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2,000pts Undead

Aug 30, 2016
Greetings and salutations. I am building the list below and would like some feedback.

Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon

Vampire Lord


30 Zombies
30 Zombies
20 skeletons with spears
20 grave guard with great weapons

3 Vargheist
5 blood knights

The generic plan is for the zombies to form up and with the skeletons, push forward down the middle applying pressure with the necromancer and vampire lord in support.

The Lord on the zombie Dragon and blood Knights can attack up one flank with the grave guard and Vargheist going up the other. I should have sufficient units for objectives and enough threats across the board to force some tough decisions for my opponent.

I like the composition, it just feels like an undead army. In theory, I think it should be tough, but that is in theory. I welcome any thoughts you would have lining up against this.


Vampire Count
True Blood
Oct 28, 2011

About this army, what Command Trait and Artiffact of Power will you use and with whom? (is this the correct use of the word whom?... hmmmmm....)

About the Skeletons and Grave Guard:

Skeleton Units below 30 have a difficult time replenising their losses to fully get to use their Legion of Skeletons ability, and would perform much better with Swords and Shields, rather than with spears. Having said so, I would only use them to block a flank and tag an enemy unit in combat, so it can no longer move freely, because Skeletons don't perform as well without full support (My Will be Done / Lord of Bones / Blood Feast and Vanhel's Danse Macabre). You may want to consider using a third Zombie unit if points allow, and build them to form a 40-man plus sized unit and use it to divide the battlefield (because so many zombies will not die in a single turn).

Grave Guard hit hard, granted, but are much more fragile than other Elite infantry, like Greatswordsmen. Since their unit is limited to 30-max and their save is low-ish, I'd rather field them with again, full support (Wight King with Battle Standard, Vanhel's Danse Macabre and The Cursed Book) or not at all, really.

For alternatives, Spirit Hosts combo well with re-rolls to hit (Dread Knight) and in large numbers (like 6+) they perform very well in combat and blocking stuff being Ethereal. You may also field a Terrorgheist for the same amount of points, or even Morghasts to up the mobility of the army while leaving some points for summoning a speedbump of zombies or even Bat Swarms if you find yourself needing protection from missile fire.
Aug 30, 2016
Demian, thank you for the big reply again.

I was planning on the ZD Lord to be the general with red fury and the tomb blade if I have a choice. The group I play with tends to roll.

Good suggestions for the graveguard. I was already considering dropping 5 to add 10 skeletons or a corpse cart. I really don't have any other figures so ill keep it in mind when I am ready to expand.

I would like to get a terrorgheist and some spirit hosts eventually as well.