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1600pt VC vs Orcs and Goblins

Feb 14, 2015
Had a 1600pt match with a friend recently who was using a Goblin army.
Let me know what you think.

Here is my list

1 Master Necromancer, 245 pts (General; Level 4 Wizard)
1 Talisman of Preservation
1 The Lore of the Vampires

1 Wight King, 154 pts (Battle Standard Bearer)
1 Sword of Strife

1 Necromancer, 125 pts (Level 2 Wizard)
1 Dispel Scroll
1 The Lore of Death

1 Cairn Wraith, 60 pts

20 Zombies, 70 pts (Musician; Standard Bearer)

20 Zombies, 70 pts (Musician; Standard Bearer)

25 Skeleton Warriors, 180 pts (Musician; Standard Bearer; Champion)
1 The Screaming Banner

5 Dire Wolves, 40 pts
5 Dire Wolves, 40 pts

23 Grave Guard, 333 pts (Musician; Standard Bearer; Champion)
1 Banner of the Barrows

1 Spirit Host, 45 pts

6 Crypt Horrors, 238 pts (Champion)

Roster satisfies all enforced validation rules
Composition Report:
Points of Lords: 245 (0 - 400)
Points of Heroes: 339 (0 - 400)
Points of Core: 400 (400 - Unlimited)
Points of Special: 616 (0 - 800)
Points of Rare: 0 (0 - 400)

Total Roster Cost: 1600
Nov 10, 2014
Another nice BatRep. I always like your observations at the end of the Reps.
Also, I think it is really cool that you've mentioned that, should you're opponent have kept on doing as he was, he'd have likely won the match.
Jul 27, 2015
Awesome, have seen some of Your battreps on other forums. Always fun to watch. Was intense With those wolf rider chariots. Almost made me start a Goblin Khanate army right there and then. I Wonder if the goblin player could have won if you continued.