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2500 vs Skaven


Vampire Count
Apr 10, 2013
I was running:

Vampire Lord
Level 1
Heavy armour
Zombie Dragon

Heavy Armour
Enchanted Shield
Level 2
Barded Steed

Level 1
Cursed Book

2 x 10 wolves
2 x 5 wolves

40 Skeleton Spearmen
Full command

23 Zombies

20 Zombies

9 Black Knights
Full command

3 Vargheists

5 Hexwraiths

5 Blood Knights
Musician and Standard
Flag of Blood Keep

He was running:

Vermin Lord

Plague Priest
level 2
Plague Engine

Warlock Engineer
Level 2
Channeling Staff

40 Clanrats with spears

2 x 50 Slaves

1 Warpfire thrower

20 Stormvermin
Storm Banner

40 Plague rats
Full Command

8 Gutter Runners

Hell Pit Abomination

3 Rat Swarms

The Scenario

We were playing a standard Battle Line.

The Battle

He plonks a big line of rats along the table. He stacks his right flank with the Vermin Lord and the HPA, and the Plague Rats with Engine and Priest go in the centre of his line.

I deploy my wolves first, to force him to commit his army before I commit mine. I deploy my Zombie Dragon and Black Knights opposite his Vermin Lord and HPA, with Hexwraiths and Vargheists in support. My Skeletons and Zombies take the centre, supported by the Blood Knights, and I cede my left flank.

I win the first turn, and my opponent immediately uses the Storm Banner to stop me from flying. A premature move on his part, I think, since I was unlikely to declare any flying charges on the first turn, and all my flyers still have M6 and are able to get where I want them. My Hexwraiths declare a charge on his Gutter Runners (who had scouted into the board between the Vermin Lord and the Zombie Dragon). The Gutter Runners flee and I fail the charge, but on the plus side they flee into the HPA who also flees. It doesn't go off the table, but it winds up nearly on the board edge with the gutter runners in front of it, so it's out of the game for a turn or two. Which was a relief, since I was a bit worried about how to deal with it. It has such a high potential for damage, and is so hard to take down, I was really worried about having to commit one of my hammer units to it, and not have enough to deal with the hordes of rats.

Anyway, on his turn he goes to charge a unit of wolves with his Vermin Lord. This makes me happy, since I challenge with my Doomwolf and he's stuck there. I bait his Plague Rat unit out of his lines, and using units of wolves like dominos, I suck it across the board. By the start of my second turn it's already halfway across the table, facing the wrong direction, and stuck in combat.

The second turn sees some positioning and jostling. My Vargheists take out the Rat Swarms, and proceed to charge into the HPA. They all die, but not before they bring the monster down. I wasn't expecting that from them, but they really punched above their weight there.

Turn three sees the Plague Rats pulled completely across the table and facing the wrong way, leaving their rear exposed to me. Something interesting happened in his turn two, when he was forced to over-run into some zombies. He cast Plague, and I failed to dispell it. We then checked the FAQs and whatnot, and found that it was a direct damage spell, and the only viable target was the zombie unit that the Plague Rats (and Priest) were engaged with. I offered to let him take the dice back and cast something else, since the Skaven book wasn't printed with spell types like Direct Damage or Hex or anything like that, but he insisted on casting it, saying it was his own fault for not knowing his own rules. Oh well, it worked out pretty well for me as I lost a dozen or so Zombies, while he lost a dozen or so Plague Rats. He subsequently destroys the zombies in combat, and being frenzied has to overrun in the wrong direction, leaving his rear exposed to me. I love and exposed rear.

So getting back to turn three, I declare a charge on the rear of the Plague Rat unit with my Blood Knights. They do ok, winning the combat and taking four wounds off the engine. Meanwhile, my Zombie Dragon and Black Knights declare charges on the Vermin Lord. My opponent cannily declares a challenge with his Vermin Lord, and not wanting to waste time stuck in the combat, I accept with my Lord hoping to kill him before he gets to strike. I need 4's to hit, with no re-rolls, and I only score 2 hits. Red Fury means I end up scoring 4 wounds in total, but that's not enough to bring down a Vermin Lord, and I'm staring down the barrel of a S6 monster that does D3 wounds. The return attacks score two wounds, and I wiff both my Ward Saves. That's game over, right there I think as he rolls his two dice, but the dice gods smile on me and he rolls a 1 and a 2. My Lord lives with one wound remaining! There is much rejoicing on my side of the table, and much wailing and gnashing of teeth on his. He should have killed me there, but he didn't, and my Zombie Dragon munches his Vermin Lord into pieces.

In the last few turns, my Blood Knights are ground down by the unbreakable Plague Rats, unable to take the last two wounds from the Engine. The Zombie Dragon manages to charge in alongside them before the end though, and he finishes the job, scoring a very impressive wound tally, and forcing the unit to flee, catching them and destroying his general in the process. The rest of the battle is simply tidying up and squishing a few slave units. Final VP tally was something like 2,100 for the Vampire Counts and 900 for the Skaven.

TL: DR; Zombie Dragon beats Vermin Lord, then romps through skaven lines causing mayhem and destruction. Massive win for Vampire Counts.