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1st Overall Wasteland Wars GT 2008

Oct 25, 2008
I know it's a little late, I got lazy in figuring out how to removing pics from my new camera.

So I took my super-cheezy, OTT, broken, beardy Vampire Counts to the Lubbock, TX Indy GT "Wasteland Wars : 5"

My list and army pics are found here: http://www.Mousillon.com
the only difference between the list on the website and the one I brought to Wasteland Wars was the Skeletons... I hadn't finished painting my Skellies yet, so instead of 2 units of Skellies there are 2 units of Zombies.

The short list:

Vamp Lord : Combat/Caster/Knight - Dreadlance
Wight King : Knight - Regen
Vampire : Caster/Knight - Book
Vampire : Support/Flying - Helm/Periapt

10x BK's : FC/Barrows
12x BK's : FC/Hellfire

5x Wolves
5x Wolves

20x Zombies
20x Zombies
10x Ghouls

3x Fell Bats

Just plain fast and killy! With enough magic to heal my knights and cause some zombie-raising pain.

My Battle Reports will be short and with only highlights.. enjoy!


Game #1 : Daemons (Soft)

I don't usually call Daemons "Soft," but there were soft when compared to the alternative Daemon armies!

Almost no Daemonic Gifts of significance and definitely none of the top choices. Plus a mixed bag of:

Herald Nurgle + PB's
Herald Khorne + BL's
Herald Slaanesh + 'nettes

Flesh Hounds



My characters joined the Flaming Knights who setup to charge the Plague Bearers... he started backign them up and creating dangerous flank charges if I chose to move towards them, so I decided to just help kill the Keeper and go after the softer right flank.

The Keeper charged my Barrows Knights killing few and holding. My Flaming knights and characters got a flank charge on the surprised Keeper and destroyed it on the charge through overwhelming CR!

This gave me a flank overrun into the 'nettes who died over 3 rounds of combat. My forces then mopped up taking their time killing one unit at a time while the Blood Letters and Plague Bearers were helpless to watch. I ended the game with a vicious charge into PB's with flaming attacks decimating them by the bottom of turn 6. I captured more banners to earn the bonus objective in addition to a win.

Mousillon = Win + Objective : 20 pts


Game #2 : Dark Elves (Monster Mash)

This was Brutal, tons of fear and terror and monsters... it was the only Dark elf army there and he wanted to bring enough monsters to make 4 or 5 Dark Elf armies.

Lord : Manticore
Hero : Manticore
Scroll Caddy

6x Coldones Knights
6x Coldones Knights

2x Chariots
2x Hydras

5x Dark Riders
5x Dark Riders
5x Dark Riders



We butted heads in the center, and we both laughed as my magic was crippled due to the Ring of Hotek causing soem un-important miscasts... then we laughed as I failed about 75% of my armor and regen rolls, then I stopped laughing when he passed 75% of his break tests! It started to look grim as my knights on the left crumbled down to nothing, my Ghouls and support Vampires both died to CR.

Then my General's unit was charged by both Hydras, both Manticores and a Chariot! My BSB was Killing Blowed by a Manticore and my entire army was crushed about turn 5... except for my Lord and a unit of Zombies.

My Lord managed to finally slay his lord and Manticore, then promptly challenged the Hero who had his Manticore slain from beneath him. Things were looking up, without knights to kill his CR dropped dramatically, making my kills and Walking Death enough to win combat by something like 3 or 4 on the bottom of turn 6 and FINALLY he failed all the break tests he deserved to so many times before. Nearly all his heavy-hitters fled giving away lots of VP's as he couldn't rally them. We had a draw in his favor.

However on turn 6 I raised some Zombies who captured the objective and secured a favorable Draw!

Mousillon = Draw + Objective : 12 pts


Game #3 : Daemons... again (Solid tournament build)

I was lucky that the Daemon player was using them for the first time in this tournament so my plans went a bit more smoothly than they could have gone, but it was still a powerful DoC army and nothing comes easy against them.

Thirster : re-rolls/obsidian armor/scroll

Khorne Herald : Jugger/BSB/Stubborn/flaming/armor! (Damn this guy is scary!) + 5x Flesh hounds

Tzeentch Herald + 19 Horrors

10x Horrors
16x BL's
5x Flesh Hounds
5x furies
5x Flamers


I caused some harm to the Flesh Hounds then watched them harmlessly kill themselves when charging my Flaming 12-man Knights. My Hammer Knights with Barrows and characters surged forward to engage 10xHorrors and killed them quickly overrunning off the table.

The Thirster and 'letters crushed my Hellfire Knights easily in one round of combat.

My Hammer Knights returned and charged the 19xHorrors who lost their wizard due to a miscast, but due to the scenario rules he didn't roll on the chart he simply was teleported to a new location randomly. So I charged those Horrors and easily crushed them too!

