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2000pts list for 8th ed....

Nov 3, 2015
Hi! I know that 8th edition is a bit old (most of you are playing 9th edition...haha (or not at all....)), but I would like to know your opinion of this list I came up....I am going to play againts Dark Elves, so I expect lots of fast cavalry, and maybe some executioners. He es a bit tired of witch elves....so maybe (hopefully) he will go with corsairs....

So, my list (I tried to not make it a bit too cheesy, coz I am a bit more experienced than him):

VL: lvl2, quickblood, red fury, heavy armour, additional weapon, nightshroud, talisman of press and ToS

Master necro: lvl 4, MRES 3, black periapts

29x ghould and champ (VL goes here)
5x wolves
5x wolves
20x Zombies
20x Zombies

2x Fell bats
1x Spirit host
5x Hexewraigths
3x Vargheist
3x Vargheist (this one with champ)

Mortis with Tome

That round 1998pts

My objective will be advance with ghouls, as they are my only big unit, and redirect all his army with wolves, bats, spirits and zombies. Vargheist will be used to hunt his fast cavalry and hexwrights will be used to hunt is heavy cavalry if he uses it.
I want to dominate magic phases in order for my ethereal units to survive...hence balck periapt and mortis engine.

What do you think? My only problem is that I lack another big unit....but maybe my hard hitting small units can get me points?

Thx in advance!