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3K tourney list


Mar 7, 2013
Got a big tourney coming up and im just looking to get peoples opinion on how this might fare.
The lord will be with the Black knight
the banshee will be in with the ghouls
the hero vamp and wight king will be in with the Grave guard

Lord - 548
Lvl4 Vampire, Barded nightmare, Heavy armour, Shield
Quickblood, Red Fury, Beguile, Dragon Helm, Ogre Blade, Tali of Preservation

Heroes - 493
Lvl2 Vampire, Heavy armour, Aura of dark majesty, beguile, Dread Knight
Enchanted Shield, Sword of Might, Talisman of Endurance

Wight King, Shield, Nightshroud, BSB


Core - 750
40x crypt ghouls, champion
5x dire wolves
5x dire wolves
35x Skeletons, Champion, Standard
20x zombies, Standard

Special - 759
9x Black Knights, Barding/Lances, Champion, Banner of swiftness
35x Grave Guard, Champion, Banner of the Barrows

Rare - 450
May 22, 2012
With only 9 drops at this points level I think most opponents will be able to out deploy you and take away some of the advantage a fast mobile list like this brings. You have good target saturation for most shooty armies, but I'm concerned for the investment you've made with the GG seeing as they will likely very quickly fall behind your general an lose mobility from not being able to march. Not sure about your hero choices/load outs, what's the point of night shroud on the WK? I'm also not sure how much you'll get out of the banshee in with the ghouls. Her scream is significantly less powerful with the FAQ on generals ld and inspiring presence. Just a few of my thoughts.