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750 beginners tournament list advice death

Dec 25, 2016
Hello mij brothers in death
I am new to aos and cant brain a good list together.
I have this and have model budget of 70€ to add to this
50 skelletons
20 grave guard
2 cairnwraith
5 hexwraiths/bloodknights/black knights.
6 tzaangors (i can use as proxy)
Some radom hero models
A tomb king sfinxs
What is the best way to go.
One hard model or unit with cheap addon.
Larger units

Would this work or fail hard?
Cairn Wraith (60)
Cairn Wraith (60)
Wight King with Baleful Tomb Blade (120)

Skeleton Warriors x 20 (160)
- Ancient Blades
- Battleline
Skeleton Warriors x 20 (160)
- Ancient Blades
- Battleline
Hexwraiths x 5 (160)

Total: 720

Thanks in advance
Oct 22, 2014
Hello and welcome!
750 is a really small scale, the current minimum one being 1000 pts. You won't fit much besides a leader and 2 battleline, but it can be fun anyway.

I don't have General's handbook at hands at the moment and don't remember exact point costs, so i will write guidelines instead of fixed lists.

If you want to use your wight king, take him, up to 20 grave guard, some skeletons as battleline (2x10 is fine), a liche priest and/or a necromancer. With all your heroes buffing the grave guard, they will become deadly. Their surviveability will still be questional, however. You can compensate that by taking Ruler of the night command trait and keeping your general (the king) near grave guards.

Another approach will be to focus on your cavalry. Take them as hexwraiths. Boost their numbers to 10 if you can. Take a vampire lord general to buff their attacks and apply mystic shield to them, they love being shielded. Take your skellies as battleline, and anything else that will fit the points. Charge the buffed ghostly cavalry at your enemies. Don't bother to use their mortal wounds - dealing ability, it is very situational.

You could also try to play around your spinx, but you didn't mention wether it is a warspinx or a necrosphinx, so I don't know how to start.
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Oct 22, 2014
Option one and two look intersting.
The sfinx is nutral can use it as all 3 options
Well, the Royal warspinx can replace Wigh King in my first variant as a general, buffing deathrattle.

Khemrian warspinx can replace the grave guard in the same variant, it counts as deathrattle due to skeleton crew. It is more durable than them, and killy enough.

The necroshinx has no specific synergy, he just kills stuff dead, and is good at it.

Good options to support a sphinx of any kind:
A liche priest, since his buff affects Reanimants, the necrosphinx will be also affected.
Additional wizard of any kind, you will want to cast the healing spell on the spinx every turn.

That's all for now :)


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True Blood
Nov 26, 2008
I'm moving this thread over to Summoning the Deathrattlers.

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