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3000 pts rematch vs DE

Oct 11, 2011
I'm trying something new against my brother who plays Dark Elves.
I had a draw last game. I played a 2nd, combat oriented, lord in a unit of 10 black knights with the banner of hellfire. (Don't have blood knights yet..) I failed all my 3+ armour saves against his archers (Armour piercing) and my Lord was stuck on his own doing nothing. I also failed the charge with them twice by rolling two 1s and a 4 on my charge rolls when I needed six to make it. The Hydra I had wanted to kill was run of by my Varghulf.
We played a meeting engagement and My GG failed to deploy so I lost the focal point of my army. In the end he basically killed everything I had except the GG and my two lords. simply because I couldnt get both my lord (due to bad charge rolls), and my GG (due to the meeting engagement deployment), in combat.

So I threw out my 2nd lord to try and spread out a bit more power over my flimsy skleton units who are under par but I havent't got 80 ghouls so they'll have to do.

My new list:

Vampire Lord
LvL 3 upgrade
Master of the black arts
Forbidden lore
Helm of commandment
Armour of destiny (Not sure about thise one)
Channeling staff (not sure about this either but I had some points left so an alternative would be appreciated).
15 Ghouls + Ghast

40 Skellies spears full command
Sword of strife
Talisman of the lycni
Infinite hatred
Avatar of death Hw/Sh
Cairn Wraith

40 Skellies Hw/Sh full command
War banner
Tomb blade
Flayed hauberk
Infinite hatred
Walking Death

31 Grave Guard full command GW
Banner of the barrows


3 Spirit hosts


4 Fell bats

Havent's played with the TG yet so I just want to try it out and haven't used my bats in ages so same for them. I used to run 2 X 5 packs of Dire wolves but they just get killed by Dark Riders.
I dont put a Wight king in the GG because I hate the model and havent built my own yet and I think it is boring to play with deathstar units.
Trying out the Spirit hosts to tackle the Hydra, though I'm not a big fan of them since wind of undeath and 8th edition.

His usual list is something like this:

Lvl 4 sorcerres
Either flies or has a cold one.
Magic items vary a lot depending on what mood my opponent is in.

Hero on manticore, potion of strength ( Always launches it at my Black coach and destroys it in turn one or two).
Rest of the items vary.

Usually another sorcerres lvl 2 and at least a fighty lord character.
Also usually a second fighter hero or BSB

3 x 10 archers

20 Spearmen

10 Witch elves

15 Corsairs

18 Black guard (Wiped them out in 1 turn last game with my GG).

20 Executioners

2 x 5 Dark riders

5 Cold ones

1 Hydra

Sometimes shades or a repeater bolt thrower

If you add all this up it's a bit over three thousand, he wasnt playing his executioners last game but usually does.

I played a lot of 7th edition but unfortunatley havent'had a lot of time playing 8th yet, so still trying to adapt.
Any comments would be welcome.


Black Knight
Jan 30, 2011
No ghouls? why not take a unit in place of skelles and then charge them into a unit of executioners and with his 5+ armour save he is going to fail quite alot of wounds, coupled with the fact they have 2 attacks each and poison you should deal some nice damage. Also his killing blow will matter little to you since you have 1 wounds and no armour :thumbsup: