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2K Empire of Dust


True Blood
Hey all,

I've got my second game coming up and this is what I'm considering. I'll be going up against The Herd with Ratkin allies

Worm Rider Horde

Worm Rider Horde, caterpillar potion

Skellie Warrior Horde, casket

Spear horde, casket

Archer Regiment

Archer Regiment

Enslaved Guardian Horde, casket



Pharoah, wings

Caster Heal, Surge

Caster Heal, Surge, Breath 10 and Vicious.


The two skellie hordes form the center line. Archers and Guardians flank them. Scorps do the vanguard I've trick through the hordes while the Worm Riders go on the far flanks.

Thanks for reading


True Blood
Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. I'd probably grab a BSB or whatever they are called as they are the cheapest way of getting the inspiring.

The game didn't go so well for me. I lost by about 450 points. The scenario was Invade and I played against a Herd army with Rat-kin allies. That scenario is a tough one for a shambling army. He had so many support units in addition to two casters who kept healing his chaff and whatnot so I couldn't get any nerve tests off of my shooting.

I am considering dumping the archers for a bone giant and trying a chariot with pipes of terror on the pharoah but my list would probably struggle a bit more with the loss of shooting. The archers really haven't done much for me to be honest. He suggested I keep them as speed bumps once the enemy gets close enough so I'm on the fence about them.

The flying pharaoh was neat. I was able to disrupt his magic a bit because of him, making his casters doubletime or die the following turn.

Scorpions are always impressive. I think every EoD list I've seen runs two at this point level.

The wurm Riders are nice but I need a lot of practice with those guys. As the only thing that doesn't shamble aside from scavengers and characters, they tend to have a hard time getting where they need to go when I'm facing a few enemy units that will speedbump and counter me. I also rolled very poorly once I got into combat so that didn't help.

Skellie blocks do what they do. They survive a round of getting whacked with their high nerve then need some support/healing to keep going.

The Guardians went down first due to some dice rolling that didn't go in my favor. Surge is very unreliable even with teh Casket. I knew that ahead of time of course but I ended up taking a charge that routed them.
How did you do in terms of scenario scoring? In other words, did you get the units you expected to across the table half and survive?

I've had success with surge usually when I don't need more than 3 inches or so to pull off a flank charge, usually by doing a side move first or a short move and pivot. When battle lines come together, it really forces your opponent to be careful, especially with flyers. With that being said, I think the bone giant is a good idea, because it is a smaller footprint than infantry regiments, and is tall enough to be targeted over units. I would expect that surging it where you want it would be relatively easier to do.