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1500pts VC vs Dwarves

Nov 30, 2011
Hey, I'm playing VC and my friend plays dwarves, here's my list :)

Vampire Lord + Red Fury + Sword of Bloodshed + The Flayed Haubrek + Infinite Hatred 365p
gives him 7 attacks with reroll misses, and +1 attack for every inflicted wound, allowing him to slaughter 14! models in one round of combat (if lucky), also he has a 2+ armor save allowing him to hopefully take a few hits without being wounded.

25 Grave Guards + Full Command + GW + Banner of Barrows 400p
+1 hon roll to hit.

46 Ghouls + Crypt Ghast 376p
(horde)2x attacks + one additional rank attack + poisoned attacks, hopefully they can kill alot of things before disapearing.

4 Blood Knights + kastellan + Sword of Battle + Flag of Bloodkeep 355p
Gives the unit a 4+ ward save against shooting of any kind (including war machines). Also the kastellan has an additional attack due to the Sword of Battle.

Total: 1496p

note that we are friendly and allow a few points above the said maximum :)

The vampire lord is in the GG unit.

Basicly i want my friend to fire his machines on the blood knights, hence the banner. Which hopefully gets the other units across the field unharmed to fight him.

Either that or he fires at my GG unit,which I hopefully can throw at least one IoN on, without being dispelled.

Also i made the units big instead of splitting them up, so that when they get shot at, they will still be able to fight with rank bonuses and as many attacks as possible. Also they most likely will not be completely wiped out, this way i can still cast IoN on them.

I chose to have only one wizard since he dispell almost everything anyways.

We started playing not long ago and are both new to this type of gaming, so please give tips and ideas :) Since I'm still learning I don't know all the abbrevations for various rules and items, so please state the full name aswell as the abbrevation.

I'm aware a new book is coming in january so I'm not trying to force the VC rules and items into my head :)