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2K Tournament Battle Report

Jul 4, 2013

2000 pts Undead:

  • BSB, healing charm
  • Cursed pharaoh, wings of honeymaze
  • Lich King, +heal(6)
  • Necro, +heal(3), +bane chant(2), insp. talisman
  • Necro, +heal(3), +bane chant(2)
  • Revenants (horde), 2HWs, +Rats, brew of str.
  • Zombie Trolls (horde)
  • Skeleton Warriors (regiment)
  • Skeleton Spear men (regiment)
  • Zombies (regiment)
  • Werewolves (regiment), quicksilver rapier
  • Soul Reaver Cav. (regiment), pot. of Caterpillar
  • Wraiths (troop)
The first game is pillage against Forces of Nature. The last of the markers goes closer to one side and I win the roll for sides so it is a no-brainer to chose that side. With the whole Nature army having pathfinder, obstacles and difficult terrain wouldn’t be much help in a defensive posture. Seeing several winged beasts on the enemy lines, the Lich King orders the undead in two battle lines, or standard flyer defense. The werewolves and wraiths deploy on right flank near blocking terrain as their smaller footprints will make navigating around them easier.

Running through the Nature deployment in order of nearest to farthest (below pic):beast of nature, hunters of the wild, 2 hordes of forest shamblers,2 tree herders, winged unicorn, hunters of the wild, winged beast of nature, and Sylph Talonriders.

Nature gets the first turn and the shamblers and hunters move forward.

The soul reaver cavalry lower their lances and charge the hunters on the right flank, splintering the regiment to pieces. They change facing slightly towards the center of the table, quite annoyed there was no blood to drink from that particular enemy. The revenant horde shambles forward into the lake. The beast of nature on the extreme right flank charges the flank of the reavers.

The forest shamblers move towards the revenant horde and with the help of the tree herders’ surging, make a combined charge against the revenants, but they remain steady.

The werewolves and wraiths combo charge the other unit of hunters by the building. The revenant horde cuts down the forest shambler horde on the left side.

The soul reavers counter charge the beast of nature and slay it, finally tasting blood. The pharaoh stares down one of the tree herders.

As the wraiths and werewolves continue their fight against the hunters, talon riders dart down from the skies to hit the revenants in the flank, while the Liche King is forced to draw his sword as a beast of nature tries to pick him up.

The tree herders advance on the soul reavers.

The werewolves and wraiths fight off the hunters, while the revenant unit beats the second horde of shamblers. The revenants change facing and fight the winged beast with an assist from the zombies.

The pharaoh ducks out of the way and lets the herder and unicorn crush the knights.

The werewolves advance on the objective near the buildings, and with control of more objectives and most of my force intact, an 18-2 victory to the undead.

Second game is loot against dwarves and with dwarf deferral the undead take the first turn and advance up the large hill in the center.

The dwarf battle line consists of a greater earth elemental, earth elemental horde, stone priest, three flamebelchers, iron guard regiment, shieldbreaker horde, steel behemoth, iron guard regiment, berserker brock riders, king with wings, and BSB.

The earth elementals advance on the undead left flank.

On the right flank, the werewolves take a charge from the brock riders and ironguard and are routed.

With the wolves out of the way, the soul reavers head into combat with the brock riders.

Earth elementals large and larger take it to the zombie trolls and route them after maybe two turns.

The pivotal combat in the center. The revenants secure the token and get a flank charge from the iron guard. Deciding to attempt to finish them in a single round, the revenants counter charge while the zombies lend a gentle tap or two. Casters bane chant away.

As the revenants fight the iron guard, the elementals crash into the skeleton regiments behind them. The pharaoh decides to go after softer targets like the dwarf artillery crews.

Unfortunately, the revenants underperform and cannot kill the ironguard regiment, and then end up going down after being flanked by the shieldbreaker horde. The soul reavers struggle to finish the brock riders with a in-opportunistic double one when anything but was needed. As they were not able to lend the strength of their lances to the combats in the center, things began to unravel quickly for the undead.

With only one of the tokens in control, the undead lose 16-4. This game was very fun and a great opponent. First time running into dwarves in KoW and the army seems very capable despite the low move.

Game three against undead on the same table but opposite side.

A view looking down the line.

Another soul reaver cavalry regiment with potion of caterpillar. Now I will get to see what it’s like to face one. Also pictured is a pharaoh with wings and a werewolves horde.

The enemy werewolves horde is gearing up to make a large charge on the zombie trolls.


On the left flank, allied trolls from the Goblins list fight the werewolves regiment and the pharaoh.

A regiment of soul reaver infantry advance towards the zombie regiment at the edge of the woods.

The enemy skeleton horde moves toward a center objective on the hill.

The enemy werewolves horde routs the zombie trolls and my soul reavers and wraiths fight off the enemy werewolves.

Horde versus horde near the table center.

Enemy wraith troop goes into the skeleton regiment.

Enemy soul reaver cavalry fights the wraiths, with enemy pharaoh staring down my soul reavers.

Soul reaver cavalry regiments face off for all the marbles! My unit blinks first and gets wavered, leading to its collapse.

Enemy pharaoh goes into the skeleton spear regiment.

As the revenant horde fights off the skeleton horde in the center, my pharaoh acts as door stop for a few turns, keeping a regiment of soul reaver infantry off its flanks. Pharaoh eventually tires and is beaten, but a stellar job nonetheless.

After beating my skeleton regiment, the enemy wraiths swoop in near the rear of the revenant horde.

The revenants rout the wraiths then change facing to the center. We are playing a 7th turn and with 28 surge dice the revenant horde has a chance to go after the enemy soul reaver cavalry and contest an objective (to the right in the picture below). They come up just short of killing the soul reavers, but at least contest a 200 pt objective the enemy soul reavers were on top of. The titan forge Undead beat the GW undead 18-2. Another great game against a great opponent.


Vampire Count
Apr 10, 2013
Looks like some great games, and can I say how very nice your army looks! I particularly like those Soul Reavers! Were they chinacast ones?
Jul 4, 2013
Thanks! The blood knight$ were the one unit that was pre-painted and ebayed but arrived busted, so I am painfully aware that they are GW metals as each one needed several pins. It makes for a heavy unit, fortunately most of the tables had those frontline games mousepad-like mats, and the unit can slide easily.


Vampire Count
Apr 10, 2013
What are they like to play on? I've really only ever used the static grass mats. I've been thinking about getting some of the mouse pad style gaming mats as an easy way to diversify my gaming table.

Can I ask how much the knights set you back? You practically have to sell your firstborn child to get the metal ones these days!
Jul 4, 2013
I'm a fan of the mats after seeing them in person. While they aren't as nice looking as a textured and flocked board, they are an adequate substitute as the dice make no noise, units slide easily, and they aren't as washed out as they appear in the photos. My favorite is the swamp, and the snow one is also cool.

I got the knights as part of a whole VC army, so can't really say what they would've gone for individually. I maybe would have preferred finecast were it not for bent lances and swords. I once got a finecast vlad model whose sword had two 90 degree joggles in it. No amount of hot water was fixing that!