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2K PItched battle vs orcs

Aug 15, 2007
I ordered my Blood to be Red not Green!!!

This was the first battle with my new vampire army now that it is all finished. Simon is trying to master his orc army very quickly as his chaos dwarf list isn’t allowed to the gt heats so the pressure was on.

My List was:

Blood Dragon Lord – Lv3 mage, nightmare, barding, Sword of might, enchanted shield, +1 attack, reroll failed to hit rolls on first round of combat, +1 S on charge – in Black Knights

Necromancer – lv2 mage, dispel scroll, black periapt – in skeletons

Necromancer – lv2 mage, dispel scroll, Book of Arkhan – in zombies

19 – zombies – banner, musician - green

20 skeletons – shield, full command - blue

10 dire wolves - biege

5 dire wolves - beige

5 dire wolves - biege

5 dire wolves - biege

7 ghouls - yellow

7 ghouls - yellow

9 black knights – barding, full command, banner of the barrows - black

2 spirit hosts - white

5 fell bats - red

Simon’s army was from memory:

Orc Lord – unknown magic items – in big 'uns

Orc bsb – banner that give dispel dice = rank bonus – in orc unit 1

Night goblin shaman – lv2 mage – dispel scroll x2 – in night goblin unit 1

Night Goblin Shaman – lv2 mage – item that steals power dice – in night goblin unit 2

20 big ‘uns – full command, banner of butchery, additional hand weapon – dark green

20 orcs (unit 1) – full command, hand weapon shield - blue

20 orcs (unit 2) – full command, hand weapon shield - red

20 night goblins (unit1) banner, musician, spears, 3 fanatics – light green

20 night goblins (unit2) banner, musician, spears, 3 fanatics - yellow

5 wolf riders – musician - white

5 wolf riders – musician - white

2 goblin chariots - purple

2 pump wagons - green

2 spear chuckers - green

Rock lobber - red

We shook hands set up the table and units and started (I will say now I haven’t recorded where the fanatics go once released as they mainly bounced around doing minimal but getting in the way). Set up looked like this:

I got first turn and we started

Vamp turn 1

With a howl the nearest dire wolf unit ran forward and a bunch of spinning goblins meet them on route, killing 2 wolves. The rest of the line moved up slowly so as to keep shape since only half of it could march, the bats held their place so as to threaten the wolf riders, the spirit host moved up to block the back door route for the goblin chariots. The first spell of the magic phase saw my necromancer in the skeletons take a wound and end the magic phase – oh dear

Orc turn 1

With a shout the orc line moved up – or at least that was the plan, the wolf riders on my right ran ahead, the night goblins on my right argued, the pump wagons surged forward 2” and 4” each, the fanatics killed off the dire wolves and blocked the centre off to the orcs to move up too far. Magic was stopped as only one shaman could cast spells. Shooting saw the rock lobber aimed right on the head of my black knights only for a gust of wind to blow it off course, one of the bolt throwers had better luck and killed two of my knights, the other missed.

Vamp turn 2

Seeing a way to weave through the danger, my vampire lord left his unit to charge the nearest pump wagon while the black knights lined up better to charge soon on the green skins. The fell bats charged the wolves facing them; the dire wolves on my right charged the nearest chariot and also released the other fanatics, the spirit hosts charged the right side wolf riders forcing me to face outwards. In a rare display of nerve all the goblin units held and passed their fear tests too!!! Magic was all stopped by the power of Simon’s mages. Combat saw the fell bats killing 2 of the wolf riders but suffered a wound back; the end result saw a bat fall from the sky due to a goblin with a trumpet. The spirit host also fluffed their attacks but held their place. The dire wolves on the chariot caused 2 wounds on the machine for one back and the chariot ran, being closely pursued by the dire wolves. The vampire lord didn’t even stop and the pump wagon exploded as he ran through it and moved a further 12” beyond (s 7 on the charge)

Orc turn 2

Animosity struck again on the goblin unit on the right meaning rather than the goblins leading the charge with the fanatics they were at the back as the orcs moved up to fight. The fanatics, moved all over the shop killing several of the big ‘uns as well as some goblins and generally getting in the way, the other pump wagon charged the vampire lord, the fleeing chariot rallied. Shooting saw the rock lobber scatter off my black knights as well as one of the bolt throwers missing them, the other bolt thrower killed off the dire wolves that had broken through the green line. Combat saw the spirit host killing all but one wolf rider but the last one was routed to the spot with fear (he rolled double 1’s for the break test!!) the fell bats continued to do poor and another bat fell out of the sky. In a display of pure power the pump wagon hit the vampire lord at full force and yet the vampire didn’t move and the pump wagon was left a broken mess through hitting him (he failed wound once with 7 hits and I destroyed it in return)

Vamp Turn 3

With the path clear of fanatics for now the black knights charged the nearest orc unit to see what they could do, the ghouls on my right tried to charge the other chariot but were out of range, the other ghouls moved up to aid the fell bats, the vampire turned to fight again, the skeletons and zombies held where they were not wanting to get too close to those fanatics until my units were bigger. Magic saw my necromancer in the skeletons mis-cast again and take a second wound and kill herself and end my magic phase. Combat saw the lone wolf rider on my right fall to my spirit host, the bats failing to kill anything again (or they might have killed 1 I cant remember that much they were doing that poor), the black knights charged in and killed 4 orcs on the charge, but the ranks and outnumber help out and the orcs hold.

