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2,500 vs Dwarves


Vampire Count
Apr 10, 2013
My local Dwarf opponent and myself attempted a re-match today, as our last match went over time.

My army was:

Vampire Lord
Ogre Blade
Talisman of Preservation
Enchanted Shield
Potion of Foolhardiness
Red Fury

Ironcurse Icon

Level 2 Necromancer with Book of Arkhan

Level 2 Necromancer with Cursed Book

2 x 10 Wolves with a doomwolf

2 x 5 Wolves

42 Zombies with a banner

42 Skeletons with full command

10 Black Knights with full command

2 x 5 Hexwraiths

3 Vargheists

3 Fell Bats


His army was:

Runelord with some stuff

Battle Standard Bearer Thane

Rune Priest with some stuff

Master Engineer

2 x 25 warriors

20 Thunderers

25 Ironbreakers





Organ gun

The Battle:

We rolled up the Watchtower. Every time I roll this battle I think to myself "I should really run two units of 20 Zombies instead of one unit of 40. I'd even double the efficiency of my Invocation spells and have an extra bunker to hide my Necromancers." But I never do it. Anyway, he won the tower and put his thunderers inside. I then deployed in a fairly central bunch with the aim of very quickly throwing him OUT of the tower and stuffing it full of zombies.

He deployed quite centrally also, with a unit of warriors out on his left and his gyrocpter out on his right.

I, not having won the tower, got the first turn. My two units of Hexwraiths both whipped through the tower, harvesting Dwarven souls as they went and causing the unit inside to panic and flee the tower. Wow, that was a bit more effective than I thought it would be. My army kind of shuffled forwards, with my right flank being stacked with Vargs, the Varghulf and bats and wolves. My left flank, I charged his Gyrocopter and for the rest of the game, that's where that thing stayed. I think over about 8 rounds of combat I did a single would to it and it wiped out two units of wolves in return.

In his turn he launched a succesful long distance charge with a unit of warriors on his left flank, impacting my Varghulf and killing it, overrunning into my Vargheists and killing them in the subsequent turn. Honestly, it's just not right that dwarves can punch out a 15" charge. That's further than cavalry could charge in the last edition. Just think about that for a minute.

In the centre of the table the action started to heat up. My Zombies accompanied by a Necromancer took up residence in the tower. Game over, pretty much right there. My Black Knights and Vampires obliterated one of the units of Warriors, but failed to over-run far enough to hit the cannon 6" behind them. His Ironbreakers with Runelord and BSB charged into my Skeletons and slew them to a man. In the final turns the Warriors who had minced my Vargs turned around the charge the tower, and I followed them with some Hexwraiths to pull off a juicy rear charge, while his Ironbreakers turned around to accept the charge from the (now numerically reduced) Black Knights.

I had a good magic phase here and boosted my zombies back to around 40, and brought back 6 Black Knights, who then proceeded to kick the dwarves in the teeth. The tough little bastards held, and not for the first time I wished I'd brought the OTS instead of the Enchanted Shield/Potion of Foolhardiness. I never remember to use that damned potion anyway, it's just a waste of five points.

The game ended after turn five, with the Ironbreakers reduced to a single model with the Runelord and BSB in attendance, and his last unit of warriors, reduced to 17 models, looking to try and take the tower from the ~35 zombies holding it. His Grudgethrower was still alive (the other Warmachines had been mangled by my hunters at this point) but there was no way he was taking that tower from me, especially with a fully functioning Black Knight bus with two fresh Vampires in it.

Vampire victory!

A couple of things:

We decided that Hexwraiths could soul-stride through a building. As it turned out this had a dramatic effect on the game, so I hope we did it right. I think we did.

At one point in the game my Necromancer miscast with a S10 template and wounded 6 Ironbreakers. Would they get their 5+ magic resistance? We diced off, and as it happened they didn't, but I'm not really sure.


Grave Guard
Jul 30, 2014
Hey! I realize the thread is a century old, but I had a look as I recently quit my own stunties.

But I'm curious about the miscast thing.. MR states that it protects from spell damage. You could argue that a miscast is spelldamage, as it is an additional result of a spell, but I don't think it applies.

The MR came from the Runelord joining the unit just to point that out ^^