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500 Border Patrol, Dark Elves Against High Elves


Grave Guard
Aug 20, 2007
With only 40 minutes to play a game at the end of the day today, me and my friend got out our forces. Me bringing my Dark Elves to the table, and him not bringing two Core Choices, I suggested Border Patrol. He agreed, and got his High Elves out.

The Forces:

Dark Elves:
Sorceress - Shorlith the Wickerlady
Black Staff
110 Points

10 Warriors
Musician, Repeater Crossbows, Shields.
125 Points

6 Dark Riders
Herald, Repeater Crossbows, Musician.
165 Points

Cold One Chariot
97 Points

High Elves:
Great Weapon, Swordmaster, Heavy Armour (everything else unknown).

10 Archers

17 Swordmasters with Full Command.

The Deployment:
Just ahead of my deployment zone there was a building that my Warriors could take refuge in, and a building further up. To the left there was a small forest to each building, and in his zone, a hill. To my right there was a hill, and ahead of that a Forest in his deployment zone.

From left to right - Warriors + Sorceress behind the Building, Dark Riders in the open, Chariot to the left of the Hill.
Archers on the Hill, Swordmasters + Commander between the Hill and the Forest

After that, I rolled for a Spell. I got Soul Stealer, and scrapped it for Chill Wind.

First Turn:
Starting with moving my Warriors and the Sorceress into the Building, the Dark Riders moved forwards and the Chariot promptly failed its stupidity roll, moving 3.5" forwards... after that, I cast Chillwind on the Archers but it was 1/2" out of range. The Dark Riders then opened fire on the Swordmasters, which shrugged off the barrage. Successful, I know.
Moving the Swordmasters forwards, my friend then mowed down the Dark Riders, killing five with the Archers and the Herald fled. Brilliant opening turn if I do say so myself.

Second Turn:
Moving the Sorceress and the Warriors out of the Building, they took up a position where they could start shooting at the Archers, and again the Chariot failed its Stupidity (Always does that!). After Chilling the Archers, killing a massive two of them, the Repeater Crossbows killed another two Archers, reducing their numbers to six.
The Swordmasters moved forwards towards the Chariot.

Third Turn:
The Chariot finally passed Stupidity, and charged the Swordmasters. The Sorceress entered the next building along the way, with the Warriors staying where they were to shoot at the Archers. The Sorceress Chilled the Archers again by killing another of them, and the Warriors took another one down with their Repeater Crossbows. In the combat phase, the Chariot got 5 Impact hits and mashed 4 Swordmasters into the group. The Cold Ones directed their attacks towards the Unit Champion, killing him, and the Elves pointed their Spears towards the Commander. With nothing left but the Commander, who attacked back, the Chariot took a wound. The Swordmasters passed their Leadership test and stood their ground.
The Archers moved forwards towards the woods to get away from the Nasty Witch blasting them with Magic. The Swordmasters and the Commander promptly finished off the Cold One Chariot is swift order.

Forth Turn:
The Warriors turned to see the Swordmasters, and the Sorceress could see the Archers still. Killing another Archer with Chillwind, again negating their only ability, I rested in false comfort. The Warriors then shot down two Swordmasters.
The Swordmasters turned and ran towards my Warriors, while the Archers hid near the woods where my Sorceress couldn't see them from her Building.

Fifth Turn:
The Warriors moved backwards slightly, to hopefully get out of charge range of the Swordmasters, then turned around again and start to shoot at them. The Sorceress entered the Woods and then cast Chill Wind on the Archers, killing another two of them. The Warriors shot at the Swordmasters, killing three of them with a flurry of bolts.
The Swordmasters walked right up towards the Warriors, facing them down, but doing little else. The lone Archer charged the Sorceress in hopes of killing her off. Nothing happened in the Combat Phase as both the Archer and the Sorceress kind of patted each other on the cheek for all they were worth.

Sixth Turn:
The Warriors moved into the building that the Sorceress had been hiding in, then unleashed a hail of bolts on the Swordmasters, reducing them to four Swordmasters and their Commander. Again the Sorceress and the Archer patted each other on the cheek affectionatly...
Swordmasters charged the Warriors. And killed four of them. I fled, and the Swordmasters took over the building. The Sorceress killed the Archer, finally annoyed at being patted and pawed at by the Archer, and we had to end it there. Quickly counting up Victory Points, we found that the game was a draw.

Things I would have done differently? Not move the Warriors into the building. They should have supported the Cold One Chariot (that did a good job all by itself!). This I didn't do because I haven't used Chariots much. I'm more of an infantry/Cavalry support person to be honest, which is probably why I lost the Chariot in the first place. Still, it killed 5 Swordmasters (including Champion) and dealt a wound to the Commander, so it wasn't all that bad. Maybe if my Dark Riders hadn't have been pasted and had supported the Chariot, things would have gone differently... oh well...

This I could have done differently? Try to roll higher on my Dark Riders Saving Throws. Save my Chariot from death by Swordmaster. Pass my Warriors Leadership (I ONLY lost by 4). Arrived earlier to have had more time for the game so that I could think about my movements more than I did.

Also, excuse me if this in the wrong place. It's labelled Battle Reports, therefore, as I see it, Battle Reports go here... :lol:

Lord Fear

Master Vampire
True Blood
Aug 15, 2007
Sounds like a great game, I always like reading a report where it's not just obvious victories against rubbish opponents: "I did this, my opponent moved out in front so I could charge his flank, miscast with his wizard, misifred and blew up his cannon and then I charged and won the game!" :D

Hope you'll post more reports from your hundreds of games ;)

Skaramak von Carstein

Vampire Count
True Blood
Aug 13, 2007
Sounds like a great game, and a close one that coule easily have gone either way. My experience of games at this points level is that they often rest on a knife-edge.


Grave Guard
Aug 20, 2007
Yeah well, High Elves are all cheaty and we all know this. :tongue:
Goddamned Swordmasters... I could've killed another one or two of them if it hadn't been for their cheaty rules. ;)

Anyway, I'll start writing up another Battle Report in the next few minutes about my first experience against a Tomb King Army with... my Empire.