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2250 Competative and Fluffy


Wight King
Feb 17, 2008
Warning, I am long winded so skip what you want :cool:

After playing with a few lists I've come upon one that I really like. I've got a few hundred points of change here and there (just dropped a unit of BKs with BotDL, cuz my Knights ALWAYS wiff, without fail).

The Blood Count - Level 3; Red Fury, Infinite Hatred, Walking Death; Blood Drinker, Walach's Bloody Hauberk, Black Periapt
= 450pts

Duke Gerard - Scouting, Terror; Wristbands of Black Gold, Talisman of the Lycni, Biting Blade (Magic attacks please)
= 195pts

The Banshee Queen - Ethereal; BSB
= 175pts

Nedar (The Necromancer) - Raise Dead, Van Hels; Book of Arkhan; Corpse Cart with Balefire
= 190pts

20 Skeletons - Full Command, War Banner
= 205pts
15 Ghouls - Ghast
= 128pts
20 Zombies
= 80pts
5 Dire Wolves
= 40pts
5 Dire Wolves
= 40pts
5 Dire Wolves
= 40pts

17 Grave Guard - Great Weapons, Full Command, Screaming Banner
= 291pts

= XXXpts
4 Wraiths - Banshee
= 225pts

Total = 2249 Points

Basically I got my generals unit that is supposed to get the charge, screaming banner is really nice for this. Used to run Terror on the lord, but the CR is prob more helpful with 3 terror causers as is. I might drop the Screaming Banner for the Dead Legion so I can secure my outnumber bonus, but want to play a couple more games to see how good the Screaming Banner is for me.

GG are my main hammer, Wraiths do what they do with The Banshee Queen backing them up for the static +1 CR, magic, and attacks.

The Scout vampire is one of my faves. A lot less useful against ITP armies, but still can marchblock when needed, and draws a lot of shooting (80% of the shots in my O&G game tonight were directed at this clown, he saved no less than 6 bolt throwers, 3 fanatic hits, and some spider rider arrows).

Nedar is a new addition, last few games I had a wight king to guard my general (SoK + Nightshroud and BSB)...figured reliable VHD would be more useful in the end...not to mention ASF bound spell and -1 to enemy casting.

I like my solid skeleton block, very reliable and can hold a flank for me or help my general in the thick of it. Ghoul unit, rocked against the O&G giant, doing no less than 5 of the 6 wounds via poison (one was from a lone skeleton, woot).

I want to add another ghoul unit when I get the models, when I do I will drop the zombies and a wolf unit and sub in a second 15 strong ghoul unit. Would have been nice against my first game of 3xRare choice Beastman army with all manner of T6 beasties.

Small aside from my army list, in my O&G game I got off a Wind of Undeath (my third try after drawing all his scrolls out) and I gota say that O&G rock to cast it against due to all the units (fanatics count :devil:).

I rolled for something like 15 or 16 units with the fanatics (killing 2 or the 5 :redface:), and got 9 wounds. I just had blank bases so count some flak for that but I basically wasted the hosts and gave up VPs, but w/e...it was fun.

So when I got home I took my BFSP box out and chopped up some gobys and dwarfs and made myself some spirit hosts. They are pretty darn nice, I'll post them in a painting blog when I get a camera and whatnot since I'm about to start painting my army.

I must paint a full 20 skeletons by sep 1st :| Good think a white undercoat + Devlan Mud is good enough if I want to stick with that :grin: But gunna try some bleached bone highlighting first then washing them see which I can make look better.

C&C + Advice welcome on list and painting.


The Devil in Pale Moonlight
True Blood
Aug 19, 2007
With red fury and inf. hatred I'd try and go with as much power as possible, ie switch it for sword of might. It will make all the difference VS units/chars T4+.
That leaves you with 25pts. Perhaps add in banner of the dead legion on your BSB for example.

Otherwise, I like it alot. Cool army.