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2000 vs Skaven

Nov 16, 2011
Vampire Lord (480)
+1 magic level; Hellsteed; Dark Acolyte; Master Of The Black Arts; Summon Ghouls; The Flayed Hauberk; Helm Of Commandment; Wristband Of The Black Gold; The Black Periapt.

In ghoul bunker. Will focus on ION on Ghouls early on

Wight King (225)
Battle Standard Bearer; The Drakenhoff Banner.

In GG unit

24 Crypt Ghouls (200)
Upgrade one Crypt Ghoul to a Crypt Ghast.

Horde Formation

25 Crypt Ghouls (208)
Upgrade one Crypt Ghoul to a Crypt Ghast.

Horde formation

Bunker (10 Crypt Ghouls) (88)
Upgrade one Crypt Ghoul to a Crypt Ghast.

35 Grave Guard (496)
Upgrade to Seneschal; Musician; Standard Bearer; Exhange Shield for great weapom; Banner Of The Barrows.

In front of bunker

Black Coach (200)

Protect one flank.

Corpse Cart (100)
Unholy Lodestone.

The pimp vagon is driving behind whatever unit that is needing the most support atm.

1 997 points

Will deploy on one half of the table and try not to spread out too much so the bunker will be defended well and the lord is able ti lend his WS and summoning power as much as possible.

This will be my 4th game, so any advice for this newbie is appreciated


True Blood
Oct 11, 2007
Skaven has nasty shooting. Your Vampire Lord will not get a Look Out Sir! role if he is hit by a template weapon; this matters against such weapons as the Warpfire Thrower.

However, you do have a 3+ Ward Save, so you may want to chance it anyways.

I would consider including the Hellfire Banner for Hellpit Abombinations. They are just horribly nasty, and one my fears in a Skaven list (among many). However, I have only played them a handful of times so perhaps I'm over-inflating their threat level.

Personally, I find IoN to be less strong this edition, but hopefully it serves you well against Skaven.

Top spells from the VC list vs Skaven are:
Curse of Years (they have HUGE blocks)
Van Hels Danse (amazing, as always)
Wind of Death (if they have a number of weapon teams this can really knock the wind [ha!] out of them)
Summon Zombies (to redirect their blocks)

Skaven is really nasty, and they have a number of high T models (doom wheel, HPA) that are really good against undead.

They can deploy giant blocks of Stubborn, LD10 troops (Slaves). 100 models costs them 200 pts. And until they are whittled down to less models than you have, they remain stubborn (unless you can Disrupt them by flanking them, which will lower it to LD7).

For this reason, I would debate taking Forbidden Lore: Death and sniping the BSB/Lord.
Jan 12, 2010
Finally, another hell-steed lord.
The idea of mounting your lord on a hellsteed is that you wouldn't need to have a bunker! I would remove the bunker and take 30+31 ghouls as minimum core.

I would also advise you to re-arrange you lord items as follows:
Vamp Lord, +1 lvl, Hellsteed, Acolyte, Avatar of Death (shield), Master, Helm x2 (Dragon & commandment), wristbands, Periapt, Sword of striking
This way, he also has a 2+ save, including a 2+ ward vs flaming and you have freed some points (summon ghouls) which allows you to take a magic weapon (striking/might/batle all seem good options). Not that he is intended to go into combat often, but he should be able to charge and kill small support units and weapon teams!

How is your pimp wagon working out for you? For me it's not relaly worth it.

If you don't dare to take the hellsteed lord without a 'bunker', you could add a small unit of 6-7 Black Knights, (possibly with a flaming banner if you can find the points)), so that you can use the LOS rule. In order to make it fit, you need to cut the grave guard to 29 and ditch the corpse cart.
Nov 16, 2011
Here is a lot of constructive feedback! Thanks a lot!
First off: wouldn't trying to use death magic with my lord involve putting him in risky sutuations where he can get shot/charged? And I guess he would be more flexible on the battle board with him only on a hellsteed alone.
Now if I move him away from my core units to do some sniping, I need some more units with vampire-rule to allow the army to march. Any suggestions/comments on that?