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Jul 20, 2010
So, in the hopes of kickstarting the kickstart, I've put together a little fluff list using the LoN rules (as at 31/01/12) for people to critique & get some discussion going.

Kopash the Outcast
Mortuary Priest - Lvl 1
The Book of Summoning
The Ebony Skull
160 pts

Razak the Slaver
Nagashi Captain
Arabian Steed
89 pts

Total Characters - 249 pts

14 Nagashi Zombies
56 pts

25 Nagashi Cultists
Full Command
200 pts

25 Nagashi Cultists
Full Command
Pennant of Eternal Death
270 pts

10 Favoured Ones
80 pts

9 Dark Riders
Shrunken Heads
144 pts

Total Core - 750 pts

Total Cost - 999 pts

So, what do people think?
The fluff idea behind it is that the majority of this would represent one of the small forces sent out by Nagash's diciples to round up slaves that can then be put to work in the mines/used as sacrifices in rituals. The zombies being the remains of the people who either died trying to fight off the army when it came to their village/town or the cultists themselves if they died in the attack.

My own comments on putting this together:-

Characters -

The Mortuary Priest feels somewhat expensive, being that you have to purchase one of the books for him, however it is somewhat offset by the ability to use the rituals.
Perhaps some clarification re how many rituals he knows & re-wording the part about him being able to "choose his spells" would be useful.

The Nagashi Captain is nice - useful and adaptable depending on whether you'd want him in with Cultists or on horseback with the Dark Riders.
Clarification re the cost of his mounts (Arabian steed on his entry says 30 pts, but is only 12 pts for heroes on the Horse's entry) and perhaps a mundane throwing weapon option would round out the character.

Units -

Zombies - I've taken them beause they fit with the fluff nicely, but I've really no other comments on them. Perhaps there's a discussion to be had re how they relate to the upgraded VC zombies & how close you want them to be.

Cultists - I actually had to re-do the army once I noticed they're limited to 25 in a unit. Previously I'd had a single unit of 30 & slightly larger other units. Great for their cost & aside from a desire to see that 25 limit raised I've no complaints. Remind me of khorne flail marauders for some reason.

Favoured Ones - Nice divering/harasment unit. Skirmish prevents them(and sets them apart) from being a counterpart to Ghouls, i.e a purpose poison multi attack cc unit. This is however countered by being able to park 1" infront of your opponent, shoot them & then then S&S when they charge.

Dark Riders - I like them - useful to threaten flanks & divert attention. Love the shrunken heads option, it fits nicely with my army fluff (having them chase down people fleeing). Again, these remind me of mounted marauders for some reason.

Hopefully, that should provide a nice starting point for people to discuss the wider list, it's synergies, possibilities & balances.


The Dread King

Staff member
True Blood
Jan 28, 2012
Nice list, Marius. This is a great idea; it certainly fits with the fluff (fitting with the fluff is not the easiest thing in the world in 100pts) and it also looks like a decent list. I hope to see it in action. I also hope to see some more lists, maybe with different points sizes. I'd like to hear about how a battle played with this list went.
Here are some suggestions as to what could represent the models in this list:

Mortuary Priest-the latest necromancer model, the one with the skull; especially fitting as the priest actually has a skull in this list. Could instead convert warrior priest to EVIL.:devil2:

Nagashi Captain-chaos lord/champion on big horse minus the chaos icons? You could even make a Nagash icon out of green stuff, make sure the chaos stuff is gone/converted to be Nagashi

Nagashi zombies-zombie models (duh!)

Favoured ones- this is tricky. Get some ghouls and some not-so-huge beastmen (e.g. ungors); maybe use orc base to represent that they're larger than cultists, do a conversion and you've got some big, nasty favoured ones!

Dark riders- you could, again take some chaos warriors, but some 'defiled' empire might (or might not!?) work out, as could cold one riders. Mixes (variety or conversions) of all three, with maybe a touch of black knights, and bingo, you have yourself some dark riders!

Cultists: a mix (conversion or variety) of chaos marauders and flagellants without the empire and chaos icons and in dark, mysterious robes that make them actually look like cultists. The robes could be obtained from cairn wraiths or ringwraiths (hopefully something cheaper, but I can only think of necromancers as the other robes models). You could use green stuff or conversions to create the robes instead, though.


Aug 29, 2011
Marius: Good idea to make a list like this, to help get across the "feel" and possibilities of the LoN list.

I like the cultist/slaver angle from a fluff perspective. I have to sit down and properly study the list to give any opinion of any real value though.
One thing that I did note though, was that the cost for Champions, Standards Bearers and Musicians had not been updated to 8 ed, where the norm is now +10 each it seems.

The Dread King: Personally, I think it is a good idea to base the army on already existing models, and easy to do conversions in as few cases as possible (need not be strictly GW either), as that will make it vastly more playable. Only the most enthusiastic are going to convert the majority of the army to play a home-made list, due to the time and cost involved. For those that do like to convert and play around with models though, your suggestions are good/helpful.

Disciple of Nagash

Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
It's a good list, very fitting for the legion. :thumbsup:

The Necro might be a little expensive, now we have good comparison with the VC book we can look at costs. Don't forget that he already has an innate bonus with the Book of Nagash, so don't rush to give him extra kit if you can't afford it.

14 Nagashi Zombies are no good, the unit is too small. For such poor troops the unit size needs to be much higher or one bad round will see it dissolve if you haven't managed to raise enough models.

Overall I think your main problem is the points cost. They were based for the units with the last VC book as comparison. Now we have costings more inline with the 8th, give us some time to update them and I think you will find your 1000pt army will be much bigger xd

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