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1000 pts Vampiric Host


Vampire Count
True Blood
I have yet another list I'd like you to look at!

Vampire Lord on Abyssal Terror
Shield, Tomb Blade, Supernatural Horror

Vampire Lord
Chalice, Wings!

10 Zombies
10 Zombies

3 Vargheists
5 Blood Knights

100 pts left for summoning

My idea is to hammer a unit as much as possible in the charge, making use of the General's command ability and trait combined to make as many as I can flee. This might be far from ideal at 1000pts, but the units are fast (except zombies), the General needs the Tomb Blade to heal a bit since he has no chalice, but has a nice 3+ save. His spell can make Vargheists rush anywhere (or himself) on the battlefield.

I'm still not sure if it would be a good idea switching the Zombies for Skeleton Horsemen as Battleline, and have them follow the lord and the knights just to cover him after a charge. There would be no points left for summoning, but since we only have 2 wizards with no casting buffs, they should be okay.

I'm using Vargheists + Blood Knights as a Vampiric theme, and may not be optimal, but I found funny enough to use both "battleshock" gimmics we have and see how they work out.


Master Necromancer
Hrm. Abyssal terror + supernatural horror isn't a combo I had considered. I'm skeptical of it being as strong as Ruler of the Night on a wound count / recursion maximizing list, or a red fury dragon setup, but I'd certainly be curious to see it tried!

I'm not sure what if anything could be done to squeeze another 20 points from this list, but if you can find a way to do it, it might be worth your time to add a screaming skull catapult to your list for the extra bravery debuff (remember, merely attacking a unit with the catapult imposes the penalty, you don't have to cause any wounds or even score a hit in the first place).