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2000 points of epic... win?


The Devil in Pale Moonlight
True Blood
Aug 19, 2007
2000 Points;

Vampire Lord; level 3: 445
- Dark Acolyte
- Walking Death
- Infinite Hatred
- Avatar of Death(Great Weapon)
= Flayed Hauberk
= Crown of Damnation
= Ruby Ring

Vampire; 195
- Forbidden Lore(Heavens)
- Summon Ghouls
= Helm of Commandment
= Staff of Channeling

Necromancers; VDM, IoN: 95
= Dispell Scroll

25 Ghouls; Ghast: 208
25 Ghouls; Ghast: 208

14 Skeletons; Standard; Musician: 124

23 Grave Guard; Great Weapon; Full Command; BoB: 374

1 Varghulf: 175
1 Varghulf: 175

TOTAL: 1999

Number of channels: 3

Lord; 445 /500
Hero; 290 /500
Core; 563 >500
Spec; 371 /1000
Rare; 350 /500

Yes, I did infact put a great weapon on my Vampire Count but I only do this because I am quite confident I will be able to survive all but the worst treatment(and if I recieve that I deserve to lose to begin with!) and it is worth the trade off for the cheap S7 attacks and added flexibility.
My heroes are self-explanitory and the rest of the army is fairly straighforwards. Keep it tight and move in for the kill(which is why I opted for the ruby ring, if my opponent decided to be a Wood elf and keep fleeing I atleast have a good chance to have 2 magic missiles and hopefully Wind of Death + Heavens).

Any thoughts are welcomed, even complete overhauls of my lord or heroes or whatever really. My only request, and I hope I am not unreasonable now, is that you motivate the change in some way(doesn't have be much! Just something!).

This is the list that I intend to use to get back on track into the 8th edition properly.

Cheers, D.