The Thirster had expected my knights to jet bogged down in combat and positioned for a flank charge. I expected the same so created Zombies and rear charged the Thirster to tie him down for 2 rounds of combat.

I then decided heck I might as well charge the BSB and Hounds... I was lucky in my charge as I killed every Hound with the charge and then the BSB lost combat and failed his re-rollable Stubborn LD 8 test (Lucky).

My Zombies and Helm Vamp locked down the flamers and furies and 'letters until late game where they managed to kill all the skirmishers and some knights managed a final successful charge finishing off the 'letters leaving a very frustrated Bloodthirster alone with on the battlefield.

Mousillon = Win + Objective : 20 pts


Game #4 : Tomb Kings (Solid)

Jordan Braun's TK's have faced my old VC before, so now he gets to face my new VC too, lucky us!

TK : Destroyer/Collar
3x Priests : Normal items

20x Archers
20x Skellies

3x Chariots
3x Chariots

6x Carrion
1x Catapult
1x Giant
3x Scorpions
1x Swarm


The game was a comedy of errors on my part, there were multiple useful options for use in this scenario such as a free reform before charges and a choice of 1 enemy unit to lose LOS for a turn. I used both in really stupid ways, giving up very important chances to actually defeat Jordan quickly. He however used his abilities at the perfect time and place to cause serious harm to my army!

The game began with me getting my 2 support Vampires killed by turn 2 and watching my Barrows Knights who were with them get crushed after killing a Scorpion and giant.

He setup tons of roadblocks to divert my Hellfire Knights with Lord/BSB. He fed them 2 Scorpions, the carrion, 2 chariot units.

I eventually had killed enough that he needed to cripple my General's bodyguard Knights or a loss was possible or at the very least merely a draw. So he charged my Knights in the Rear and flank with the Skeleton units including Tomb king.

The king refused the 1st challenge my Lord issued, but accepted the 2nd time and the titanic duel began. My lord quickly dealt 1 single flaming wound that doubled to 2 and shrugged off his return attacks, then he easily healed himself and returned with 2 wound on my Lord with me whiffing! The final round bottom of turn 6 saw him wound me 2 more times with the Destroyer and I managed to save them! I returned with 3 wounds and 3 failed Collar saves that generated 6 total wounds! His lord died and unit dropped below half strength giving me a victory.

Then as I was dropping off the score sheet, Jordan came running towards me yelling some gibberish about a Curse! I was confused having not played TK's for a while and then understood he wanted me to go ahead and fail a LD test after killing his King so that we could have a potential draw. This added a little anxiety, but the dice came up in my favor with a 6 or something and the battle was decided.

Mousillon = Win (no Objective) : 16 pts


Game #5 : Daemons... Seriously why me!? (Very strong!)

So to have gotten this far my opponent had to have a strong list and a brief review saw the nastiness I was in store for!

Keeper : no armor save blade/LD to attack/Siren Song
Khorne Herald : Jugger/armor/flaming/BSB/-2 LD banner + 16x Bloodletters

20x Bloodletters
20x Daemonettes

3x Fiends
3x fiends

5x Flesh hounds
5x Flesh Hounds
5x Seekers


So there was this big block of impassable terrain in the center of the field that split the armies and a couple big woods on either side that created bottlenecks.

I setup my sacrificial Hellfire Knights against his BSB/Keeper's side and put all my faith in my Barrows Knights and Lord/BSB against the softer non-character side.

He forced my Hellfire Knights to charge turn 2 and they died in the 2nd round of combat, but did manage to kill a couple Bloodletters, and a couple Daemonettes as well as causing a wound to the Keeper, so at least they died trying.

My Hammer Knights weathered the storm of Flesh Hounds, then fiends, then Bloodletters and killed them all! I created some Zombies to block the BSB's unit and it prevented the very nasty flaming Herald from causing any harm. This gave me time to kill the Daemonettes too.

Then in an act of desperation the Keeper charged in losing more wounds and accomplishing nothing.

Victory! But instead of normal victory conditions we received 1 battle point per 100 victory points (rounded up) up to a max of 20. I received something like 12 Battle Points but in normal game terms I believe I had enough kills to warrant a Massacre, so this change in scoring mechanics actually hurt me!

Mousillon = Win : 12 pts

I managed to pull out 4 wins and 1 draw giving me 1st Overall and also 2nd Best General.

It was a fun tournament and it was obvious from game #1 that the organizers were placing players together based upon strength of army. fighting 3 Daemons, 1 DE Monster horde, & TK commanded by the #1 Warhammer player in the USA proved to be a good test of my army's resilience.

It was big time fun and I'll definitely go next year. The organizers are great guys and throw a very relaxed and well-managed GT.