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2000pt Lord's of Sacrement


Grave Guard
Aug 11, 2008
Greetings all, long time since I've been on here.

I am currently playing a firestorm campaign and been using the following 2000pt list to great affect. Infact, my regular opponents are getting filthy because they seemed to think the only competitive list for Loan runs Nagash.

LoS - Realm of Shish
Arkhan - Vile transference
Necromancer w/azyrbane standard - overwhelming dread
Necromancer - fading vigour
VLoZD w/ethereal amulet - Amaranthine orb

40 x Skeletons w/Spears
40 x Chain rasps
5 x dire wolves

Mortis Engine

Lord's of Sacrement Battalion
Total = 2000pts

No fat to chew here, bare bones and dominating in the magic phase. Mortal wounds on big threats and the VLoZD to bully anything that gets close. Insane healing potential and mortal wounds output. Chain rasps or skeletons to benefit from Vanhels as required.

Just thought I'd share it here for anyone interested.