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[6e WFB] The March on Caerdydd: one and a half battle reports


Bringing Sixy Back
True Blood
Feb 26, 2008
Circumstances intervened and I couldn't actually make it to the sixth edition revival tourney in Upminster, but I did manage a couple of games at the South Wales Gaming Centre in Cardiff last weekend. Both 2000 points, against Chaos (Breakthrough) and High Elves (Capture). Cracking games with some charming opponents, but then I would say that, on account of being in a good mood because I won! More to the point, the lads enjoyed 6e and there's talk of another meet up next month and maybe a 3000 point game next time (apparently Daemon Dan wants to use his Bloodthirster...)

Actual reports on the blog: [WFB] Battle Reports: The March on Caerdydd