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1k Death vs. Bonesplitterz


Master Necromancer
True Blood
Sep 23, 2009
Had my third game with the test list. As a refresher, it consists of:

Wight King with Black Axe (ruler of the night, this time ring of immortality instead of tomb blade)
Tomb Herald
30 skeletons (spears & tomb shields)
10 zombies
10 zombies
3 chariots
3 necroknights

This time, I was going up against a Bonesplitterz army. Though not technically legal, by agreement he used the destruction traits and items, since their traits and items aren't out yet. His list included (I don't remember the exact unit names):

Prophet (dual caster, general, bellow trait)
Boss (boar, dual chompas, magic eye artifact)
40 savage orcs (spears & shields)
5 boar riders (spears & shields)
5 more different boar riders (dual swords)

The scenario was escalation, played diagnal-wise over three objectives. One third of your army is deployed, the second third deploys on your board edge in your second turn hero phase, and the remainder deploys on the third turn hero phase. All battleline units have to deploy before anything else.

I deployed my skeletons and both zombie units, my opponent deployed his savage orcs and more different board riders.

Again, I think I'll take a briefer, broader approach with this write up rather than a play-by-play.

Opponent deployed both the boars and savage orcs in the center. I deployed my skeletons opposite his big bulky ork block, but hung back somewhat, not wanting to engage before my support models were available. The zombies I deployed way off in a corner, hoping to hold an objective and otherwise be ignored - this worked out fine.

The opponent surged forward with big rolls on the bonus movement from the destruction trait, and succeeded on a long charge with his savage orcs against my skeletons in the second turn, with mystic shield and immune-to-battleshock on them from his prophet, who also bellowed at the more different boars. However, the boars failed their charge, and the savage orcs ended up strung out longwise trying to fit between the boars and the central objective terrain, and as a result were unable to bring most of their attacks to bear. This was compounded by savage orcs just not being very killy at all any more. Oh, at 2 wounds a model they're rather chewy, but now that their big stabbas are a separate unit rather than a weapon upgrade, savage orcs themselves are rendered pretty harmless. Unless they see some offense boosting formations or subfaction traits, they're just not much to worry about.

Anyway, he only killed a small handful of skeletons, and lost a couple in return, but because they were so deep and so strung out, I was able to counter-charge with the necroknights and chariots that appeared in my second turn, along with the wight king who was able to run up and spread RotN over everything, with lord of bones on the skeletons. Much damage to the savage orcs, although their considerable resilience and mystic shield kept them above 30 models, and they did re-kill a couple of the skeletons that had stood up, and put some wounds on a chariot and a necroknight. The nights also killed one of the more different boars who had been drawn into the combat. At the end of round two, my zombies held one objective, his savage orcs held the middle, and the third was uncontested.


After that, most of the game turned into a central scrum after that, with his second boar unit surrounding the necroknights, but strong armor and deathless minion save kept him from killing them - he did drop them to 1 model at one point, but I brought one back with their banner (couldn't bring back the second with the herald as they were surrounded by orcs and there wasn't room to place the third model in coherency). The real kings of the match were the skeletons, whose many attacks, combined with consistently above average rolls, just chewed the savage orcs apart several at a time.

My opponent forfeited in round 4. Though the game was close on victory points - I brought on the herald to claim the third objective, but his regular boarboys can withdraw and charge same turn, so they could have claimed it back and probably killed him, but the big savage orc block was all but dead at that point, and the skeletons would have claimed the center with no way for him to really contest against the skeletons or zombies turn 5.

I have mixed feelings about this match. On the one hand, I feel like I had a huge advantage from the start, because nothing in his list could really put out a lot of damage to anything I was fielding. Only the boss had any rend, though he did have two casters capable of throwing out some mortal wounds. The prophet's command ability was really good, sort of a mini vanhels, but he had nothing really hurty enough to capitalize on it. Boar boys and regular savage orcs just don't have numerous or strong enough attacks to be a threat, and he didn't have enough points to run much else. I feel like he would have been better off dropping the second boar unit and the doctor for four big stabbas, but I dunno. They hit hard, but they're real pricey at 100 per 2.

On the other hand, purely objective-wise, the durability and numbers of his savage orcs made it a pain to get him off that center objective, and if he had just formed up around it and made me charge him, using his boars to harass side objectives, I think he might have done better in terms of the mission, and possibly even beaten me, despite my feeling that his list just didn't have anything really capable of hurting me.

On the third, mutant hand, I rolled like gangbusters this game, and he rolled like week old sushi. I had skeletons hitting and wounding at about 70%, and he put a lot of attention on necroknights when they had been reduced to 10 wounds - 2 boar units, 14ish savage orks, multiple mortal damage spells, extra attack rounds from command abilities, and checking the numbers he had at least even odds of dropping them before I could bring them back, and if he had dropped even one before his last combat round swing, he could have piled in and prevented me from rezing any regardless, but just ludicrously hot save and minion rolls saw him only inflict half as many wounds as probability would have expected, and even then he only dropped the second model with his last attack, leaving a necroknight shaped hole to bring it right back next turn.

So this was a game I feel I won more on luck than on anything else