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2000 Point KoW Battle Review


Grave Guard
Jun 3, 2015
Hi Guys,

So this last weekend I spent the day at a KoW tournament. 2000 points, 4 battles, 1 day. It's worth noting that I had played 1 game of KoW before this tourney, against a friend, the night before and he'd never played before either. Shout out to that guy for really helping me out as it would have been heaps harder without that game.

I brought a simple list:

+ Regiments (1 Hero OR 1 Mon OR 1 War Eng per) (180pts) +
Ghouls (20) (90pts)
Skeleton Warriors (20) (90pts)

+ Hordes & Legions (1 Hero AND 1 Mon AND 1 War Eng per) (615pts) +
Revenants (40) (240pts)
Zombie Trolls (6) (175pts) [Crushing Strength (2)]
Zombies (60) (200pts)

+ Troops (2 per Regiment, 4 per Horde & Legion) (345pts) +
Ghouls (10) (65pts)
Wraiths (10) (140pts)
Wraiths (10) (140pts)

+ War Engines (200pts) +
Balefire Catapult (100pts) [Blast (D6+2), Piercing (2)]
Balefire Catapult (100pts) [Blast (D6+2), Piercing (2)]

+ Heroes (660pts) +
Army Standard Bearer (50pts)
Liche King (165pts) [Bane Chant (3) (20pts), Regeneration (5+), Surge (12) (Default)]
Necromancer (85pts) [Surge (8) (Default)]
Necromancer (100pts) [Bane Chant (2) (15pts), Surge (8) (Default)]
Vampire Lord (260pts) [Lifeleech (2), Surge (3)] Wings of Honeymaze

GAme 1 Ogres

Kill and Pillage was the scenario. I lost this game through my lack of rules knowledge. I deployed my wraiths up against a building without realizing that they couldn't pivot because of the building position. I had a few charges I couldn't make because of clipping my own units and terrain. I seriously outnumbered my Ogre enemy and I really feel like i could have won this one, but a narrow victory to my opponent.

Game 2 - Undead

Learning from my loss I positioned a lot better in this game. Ran a risk on turn 1 and surged forward my Revenants needing 11 4+ rolls on 20 dice to get into combat. I sneaked in with exactly 11 and that set the tone for the game. His catapults couldn't hit the side of a barn and he made some tactical errors allowing me rear charges on his Werewolves. Hi Dual Revenant Kings on Flying Wyrms were inneffective one being taken out by my Vampire and the other held up by a unit of Wraiths for the whole game.

Game 3 - The Herd

This was a fantastically fun game even though I lost. Loot scenario and he got the first turn. Good deployment meant he could pickup all three of the loots in the furst turn and high movement meant he could fly past it denying me a retaliation charge. So after turn 1 he had all three loot and good board position. I thought all was lost, but I swung my vampire into his backfield and loaded my catapults at his Winged Chimera. Ended up killing the Chimera 2 inches from his baseline and then caught another unit 5 inches from the baseline with my vampire. Unfortunately the whole game hinged on my vampire destroying a troop of dogs and she failed miserably, guess she was tired from all that running after them. The got off the board and the game was over. Really exciting game and a really fun opponent.

Game 4 - Twilight Kin

Pillage scenario. I placed tokens in the deployment zone, so did my opponent and we had three in the middle. I was really happy with my tactics in this game, I sat troops on the tokens in my own zone and send two cheap regiments after another as a decoy. He took the bait and committed a good number of points to my troops, which I kept out of range holding him up for the whole game. My zombies surged onto the 2nd of the 3 contended tokens and my Revenants just shy of the third and out of charge range of his knights. We pot shotted each other until I got my Wraits into his crossbow hoard to disorder them forcing his hand. He charged a decoy unit giving my Revenants a flank charge (they smushed him to bits) and took the token.

The zombies held out standing on the token until the last turn when they took a charge from a Dragon, Hydra and a Reginet of some hitty foot troops and got overrun. He needed to run through with a unilt at least 4 inches, got it, took the token and won the game. I feel my tactics were strong here and the dice just didn't fall my way.


My first tourney ever in any game, my second game of KoW and I game 14/18 leading the people who only got 1 win. I was really happy with that resutl but best of all I had a blast. This game is all the thing I always wished Warhammer was and I'm going to push myself and my group to get on board. No single magic spell winning the game, no comp but an even playing field none the less and very few rules debates (only one line of sight issue) and a quick check with the TO and it was resolved.

If you haven't given KoW a try, I recommend it.
Jul 4, 2013
Nice review! Did you find the frontage of your hordes to be a hindrance to using surge to get flank attacks? I am debating a spear horde versus 2 regiments of spears as an anvil. How would you rate the flying vampire? I am weighing taking a lykanis as a flanker.


Grave Guard
Jun 3, 2015
Hey @Rosebud , thanks for the reply.

Winged vampire was a star. She took down a Revenant King on a giant Worm, she chased down a unit fleeing with the loot, he's fast, she's hard to kill with Def 6+ and Lifeleech 2. Still, pretty expensive too.

I did not find that the Horde (or Legion, I had both) were hindered by movement. Your pivot is 90Deg regardless of your frontage so as long as you pay heed to terrain it's no problem. I got a few flanks with both the zombies and the revenants with Surge.

While the defence 3+ isn't great, the 28 Nerve makes the zombies really hard to kill. They soaked up so much damage throughout the game I'll be taking them again and again.

Lykanis looks good, especially as a flanker. You don't have individual so it'll be rocking the flanks with extra attacks. If you use it let me know.


Grave Guard
Sep 10, 2014
Great write up, I might have to get my undead army up to scratch, I know Soul reavers are a damn beast, I didn't expect your hero to do so well, I find they aren't the most prolific and its quite weird going from a VL with all the trimmings to my bretonnian general on pegasus.