Orc turn 3

The chariot that had fled charges my ghouls – I thought I was out of range and held but the 18” charge caught me out and the ghouls were hit, the rest of the orcs force moved up after taking a few fanatic hits and the orc unit with the bsb held up due to infighting. Magic saw a Foot of Gork hit my vampire lord but when the foot had gone he was still standing (lost 2 wounds). The chariot killed all bar one ghoul who ran but was cut down by the chariot. The last bat fell to the spears of the wolf riders. The orcs in combat with the black knights lost again after several more of their green kind fell to my knights blades and were cut down as they ran...

Vamp turn 4

The vampire not happy about being targeted rejoined his knights as they turned to charge the centre next turn, the ghouls on my left charged the wolf riders, my dire wolves on the left charged the chariot in the centre, the chariot failed its fear test and ran killing several orcs as it passed and allowed my a flank charge on the orcs with my dire wolves, the big unit of wolves flank charged the night goblins on the left.

*note this is where I made a few silly mistakes as my dwarves don’t have fast cav – I got mixed up that fast cav don’t get rank bonus but can negate it in combat*

In the magic phase an attempt to return the lost wounds on my lord were stopped (he wouldn’t have had as many dispel dice due to the bsb unit of orc not having a rank bonus), other than that my magic was still poor. Combat saw the large unit of dire wolves only just lose the fight (I forgot the goblins didn’t have rank bonus – so I would have won and outnumbered them), the other unit of dire wolves were cut down as expected but the chariot running was enough for me. The ghouls finished off the wolf riders in one go – finally!!

Orc turn 4

The chariot rallied and faced the vampire lord, the bsb unit of orcs moved up to threaten the zombies next turn along with the other chariot – this was the only turn in the game where Simon had full control of his army. The big ‘un unit moved up to take on the skeletons next run and the other unit of night goblins turned to face the black knights. Magic and shooting was all targeted on the black knights reducing them to just the lord and the standard and musician. Combat saw a few more wolves crumble as we counted rank bonus again vs the night goblins

Vamp turn 5

With a scream the vampire lead what was left of his black knights into the rear of the big ‘un unit, the zombies turned to face the bsb orcs, the skeletons waited to grab the big ‘uns if the vampire lord’s attack worked well. The sprit host charged the bolt thrower who fled and so I charged the other bolt thrower. Magic finally saw my lord return to full strength and a few skeletons return after the damage the fanatics had done. The spirit host won easily and over ran in to the rock lobber, the black knights killed 2 big ‘uns and the vampire lord killed 5 on his own!! This was too much for the orcs who fled in the waiting arms of my undead host. The bsb orcs panicked at this sight as did the night goblins behind the line.

With this turn over Simon conceded, he had lost his generals unit the bsb unit cant do much, the goblins are running with little chance to rally and all I had lost were a few packs of dire wolves some bats and a necromancer with my black knights under half strength but the heart of the orcs was gone

Overall im happy with the game as it high lighted to me the abilities of some troops I haven’t used in an age such as fast cav which will help me in the future. Most of my troops I feel acted sub par except for my black knights and lord. I had never used wights in my strigoi lists in the past as the fluff didn’t sit right with me, this was a nice shock. The Lord was an army in his own right and I will respect them if I ever face opposite one.

Simon was very unlucky all through the game but that’s orcs for you, several times the fanatics could have hurt me and they would roll short or go the other way, if they were near his troops they seem to always head that way, his animosity rolls early on also blunted his attack. But his ld tests all the way through did him proud. Simon was happy with the game overall though as normally he has a problem fighting undead as the fear issue really gets into his head and in this game he was able to keep that factor under control

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this



The Devil in Pale Moonlight
True Blood
Aug 19, 2007
Nice and clear report.

...and of course, congrats on the win! As you, I have a deep respect for BD lords. They are brutal(Your setup is a favourite of mine as well).

So cheers and well done.
Sep 16, 2007
Wow that must have taken you ages to do all those diagrams. That was a great report and congrats on the win. cant wait to read some more from you.

Aug 15, 2007
Thanks the diagrams only take me about an hour. Since ive been doing them (mainly dwarf reports) i have found it has helped me to see the battle unfold and read the movement of the enemy troops - almost predicting where they are going.

Even if not to put it online, i would recogment most people to make a not of the deployment and them study the map after to learn from it and then analise where you can improve - good way of keeping a history of your army as well