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9th Age 2016 Scheduled Tournaments (so far)

Dec 25, 2015
A movement is underway to establish a 9th Age tournament series throughout the United States and Canada. Several established events have already declared for 9th, with the first annual 9th Age North American Masters Tournament slated for early 2017:
Siege the Tower: Columbus Ohio, January 16, 2016
The Gauntlet: Chicagoland Dice Dojo, Chicago IL, Feb 6th
Battle for Oz Tournament Series - Dorothy's Return Home, Wichita, KS February 20th
Ohio Con: Toledo Ohio, March 4-6,
Brawler Bash GT: Atomic Empire Durham NC: March 12-13
The Wicked GT: Wichita Kansas, March 18-20
Big Brawl @ Adepticon 2016 : Schaumburg Illinois, March 31,
Northern Defenders: Montreal, Canada May 7-8
Judgement Day 9th Age GT: Oneonta NY, June 25-26th,
Buckeye Battles: Delaware Ohio, mid-July (tentative)
Border War 9th Age GT: TexArkana, AR late July
Strength in Numbers TEAM GT: Toledo OH, August,
Southern Assault: Atomic Empire Durham NC, Labor Day (tentative)
CrossRoads GT: Elmira, NY September (tentative)
Legendary Game Faire: Dayton Ohio, Sept/Oct (tentative) (more info?)
BREWfest GT: North Olmstead Ohio, Oct (tentative),
Infernal Zoo: Davis, CA, October,
Mountain Mayhem: Your Hobby Place, Martinsburg WV October 17-18
PWCW: Schaumburg, IL, Nov 4-6
DA Boyz GT: CanadaIgua, NY. November (tentative),
GrailQuest: Atomic Empire Durham NC, December (tentative)
And more to come! I’ll update as the year progresses. If anyone is willing to host an event in your area, or knows someone who is, please respond to this post or contact me at