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8E 2500 Vampire Counts

Nov 1, 2009
Probably I will play against Orcs with the following list.

Count Mannfred - 475

Wight King: BsB (Drakenhof) - 200

Vampire: Talisman of Preservation(4+Ward), Dreadknight (shield, lance), Nightmare, Inf. Hatred - 203


30xGhouls+ Ghast - 248

24xSkeletons (Full Command, Warbanner) - 237

32xZombies (Full Command) - 140


38xGrave Guard (Full Command, Banner of the Barrows, GWs) - 569

5x Blood Knights (Full Command, Banner of Blood Keep) - 425

Mannfred will be on skeletons making the unit bigger and except the vampiric spells I will try to use him for casting death lore.
My vampire will be on Blood Knights so that I can raise them if needed. Wight Kings will be into the grave guard deathstar.


Staff member
True Blood
Nov 26, 2008

You seem to have come to the wrong points total for your Wight King. He should cost 225 points - remember to pay for that BSB upgrade! :vampire2:

Also, there's not much reason for giving your Dread Knight Vampire a regular Nightmare for additional points when he'll be going with a unit of barded riders anyway. I'm also not sure that he's important enough to warrant that pricy 4+ ward save. I'd rather give him the Blood Drinker or nothing at all, to save on some points.

Aside from this the list looks pretty solid, albeit a bit small and inflexible. This shouldn't be much of a worry now though, seeing as the smaller and faster moving units have been robbed of much of their usefulness and the big unwieldy blocks have become a lot swifter~

Have you had a chance to try this list out in a game? If you have, please share with us your experiences. :)
Nov 1, 2009
Well I have actually corrected some points here and there :)

It was my 1st game with 8th and it was against Orcs. The scenario was the one in which you play on the small edges of the table. Blood Knights kicked 6 river trolls, my GG have broke 40 goblins doing 23 wounds in the 1st round of combat and the remainder night goblins were killed by my blood knights. Ghouls had a hard day being charged by common Orcs and Black Orcs. Then Black Orcs charged on my skeletons with Mannfred inside and I have flanked them casting Vanhels on my GG. The result 11 Black orcs dead and my GG was charged by 20 savage orcs of which they killed 11, but Mannfed was killed by the Orc warboss.

To sum up O&G are favored in this edition as they have plenty of cheap characters and I will explain what I mean. In 2500 my friend had and Orc Warboss, an Orc BsB, a lvl 4 orc shaman, a Goblin Warboss and a goblin Hero. oh and wagh is a pain in the arse xD