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500 point(yes i know its funny) idea and help

Dec 31, 2007
well im at school im suprised this works anyway..k so my friend plays hordes of chaos he uses 13 warriors,like 5 maraduers..and a necromancer...i want to know whats like the best 500 point army i can get i have 20 zombies..can make like 5 more if i want which i will..20 skeletons..and 2 necromancers.... so far i have like 220 points on my skeles if i remeber correctly and like around 120 with my zombies and then 200 for both my nexco mancers but i dont field my zombies becuase ill just summon them..so in reality all i have for my list so far is...

20 skeles=220 points total with armour and spears and a barrier(no musician)
2 necromancers=200 points total (lvl2)

and thats it but the thign is he always gets my necromancers with his guys and i need help on how to play agianst chaos..



True Blood
Oct 11, 2007
Are your total units to work with:

20 Zombies
20 Skeletons
2 Necromancers

Do you have any other units?


Crypt Horror
Jan 14, 2008
He can't use a unit of only 5 marauders, they're 10+

I'd say a level 2 necro the book arkhan and dispel scroll-150 pts.

level 2 necro with staff of damnation and biting blade-150 pts.

10 zombies-60 points

12 skellys with spear, armour, champ and standard-140 points

You should be able to out magic him(same dispel dice as his power dice, 6 power dice and 2 bound spells) and you can raise models into your units and create new ones as well.
Sep 26, 2007
Should do fine, but I'd say that you might want to ditch the Biting Blade, spears and something else with a small cost and add a unit of 5 Dire Wolves.

Myself I'd take some Ghouls as well. They're very good in 500 pts armies (?).