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Minister of Thriftiness
Dec 9, 2013
I had the pleasure of introducing a couple of 40k players to AOS this evening. The Stormcast player had to proxy some models with space marines and the Khorne player had to borrow some models, but we all still had fun. Since both of them were new, we decided that a Triumph and Treachery game would be the best option. I'm going from memory so I may be off on some things. The lists:

I brought

GK/TG, general, Red Fury, Cursed Book
2x10 ghouls
Screaming Skull catapult

720 points

Lord Castellant, general, don't remember command trait or artefact
1x3 Prosecutors with Javelins
1x3 Prosecutors with hammers
Banner guy that had lightning/healing storm
2x5 liberators

760 points

Skarbrand, general
2x10 Bloodletters
banner guy that gave +1 attack in range, artefact that gave 6++ against all wounds/mortals or a 5++ for wounds/mortals from ORDER

We did a king of the hill scenario with generic terrain. I deployed first in on of the middle deployment zones. TG right up front with the two ghoul units in rows of two on both sides of him. I had building in my zone and put the catapult on top of that.

The stormcast deployed next and they went directly across from me.

Khorne deployed to my left which got me really worried.

Turn 1. Khorne player went first and "luckily" he didn't do anything. He just moved closer to me and stopped. Another Khorne player told him not to engage anything on turn one if it could be avoided so Skarbrand would become incandescent on turn 2. I didn't know what that meant, so I just let it go. Stormcast went second and moved up to claim the objective with a unit of liberators. I went last and gave the ghouls on left flank Inspiring Presence and Unholy Vitality. I shot the closest liberators with the catapult, no damage. I also screamed at them and killed one model, with a wound on another. I got successful charges with my TG and the ghouls on my left flank to the liberators. I swung first with GK/TG and killed two more liberators. I failed on RedFury. He swung back with the liberator and dealt no damage. Ghouls finsihed him off. At this point I reminded him to measure everything (which I had forgotten to do before I attacked) and it turned out that the Lord Castellant was 2.5" away from the GK/TG. So he piled in and dealt 2 wounds to the GK. No battleshock. I scored 2 VP for number of wounds dealt and 2 VP for having the most models on the objective. Stormcast scored 1 VP for number of wounds. Khorne scored 0.

Turn 2. Khorne player goes first again and Skarbrand is now Incadescent. He moves his army towards the center, but doesn't want to charge with Skarbrand because he'll be out of range of the +! attack banner. His bloodletters charge my catapult, but because of the small building top, only 2 models are able to attack. no damage done. we roll off and I get to attack next. I decide to swing into his lord castellant first. The GK deals one wound, the TG claws do nothing. The gaping maw gapes. Lord Castellant goes down like a shot of butterscotch schnapps. Stormcast has nothing to attack with so I get to strike next with my catapult crew. 1 letter goes down. I go next, but I don't want to move my GK/TG because it effectively keeps anything else from claiming the objective (player with most models within 3" claims it). I give IP to the ghouls on my left flank and the GK/TG heals all wounds. I attempt to cast Unholy Vitality on the GK himself but fail. I move the ghouls on my right flank up to better secure it. I shoot the catapult a unit of prosecutors, no damage. I then scream at them and kill 2. no charges. Stormcast goes last and lightning bolts the ghouls on my right, killing 2 and they are -1 to hit. His prosecutors shoot at a unit of bloodletters but fail to wound. He charges his second unit of liberators at the ghouls on my right flank, but is extra careful to make sure the GK/TG doesn't get to pile in. He kills two more, but so do my ghouls. He passes battleshock and I don't need to take it. He passes battleshock and I don't need to take it. I get 2 VP for wounds caused and 2 for holding objective. Stormcast gets 1 VP for wounds caused. Khorne gets 0.

