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2000 vs Lizardmen

Jan 23, 2008
Hi all

While waiting for the new VC armybook I've just played a battle against an old friend.

VC (Von Carsteins): count, necromancer (with familiar), wight and thrall (BSB), a skeleton unit, a zombie "bunker", 2x5 wolves, some ghouls, two units of black knights (one with the banner of the Burrows), bats and etheral hosts, a banshee and some ogres as mercenaries.

LZ: oldblood, three shamans, saurus, 5x10 skinks, terradons, 3 salamanders, kroxigors, a stegadon, cold one knights and the explorers.

The battlefield had a river and two swamps in my deployement zone, with some forests in his. In the right part of the battlefield I managed to hold the saurus and cold ones and charge them in the flank. Unfortunately on the left part of the river his oldblood was Tzunki's, so the hosts were charged and destroyed, while the salamanders destroyed the ogres, wolves and ghouls. I managed to pull out a decisive victory, mainly because of my count killing the oldblood, some zombies scaring the stegadon and making it crash and burn in a buiding, the banshee destroying two skink companies and sheer good luck in the magic phases.

The Dark Lord Mr Fluffy

Master Necromancer
True Blood
Dec 23, 2007
Nice work! Every time I face lizard men, I'm pin cushioned by skink blow pipe darts. :(
Thats why I always try to have doubles matches where I'm with them... :)
Jan 23, 2008
Yes, It's true. I've been having a lot of trouble with those skinks. The best ways to deal with them I've come up with are

a) Ethereal hosts (the terror of skinks),
b) BSB with the +1save object (and wolf form). He can take a lot of shoots from the blowpipes with his armour save (and being a single character on the charge from far away the enemy he usually has a -3 for getting impacts when he charges), and thanks to the banner and the movement of 9" you can chase them without fearing the combat resolution. Moreover, if they run as a reaction to the charge to can normally overrun them. Unfortunately this time the salamanders got him after pusuing, but only after destroying two teams and helping against the saurus infantry.
c) bats, I think they have about a 50% chance of winning, but if you double charge with wolves too, they normally manage to win the combat, and they are not that expensive if you loose.

I hope it helps. I would appreciate to know if other players have found different solutions. I like the BSB, but he is in trouble if he gets charged after destroying skink teams, so you have to pick carefully the direction of your charge.