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1000pts list for my first games

Sep 11, 2019
Hi I am looking for some advice on my first small army to practice with :)
Grand Host of Nagash for the Grave Guard to be battleline.

Vampire Lord (Mounted on Nightmare) (140)
-Aura of Ages
-Amaranthine Orb

I am wondering if flying is better than mounted? Especially for the spell to get in good spots to use it. But those extra two attacks, I plan to use my Vampire in combat a lot (is this a bad idea? suggestions for a better combat loadout?).

Necromancer (130)
-Fading Vigour

Lord Executioner (80)
I thought he could hang around the Necromancer and break away to go hunt weak hero models etc. I thought about swapping him out for the Sepulchral Guard but I guess they have pretty limited capabilities. He looks big so I figured he could be a good distraction and an annoyance.

30x Grave Guard (360)
-Great Wight Blades

3x Vargheists (150)
I have heard these are not very great? I wanted to have some flying fast vamps to accompany my lord rushing into fights but idk now.

5x Dire Wolves (70)

5x Dire Wolves (70)

I would like any advice, things to change, or things I need to watch out for. I have painted the Necromancer and Dire Wolves because I figured those are gonna be in the list regardless of anything else, and I have built the rest but not painted yet to wait and see if I change stuff.


Grave Guard
Aug 11, 2008

Don't listen to much to what people say about units and such. The best thing you can do is put models on the table and get some experience with what works well for you.

At this points level I feel GHoN abilities are wasted (Can't take Nagash, Morghasts to expensive) and with the models you have I'd suggest running LoS instead. Id also suggest cutting the vargs and taking a large unit of chain rasps or skeletons to be another threat unit with the grave guard and another Target for Vanhels.

Right now your grave guard is the only high threat unit and focused damage will wear it down faster than you can heal it, even with 2 heroes and grave sites.

Something like this;

Vamp Lord

40 x skeletons or chain rasps
5 x dogs

30 x graveguard

Total = 980

If you really want to be obnoxious consider taking a VLoZD. At 1000pts your friends will hate you.

GHoN - Shyish
VLoZD w/ ethereal amulet

30 x graveguard
5 x dire wolves

Total = 1000pts

If your heart is set on using the models you have then you can't go wrong with throwing cogs in there.


30 x Grave guard
5x dogs
5 x dogs

3 x vargs

Chromatic Cogs

Total = 1000pts