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2000 pts - The Black Host

Oct 22, 2014
I am participatinng in local regular AoS tournaments. While I'm not a sport-player really, for me the events are a great chance to play 3 games of AoS in a single day against extremely different opponents.

Some may remember my earlier attempts to compile comething fun (https://www.vampirecounts.net/threads/1500-kemmlers-minions.30438/).

Currently, I buried the idea of an unridden zombie dragon - mounted by either a vampire lord or an abhorrant ghoul king, it gains so much that it's not wise to echew these two variants.

I also started using Screamig Skull Catapults, just to have any shooting (to soften up targets like Archaon). Theirs feels weakish, the -2 Bravery defuff usually more significant that the shooting itself.

So, I am going to visit a tournament next week. I made up a semi-competitive roser, and wanted to share it.


Vampire Lord On Zombie Dragon (440)
- General
- Vampiric Sword & Shield & Chalice
- Artefact : Tomb Blade
- Command Trait : Ruler of the Night

Heinrich Kemmler, The Lichemaster (160)

Arkhan The Black Mortarch of Sacrament (340)

Necrotect (100)

Spirit Hosts x 6 (240)
Zombies x 20 (120)
Zombies x 10 (60)
Zombies x 10 (60)
Corpse Cart x 1 (80)
- Unholy Lodestone

Screaming Skull Catapult (120)
Screaming Skull Catapult (120)

WOUNDS: 147 TOTAL POINTS: 1840 / 2000

+Summoning pool of 160 pts.

The Spirits Hosts are for killing armoured targets. The dragon lord can buff them via his command ability, while killing things himself. Both he and Arkhan are quick-responce units, able to fly and charge where they are needed most (or just charging enemy flanks).

Catapults, buffed by Necrotect, shoot to soften up hard targets, or deal the final blow to the wounded. They can also try to score objectives.

Zombies are just for scoring objectives. If enemy kills them, it's little pity. Kemmler travels insde the squad of 20 deadwalkers.

The summoning pool is supposed to be a Tomb Banshee (suddenly appearing and screaming at someone defuffed by a catapult) and a unit of 10 skeletons, to be raised directly on a objective to score it when no one else of my army is present there.

The wizards are supposed to cast their unique spells, with Arkhan's and Kemmler's second casts being bolt/shield, or summoning when needed (with Arkhan being the primary summoner due to his bonus).

What do you think?


Vampire Count
True Blood
Oct 28, 2011
I like it!

Although this may not come as a surprise, a Vampire Lord on a Zombie Dragon is one of the ideal candidates to use with Red Fury and it can deal a ton of damage. For defensive purposes, the Tomb Blade is fine, since it can heal other targets as well, but you can also use the Cursed Book. A matter of preference I'd say. You can change powers and artifacts in between games, so try all options out!

The Hunger / Feaster of Souls / Chalice should be enough to heal lost wounds and with the Catapults + Banshee you should be able to deal with gunlines before rushing to finish them off with the big guys / Spirit Hosts.

Spell superiority is your trump card, I'd say, since both Kemmler and Arkhan (while they may not like each other) can cast 2 spells each turn, with Arkhan having the best chances to do so. Mystic Shields and Invigorates should always be up, plus Arcane Bolts and whatever spell you'd like to cast (Blood Boil isn't exactly the best, but with enough luck, it can deal lots of damage. Same with Curse of Years).