :(. Also, it depends how you rank up the salamanders. The unit is a skirmishing monster handler, so its a point of contention as to how they line up. Skirmishers must line up to RnF troops, but monster handled units put all their monsters in the front row. How do you guys play it?


Vampire Lord
True Blood
Sep 17, 2007
I dont really get this either hmm.Well as far as comments go use 2 necros + 1 vamp as heroes.I would suggest taking away the fell bats and the zombie bunker and get some black knights for those points.Put your necros in the zombie unit and try to raise a bunker behind that unit and let your necros retreat into that.
Nov 6, 2007
We were playing the "The last stand" scenario (p. 249). The defender's team have their troops immune to panic and we all agreed that they would choose and place the terrain as well as getting the first turn. The armies didn't had separate PD and DD bonuses (So it was a +2 for all the army, not +2 for each) or +4 in the case of dwarves.

So, it was really fun. I'll tell you more in the battle report section.