Turn 3. Stormcast wins the roll off (yay). As the few remaining chosen of Sigmar prepare for what could easily be their last hoorah, they notice the chosen of Khorne sneaking up behind the vampire scum that is literally eating them whole. He picks Khorne to go first (boo). The incandescent Skarbrand and a unit of bloodletters charge the GK/TG. Things do not look good. Skarbrand swings his mighty axe Carnage at the GK, needing 4s (cursed book FTW). twos. REROLL, one gets through. wounds. 8 wounds with no saves allowed (ouch). He swings his other, less mighty axe and ends up dealing 2 more wounds. I strike with the GK because I don't know how much longer he'll make it. I decide to go into the bloodletters to prevent them from striking. I only fell 5. I roll for Red Fury and FAIL!! 3 of the remaining bloodletters get two mortal wounds through to the GK. The other two, kill 2 ghouls. The liberators kill two more ghouls on the right flank. The battlefield is turning into a bloodshed. Seeing their king so beaten and bruised must have stirred something in the ghouls, they retreat from the lurking stormcast who are threatening the front lines and let all hell break loose on the demon spawn of Khorne. Only six get to attack, but 10 wounds get through! Not even Khorne himself could stop the slaughter (though I'm not sure that he'd want to. The bloodletters near the catapult are able to take out two crew. The crew deal nothing back. The ghouls combating the liberators only get one wound through. Stormcast goes next... I think that the Ghoul king is surely done for. He atempts a lightning storm and fails (whew) Seeing the giant wounded bat, he moves the full unit of prosecutors up to 3" away from the GK/TG. He fails shooting (double whew). He charges the limp, nearly re-dead beast...

Snake eyes (triple whew). The liberators attack the ghouls and three more are killed leaving three left. I am relieved that the GK is still alive but that quickly fades when I realize that he gets to choose which player piles in next. Time for some Treachery. I inform him of his important decision. His eyes get wide and a devilish grin comes across his face at the thought of the TG going down. I tell him to think about his decision before making it. On one hand, yes, the GK will surely die if Skarbrand strikes first, but will have to deal with a full HP Skarbrand on his own. On the other hand, if the GK goes first, he may at least only have to deal with a wounded, possibly heavily wounded Skarbrand. He likes this idea. I attack next. The ghoul king in his death throes manages to get two wounds through. The Terrorgheist can barely get his claws up to scratch, but they quickly drop back to the ground having done nothing. The Terrogheist snaps his teeth at Skarbrand like the cornered animal it is and somehow manages to rip his arm off and take Carnage with it. 6 mortal wounds and another wound causing 3 more damage get through. The Khorne player is shocked at what has just happened but is relieved to know that Skarbrand is still alive. I let him think that for a few seconds... RED FURY, BITCH!!! (I didn't say or shout anything, it's just what I was feeling). I gently remind him of my command trait which just happens to auto-pass. The ghoul king is reinvigorated and fells the demon prince. All three of us have our own gaping maws. The terrorgheist has finally been sated and the ghoul king relaxes for a much needed siesta. The bloodletters fighting the last remaining crew member are frantically trying to avenge their fallen hero. They easily kill him. The ghouls fighting the liberators kill another one. Stormcast is the only one that needs to take battleshock and he passes.

It's my turn. The king heals 2 wounds. I cast Raise Skeleton Crew but the Khorne bannerman unbinds. I give IP to the same unit of ghouls. I scream at the lightning thief but fail to wound (maybe he choked on the skarbrand arm). I'm feeling froggy from the bloodshed that just occurred, so I decide to charge the ghouls on left to the second unit of prosecutors and the ghoul king to the liberators fighting the ghouls on my right. The liberators go down easy. The prosecutors strike at the ghouls and take down 3. The ghouls only take down one. He passes battleshock. I get 2 more VP for wounds caused and 2 more for maintaining the objective. The khorne player gets 1 VP for wounds caused. Stormcast gets 0.

Turn 4. I win the roll-off and decide to go first. We are all getting tired, so I offer to just end the game. They look a little disheartened, but I remind them of the rules: No matter how many victory points a player has at the end of the game, they must still have at least one model on the table to win. I have a GK with only 4 wounds left (easily killed in 1 turn with the lightning and arcane bolt) and just a handful of ghouls, which without a the GK/TG, would no longer benefit from the -1 to hit, the re-roll 1 to hit, or the potential Unholy vitality. So even though they cannot possibly catch up on points, they could still table me, allowing one of them to win, which is the essence of Triumph of Treachery. I also point out that the order of events is crucial to strategy. Had Skarbrand gone first in the second round, the Khorne player would have easily won, which is great for him, but would have prevented the stormcast player from even having a chance. So it was the smartest move on his part, even though I convinced him to do it.

Although I beat Skrabrand, it's only because of the Cursed Book AND Red Fury AND that I got to go first in the second round of combat. Skarbrand only nearly killed the GK/TG because he was incandescent, which is avoided if you can get into combat with him on the first turn. I think the two are evenly matched, but whoever goes first is likely going to kill the other before they get to strike, especially after turn 1. The Stormcast may have been the top dogs when AOS first came out (that was also the last time I played them), but they definitely aren't any more. At higher points, they may still be more formidable.