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9th Age Tournament Report

Dec 11, 2013
This won't be a battle report in the traditional sense but more informational from what I gathered at a local tournament for Fantasy 9th Age written by the Swedish Comp group.

Our Tournament was pretty modest this time around, we only have ten show up (we usually have around 15). Of those ten we had three VC to include me, two Ogre Armies, a Wood Elf, a High Elf, an Empire, and a Chaos Mortals. About half of these folks are formerly serious tournament scene goers with years of major tournaments and even a National 'Ard Boyz qualifier (yes I'm dating myself).

Of the three VC players I placed top with my final round against another VC player. My record was two minor losses and a Massacre Victory. Our top two players in the tournament were Chaos and High Elves respectively.

My army;

Vamp Lord on steed w/ 1+4+, Lvl 2 Necromancy, Castelstein bloodline with minor power, and blessed sword...the irony is not lost on me.

Necromancy Lord, level 3 of Necromancy

Vampire baron with Castelstein bloodline and minor power, 3+ armor, and Kingslayer.

50 Skeletons w/ full command and HW/S
40 x 2 Zombies
2 x 5 Dire wolves

11 Black Knights w/ full command and Banner of the Burrows

5 Blood Knights w/ Lances

20 Tomb Guard w/ full Command

3 Vampire Monstrosities

3 Giant Bats

2 Spirit Hordes

1 Vargbeast

My first game was against Empire and got a 250ish point loss. We had to stop early but if we went another turn I'd have gotten his expensive Greatsword bus plus my cavalry would have finished pushing the flanks. He took a lot of magic and was infantry heavy with two cannons and a hellblaster for support along with a fair amount of small arms shooting.

My second game was against the Wood Elves and this game annoyed me. It was my largest loss of around 550ish points. The guy was nice enough but he stalled a lot and was VERY slow on his turns. He played the 'keep away' elves as normal but I had him boxed in and ready to pounce. Had we actually gone beyond three turns I feel I would have gotten him. He was also infantry heavy with some magic and some shooting. His greatest tactic was taking forever on his turns so I never got to close with him fast enough and allowed him to shoot and magic me while I plodded forward.

My last game my opponent capitulated after my Black Knights and Vampire got to his backfield. He took fewer units but were very powerful, he had 50 Grave Guard plus three casters. The best part of this game was my Vargbeast and his Castelstein chariot making a pact not to hurt one another for six rounds of combat.

My overall impressions of this list is that Skeletons w/ sword and board got much better with parry giving -1 to hit. It gives them a lot of survivability. Since we all know our core is good for nothing except a minor anvil and redirecting I'm thinking of instead taking 60 skellies, three min dog units, and 55 Zombies. This will give me a denser line to hold together and not be so spread out.

My Blood Knights should have performed better but in each game they didn't engage. Mostly because of movement 7 and usually deployed on far flank too far away. The Black Knights with steeds capable of charging through terrain and units is huge and I'm thinking this unit will stay in my list!

The giant bats will go though, they under performed in each game. Acting at best as march blockers, their stat line is too weak to do much although I have to admit their fly (10) is very appealing. The same is for my spirit hosts. They basically under performed except for absorbing magic attacks. I'll play test these guys a little bit more before I decided.

Tomb Guard performed as well as expected. I have them set as sword and board too and with T4 4+ save and -1 to hit they perform better as an anvil. Their KB ability gives them some punch too sot hey are a good allaround unit.

Lastly my Vargbeast. This guy is a good unit to take but I feel he is still situational. His high stat line makes his a strong fighter but he definitely cannot go into a combat that can't be won in the charge or at worst two rounds of combat. His special rules make him an idea close flanker or even a middle support unit.

Mad 'At

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True Blood
Apr 2, 2011
Nice read, thanks for posting :)

I'm part of the VC team so I'm glad to get this feedback.

I'd like to point out that the max size for Barrow Guard is 40 and not 50.

Also, I'm glad to hear you like the Barrow Knights. We've had some trouble with them as they have to compete with Vampire Knights, but their extra manoeuvrability sure is nice.

What minor power did you have on your vampires, Master of the Night or Refined Taste?

Be sure to check out the update coming later today :)
Dec 11, 2013
I was running 0.8.0 version which I later found was out dated and I cannot recall which minor gift it was called but it gave +1 combat resolution from Von Castelstein.

The only unit I really felt grossly under performed was the giant bats. The point cost is good I think but their stats make them suseptable to pretty much any shooting, magic, or CC. In game one they got taken out by Empire Archers!