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2500 with options

Jan 2, 2010
Okay going to a tourney saturday and will be facing

Lizardmen 2 slann and 75 temple guard list
Ogre's with level 4 greedfisted slaughter with death lore
2 Warriors of chaos wit level 4 tezzi wizard

So this is my proposed list and i feel the lizards and ogre's are my only competition

Vampire Lord
LV 1
Heavy Armor
Barded Nightmare
Red Fury
Fear incarnate
Ogre Blade
other tricksters shard

LV 1
Heavy Armor
Barded Nightmare
Screaming Banner
Supernatural horror

LV 2
dispel scroll

LV 1
Book of Arkan

30 Ghouls

30 Ghouls

5 Dire wolves

Corpse cart

30 Grave Guard
Full Command
Banner of the barrows
Great weapons

5 black Knights
lances and barding
musician \

Black Coach

4 Blood Knights

Options are

replace 30 ghouls and 5 dire wolves with 55 skelly's w screaming banner and change up the vampire BSB to something else.

I'd also like to hear any opinions on spirit host in place of the Black Knights


Black Knight
Sep 4, 2010
lizzys- i beat 1 slann will be death..... if so you know he is going to purple sun, to get dice for the other slann. Dont under estimate that lizzy army.

The double tzeetch wizard chaos warriors is going for infernal gate way.

Man terror ghiest are so important these day, i love using them against blood thirsters.
Mar 21, 2011
You have virtually no magic versus 4 magic heavy lists... I'd consider upgrading your vampire lord to level 4 if only for the extra dispel power. It might save you against all the magic that will be coming your way. The black coach doesn't absorb dice like it used to. I didn't know if you were aware because judging by your list it seems like you don't. And that just sounded really rude when I wasn't trying to be. Sorry. I'm just observing.

The black knights are going to die really quickly as well as the blood knights. I'd drop one of them and make the other better.

Other than that I'd consider taking the staff of damnation for all of your ghouls. It's pretty nasty to take on ghouls when they have 3 attacks and are asf with that corpse cart. You might want to consider also changing your bsb a little. I like to take the razor standard in with a horde of ghouls so they are now armor piercing. Should help against the lizards and the warriors of chaos.

Just my thoughts on your list. It looks pretty good though. Your combat lord will kill near everything your opponents through at him.
Jan 2, 2010
i knew about the black coach. the lack of high level cast hasn't hurt me as of yet in practice games. My concern is getting 1 ION or VDM (maximum cast) off to charge vigor mortis from the corpse cart. VDM will be cast with 6 dice at the 12+ casting value to move in turn 1 or 2 to close the gap fast. chances ar even at low level casting power i should get it off once eiter by rolling high or IF/MC.

I had considered taking a naked lv 3 master necromancer and droping the lv 2 necromancer.
Apr 14, 2011
Aren't Temple Guard 16pts a piece?! That's 1200 points in lizards alone in ONE UNIT! Talk about point denial...

Don't worry so much about Gateway, its one of those that you dispel if you have the dice otherwise shrug and see if he gets lucky. Watch out more of nasty Infernal Puppet tricks that can make ANY miscast hurt badly, and Eye of Tzeentch to steal spells like Wind of Death (though no stealing Hellish Vigor thankfully).

The Greedyfist Ogre you need to attack quickly. Engage that unit fast and with things you don't mind loosing levels from. Ranges for the Death Lore suck, so if you have something you really want to keep casting just keep it away from THE FIST and you'll have fewer spells to dispel.

As for the list itself: I don't think the Blood Knights are worth it at all. There are too few wounds there, and too many things that will ignore or cut through their armor. Either beef up the Black Knights, or put everyone on foot. Something else that might work is to create 2 units of Black Knights and just put the Vampires in one, that way they can switch if one gets pounded on, keep both moving at speed, and one unit has ethereal movement to pull surprise charge through terrain. Also personally I've never been thrilled with the Black Coach. Its too slow to keep up with the cavalry aspect of the list, and kind of a waste to just have it trudging along with the infantry.

I'd say dump the Coach, the Cart, and the Blood Knight for a couple of Spirit Host bases and as many Black Knights as you can squeeze in. Cavalry is an all or nothing build in 8th since you have to inflict massive damage on the charge or get bogged down by Steadfast.

Jan 2, 2010
The temple guard are split into two units to bunker the slanns.

Yeah, if you havn't guessed it my are is filled with power gamers.

I have been the most unlucky SOB when it comes to gateway