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5 (V)amp fuse

May 23, 2011
Afternoon All,
I've just bought a VC army (got O&G and Lizardmen), lots of units, after some list/build advice really.

I've got...

Mounted Lord
Mounted BSB
Mounted Vamp

Lord on Foot
BSB on Foot
3 x Vamps on Foot
1 Necro

96 Ghouls
48 Zombies
19 Dire Wolves
11 Fell bats
4 bat Swarms
Corpse cart

25 Grave Guard
14 Black Knights
4 Base Spirit Hosts
4 Wraiths + 1 Banshee
Black Coach

and will be playing mostly @ 2400 points. What is the closest I can get to the 'bestest list on t'internet'?

I have written some lists already, just wanted the take on what is considered the hardest list out there, and how it's used.



Count Darvaleth

I <3 marmite
True Blood
Apr 26, 2010
First of all, may I congratulate you on the brilliant pun in your title. The V stands for voltage, and the amp works with fuse. Plus, of course, it spells Vamp, shorthand for Vampire. An excellent title, sir. *nods hat*

Second, that's a lot of stuff you got there! I wish I could be so dedicated. :tongue: If you need painting/modelling advice, head down to the Hobby section; if it's tactical advice you're after, the Teachings of Abhorash area will be perfect. There's always plenty of people willing to help you out, so why not check it out?

Thirdly and finally, welcome to Carpe Noctem! You'll find everyone here has a very friendly and jovial (sometimes a little too jovial) attitude, so no matter what level of play/painting you're at, you'll find everyone willing to help out. For Vampire Counts (or, indeed, any army) you couldn't have picked a better forum. Just watch out for Disciple of Nagash (known as DoN, the site administrator) as he can be a little over-friendly, if you take my meaning... :perv:

Hope you enjoy your time here! :thumbsup: