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The Dread King

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True Blood
Jan 28, 2012
With the release of most of the 8th edition army books comes a host of new units and special characters. Some new special character suggestions have been made in the 'non-dreadlord special characters in the legion?' thread but feel free to make some more there. However, due to games workshop 8th edition tradition, the legion of Nagash needs more units! Any ideas and plans (e.g. slaves caught by Nagash's armies, big monsters (everyone gets a new big monster in 8th ed!) (maybe zombie giants?))? All suggestions are welcome!


Aug 29, 2011
Since I have more or less given up on my own LoN project in favor of the Bloodline Legacies one, I might as well suggest some of the things I was working on or had finished), to see if they fit within this project:

- The Skeleton Legion -

Stats increased Slightly (Ws 3, Bs 3)
Some new special rules
bought in "legion" blocks of 50, at a slightly reduced cost.
Must have Spear, Shields, Light armour.

I based this on the idea that Nagash's was a much more refined controller/better summoner than what we see in the VC/TK armies. Traditionally the vast armies of Nagash consisted of Skeleton Warriors, or at least the majority did, and this is what this was based upon. Also, models are not an issue.

- Skeleton Javelin Auxiliary/Cohort -

Same stats as Legion Skeletons
A screening Advance Special rule (basically a 6" Vanguard move)
Auxiliary support rule. Could throw javelins into close combat, supportingg parent legion in close combat
The unit could choose to Flee! if it was within the Inspiring Presence Range of the general
There is only a small number of javelin armed troops in the game, and considering that this was a pretty common weapon in war in ancient times, I think it fits well as a supporting weapon

- Skeleton Archer Auxiliary/Cohort -

Same stats as legion.
Bows. Can stand and Shoot.

- Skeleton Cavalry Auxiliary/Cohort -

Same stats as legion. Skeletal Steeds. Spears. Bows. Heavy Armour. No Barding. Basically, a medium Cavalry (not so common in the game), with a bow option.

- Bone Constructs -

The idea was to make rules based on the bone constructs (giant spiders, scarabs etc) that Nagash used in his wars against the Skaven in the third Nagash Triology book. Could be hard to find models for though. Spiders are probably easy enough, but the Scarabs is a bit worse. Tomb Scorpions could also be converted to use.

- Yaghur Tribe/Stalkers -

Basically Ghouls, the stalkers being able to scout etc..
Some slight rule changes to them (Hatred of skaven, Magical Resistance (1) due to long time warpstone corruption, etc)

Ghouls are already in the list though, so that is probably not very relevant.

- Disciples of Nagash - (name was decided long before I discovered this site DoN) :)

Basically human fanatics (ws 2, bs 2)
no armour, two weapon option, morning star option, shield option
suicidal charge rule
stubborn (ld 8(, Immune to Psychology
sort of a necromantic choir, being able to Channel (but not cast spells etc). a +1 to the channel test for each rank beyond the first with 5 or more models in it..

- Impalers-

basically a Wight unit. Rare option.
Nagashizzar Plate (5+ armour save, 6+ Ward)
Impalers (basically a cross between a halberd and a pike, something which would tire a mortal quickly, but not really affect the undead). has the armour piercing and fight in extra ranks special rules when charged
gravefrost special rule. basically slows opponents in contact (halves Initiative, rounding up). I was aslo playing with the idea that models in contact at the start of the LoN magic phase had to take a tougness test, or take 1 wound. Armour and ward saves applied as normal.
These were the chosen guardians of Nagash's spire.
Unique Champion (like the Black Guard champion of the Dark elves)
based on the old undead wight models that had halberds /for those hom recall)

-Nagashizzar Knights -

basically heavy Wight Cavalry (pretty much like that already on the project I found out later :) )
nagashizzar plate
impaler barding (something similar to the scything barding you alredy have), but this one provided Impact hits (1) with the armour piercing special rule
also had the two hand wepons option
wight blades
for special rules, I had Unstoppable charge, basically allowing the unit to overrun if it won a close combat, but did not break the enemy unit. this represented them pushing through and disrupting the enemy formation as it did so. enemy formation had to reform succesfully to get their rank bonus back
whirlwind of blades special rule: basically allowing he use of two hand weapons on horseback

- Herald of Nagash -

This was just an idea at the basic stage, but the idea was to base a Large target monster on the C'than Nightbringer model, perhaps with a different color scheme or something. I'm not a very good painter, but at least the model is good in the sence that it has no futuristic elements to it.
Hadn't really gotten to the development stage of this idea before I put the project on the shelf

- Dark Lords of Nagash -

basically a high level liche/necromancer
stats pretty close to that of Arkhan in the TK book
Arkhan was a special character Dark Lord, so Was Krell, the remaining 7 were left as a more of a general option.
I was thinking of making these pretty customizable though, not striclty power-wise, but more in granting them special skills, tactical talents, etc that you could buy in pretty much the same way.
I figured since there are many dark lords that are unknown to us, since the Vampires fled nagash, it was a good idea to leave it "open".
They were the general's of Nagash's new war, or rebuilding effort if you will..

- Revenants -

basically a catch all word for zombies etc. I was intending for the army to not being allowed to buy zombies for points, but instead create a new way of handling them. The idea was basically that for every enemy infantry or cavalry you killed, you could raise 1 zombie. monstrous infantry were handled seperatly. Basically, you couldn't start rasing zombies until you had done some killing, or you had sacrificed some of your "pawns", i.e. the Dieciples of Nagash, or the Yaghur etc.. This is also pretty much how nagash fought tactically in the Nagash Triology books.

Gtg here. Ther might be more later. Hope some of it can be of some use.

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