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[8th] VCs vs WoC - 2000pts

Aug 16, 2017
Hello again! I write today because I'm playing a 2k game tomorrow against Warriors of Chaos. It's only my 3rd battle as a VC general, and some of the picks are more to try out unused minis than to make it solid. Still, this is the list I plan to bring:

437 - Vampire Lord: Armor of Destiny, Gold Sigil Sword, Potion of Strength, Scroll of Shielding, Barded Nightmare, Shield, Dread Knight, Quickblood, Red Fury, Lore of Vampires.

285 - Necromancer: Talisman of Preservation, Corpse Cart w/Unholy Lodestone, Master of the Dead, Wizard lvl 2, Lore of Vampires.

154 - Wight King: BSB (Banner of Swiftness), Skeletal Steed w/barding, Lance, Shield.

220 - Skeleton Warriors (40): Standard, Musician, Spears.

220 - Skeleton Warriors (40): Standard, Musician.

60 - Zombies (20)

314 - Black Knights (9): FC, Barding, Lances, BotB.

310 - Blood Knights (4): FC, FoBK.

I was thinking about doing the old Anvil and Hammer (remember, I've always played Dwarves). Big block of infantry is sustained by the Necro Cart, summoning zombos to cover the rear in the first 2 turns. Hammer is the two cavalry units, which would march together, the BKs closer to the anvil because of Movement 7, the Black Knights making the long turn with M9.

Will my skellies resist long enough for my cavalry to strike?


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May 22, 2010
Can I just clarify which version of Warhammer this is for?

I used to employ the hammer and anvil attack with my Vampire Counts across a number of editions of Warhammer, but it was difficult to make it work against Chaos, because their units do so much damage in close combat and Vampire Counts have no missile fire to thin their numbers. As a result, the anvil usually gave way for me and the hammer had not done enough damage or broken through quickly enough to give me a chance of victory.

Skeletons and Zombies alone are very unlikely to stop Chaos units. Grave Guard would have a better chance. A combination of Grave Guard and Skeletons would make for a better combination as the main battle line. If you want any Zombies, the Necromancer can raise them from the dead.

The Blood Knights are horribly expensive for such a small unit. You'd be better off, in my opinion, opting for Hexwraiths if you want a flanking unit to help your Black Knights. Any left over points could be directed into strengthening your anvil (see above).

I hope that helps.


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Jun 15, 2013
It's too late now, but maybe I can throw something for any battles ahead of you ;)

I found that the most important thing when fighting chaos is maneuvering. Even vampires can't beat their battle lords in direct combat, so you have to disrupt their forces before attacking. Dire wolves and fell bats excel at this, setting them up at weird angles and blocking their paths forces them to change their direction whether they charge them or not. Spirit hosts can block single monsters and chariots.

Hammer and anvil never really worked for me, because both the hammer and the anvil will share the combat resolution and your expensive knights will crumble to dust alongside with the zombies/skeletons/ghouls - which their worriors will kill a lot of. Still, zombies work REALLY WELL when paired with a Terrorgheist - you can scream into another combat and a big block of zombies with a wizard raising them up is really difficult to move. A unit of skullcrushers I feared much was destroyed easily using this tactics.

And despite the lack of shooting, we have ways to strike them indirectly. Beforementioned Terrorgheist excels at killing high-powered heavily armoured troops and Hexwraiths (in their General's range!) hop above them nicely, using those armour-ignoring strikes. And there's banshee.

As for direct combat, which you'll have to do at some point, there's Grave Guard. A really big and bad unit of them with some vampires and support will make even their hardest heroes wary, especially that Killing Blow ;) Crypt Horrors can also tank some of their units and kill them pretty nicely.

I played the game only a bit, but I hope what I can share would help you ;)
Aug 16, 2017
Thanks everyone for the advice, I am sure it will be really helpful. Sadly, he brought Wood Elves instead. We both have two armies and we didn't actually determine which was going to be used beforehand. Since both he and I have owned Chaos and VCs (respectively) for only a month or so, I assumed we were going to play that matchup. There was nothing I could do against WoE. He beat me with arrows and magic in turn 3 without suffering any casualties.


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Dec 29, 2014
Wood Elves sure are a tough enemy for Vampire Counts, I have played several games against them in 8th edition. High leadership helps them passing fear tests, there's going to be a lot of shooting units which we lack, and high initiative will make them strike first almost every time. The cons VC have against them is invocation, and you should have a level 4 necromancer almost in every army list, it helps getting them through. And we won't panic for 25% casualties! Grave Guard is a great unit against them (or against anything actually) combined with banner of the barrows and Vanhel's Dance Macabre, and against wood elves you should give them great weapons because I3 will anyways strike last against them. To hit 3+ with BotB with re-rolls and 2+ to wound is nasty, especially when you are in horde. But then you have to actually get to combat with them which WElfs probably don't want, and that's why you should try to use strong cavalry to make their path as narrow as possible. Also a deployment phase is very important for VC, you want to have your troops within 12" of your general for obvious reasons.

There is so much to say about Vampire Counts vs Wood Elves, but I'm sure you already know what you should pay attention to when facing against them :)

By the way, The 9th Age is a great game and Vampire Counts are so much more balanced in it than in 8th edition (comparing to other armies), and there are actually a lot of tournaments all around Europe where to play it! Give it a chance, it is easy to learn if you already know the rules for 8th ed :) Enough off-topic, please post more about your future battles and feel free to ask more advice!

edit. One more tip: Never let Throne of Vines go through, you will regret it.
edit2. well high initiative AND always strikes first will make them strike first almost every time :redface:
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Aug 16, 2017
Oh, ok! I should get some foot Revenants from Mantic later this year then. All my infantry are basics as of now. Thanks for the advice!