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9th Age v0.6 Beta Battles 2200 pts

Mad 'At

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Apr 2, 2011
Hi guys!

Just played a battle in 9th Age using my VC, and watched another battle after that so I thought I'd share the experience with you.

My Game
vs Elves of Light (HE)

Vampire Count @365
Level 3
Nosferatu (Necrach) Bloodline
Forbidden Path (Alchemy)
Talisman of Supreme Shielding (4++)
Dark Charm (Black Periapt but only 1 die)

Necromancer @110
Level 2 (Path of Death)
Wand of Stability (add 1 die to dispel after dice are rolled)

Barrow King (Wight King) @160
Blessed Sword (re-rolls To Wound and Holy Attacks (re-roll successful ward saves))
Bluffer's Helmet (Trickster's Helmet)

(Cairn) Wraith @75

(Cairn) Wraith @75

42 Skeleton Warriors @255
War Standard (+1 combat res)

31 Zombies @123
FC (yes, they do have champions!)

Undead Hounds (Dire Wolves) @55

10 (Crypt) Ghouls @120
Skirmish (!!!); Champion

34 Barrow Revenants (Grave Guards) @415
Shields; FC
Banner of Razors

1 Cadaver Wagon (Corpse Cart) @95
Unholy Pyre

1 Vargbest (Varghulf) @135

3 Ghost Hordes (Spirit Hosts) @90

3 Vampiric Monstrosities @126

Now, what's cool about this army is the general, the Nosferatu Lord (that's right, Bloodlines are back!). Being a Nosferatu gives him 1 more spell, at the cost of 1 attack (and 20 pt). Forbidden Path costs 25 pt and lets him use any battle magic lore except life, and if he is the general he have to substitute 1 spell for Invocation of the Undead (IoN). Awesome! I chose Path of Alchemy (Metal) cause it had some very nice augments and hexes, would also help me deal with high armoured targets. The attribute is really nice, lets me add +1 Armour Save to a unit within 12". I used death on the Necro to let me test another path (since Path of Necromancy (LoV) is largely unchanged).

The rest of the army is basically the Barrow Revenants who will do all the hard lifting. They've got this awesome rule called Bodyguard. If a Bodyguard unit is joined by a character they gain Stubborn (most previously stubborn units now have this rule instead), if the unit is undead they instead suffer half the number of wounds caused by losing combat! The Skeletons can act as speedbump or to win against weaker foes. With enough buffs they can become pretty good I reasoned. Alchemy has a spell which gives you +1 To Hit and Armour Piercing (+1), which when combined with a Cadaver Wagon nearby can become quite nasty. Cadaver Wagons give out Supernatrual Reflexes (ASF-ish, lets you strike at initiative if you have great weapons, if you you have +1 To Hit) and +2 Initiative to all units within 6", constantly. It can also march!

The flanks of my army would be protected by the skirmishing ghouls (2 pt upgrade, max size 15), the wolves, the Ghost Hordes (who only have 2++ against everything without Magical Attacks, cost 30 per base and min size of 3), the Vargbest (S6! but no thunderstomp, cheap though) and the Vampiric Monstrosities.

Alright, enough talk of my army, onto the battlefield:

Here we are after deployment, and the after my turn 1:

His army from left to right: 5 Shadow Watchers (Shadow Warriors), 5 Elvish Light Cavalry (Reavers), Prince on Griffon (with Star Lance, Opal Amulet and Holy Attacks), 15 Protectors of the Flame (Phoenix Guard) with lvl3 Valour (High Magic) and BSB (with 3+ Armour and 5+ Ward), 20 Archers (with flaming banner) with lvl1 Light, Bolt Thrower, ~30 Spearmen, Bolt Thrower, 10 Queen's Guard (Sisters of Averlorn), Eagle

In deployment we put down a few units each, then I decided to go for broke and deployed the rest of my army in one go. This gave me +6 to the roll to see who goes first, which I felt was useful. In return he got to deploy the rest of his army knowing exactly where I was.

I advanced furiously, pushing hard on the right flank. With magic I raised some extra zombies, always nice.

Next we have after his turn 1:


He pushed his Spearmen forward and flew the general over to help his Queen's Guard with a Swift Reform test. Magic was unimpressive. Shooting was better. The Light Cav and the Shadow Watches peppered the Wolves, leaving 2. My Vargheists suffered 2 wounds from the 10 Queen's Guard, who fired double shots. The Archers then opened up, and darkened the sky with flaming arrows. Volley fire now allows you to ignore cover (firing in an arc) and fire with all (!) the models in the unit if you didn't move. The burning arrows found their mark on the Cadaver Wagon, burning the corpses crisp.

Moving onto my turn 2. I Charge the Barrow Revenants into the Spearmen. The Ghouls scurry into their flank with a lucky 8+ charge roll. Undead don't care about losing steadfast so the forest don't bother me. The Vampiric Monstrosities charge and kill the Bolt Thrower, landing in front of the Griffon after the overrun. Magic was unimpressive, though I forced him to burn his dispel scroll. In combat he struck first with the elves. Having higher WS gave him 3+ To Hit, but Supernatural Reflexes made that into 2+, I had Parry however thanks to the shields, brining it back to 3+. A few of the Revenants goes down to the mass of spears. The undead unleash a fury of attacks, and with some very good rolls only 7 elves remain. With Insane Courage gone it was bye bye. The Ghouls chased them down while the Barrow Revenants reformed to face the rest of the army. Here is how it looked:



In his turn he charged and killed the Vampiric Monstrosities with the Prince. Thanks to the Bluffer's Helmet and a combined toughness of 5 I failed to wound him. The Protectors of the Flame failed to roll 6+ on their charge range and fell short of the Barrow Revenants. With magic he used the maximum of 5 dice to cast a boosted Fiery Convocation on my Barrow Revenants (S4 hits on 18+, S3 on 16+) and rolled double 6. The added D3 and +5 from the number of dice used made for a very high casting roll, and I decided to let it go, rolling that high with 5 dice was unlikely and this way I could save a die. Around 10 of my troops succumbed to the flames. He rolled for miscast and rolled 4. Large Blast at Strength 7 killed a 4 Protectors. Because he used 5 dice he was also automatically sucked into the warp (4 dice it happens on 4+, fewer and it can't happen). With shooting he again darkened the sky with burning arrows, causing 3 wounds to the Vargbest. The Light Cavalry too fired at him, causing another wound which I regenerated (it is not lost for the remainder of the phase anymore), but the Shadow Warriors to managed to roll a 6 To Wound and this time I failed to regenerate it, Vargbeast dead.

My turn 3: The Skeletons charged into the Protectors of the Flame. The Revenants failed to reach the second Bolt Thrower. The Ghost Hordes charged the Queen's Guard, who had caused 3 wounds to them in thr previous trn with their magic arrows, causing another 3 with Stand and Shoot. In the following combat he caused 4 wounds, and I failed 2 with my 2+ Ward Save. Flunked my attacks and the were Ghosts dispatched to 1 remaining wound. I tried boosting the skeletons with some magic, but failed. Raised up some Revenants only to have more die in them flames (decided to let it stay since I could dispel it in his turn using dice I would otherwise not use). Managed to cast Searing Doom on the Prince, rolling 3 hits. With 3+ Armour I wound 1, but Bluffer's Helmet forced a re-roll and I failed. Attribute gave my Skeletons +1 Armour Save though. Combat still goes quite bad and I loose a lot of good skeletons. Kills 3 Protectors in return, Wraith helped, and although his Armour Piercing (6) was useless here it is still a very cool rule.

He counter charges with the Archers into one flank and the Light Cavalry into the other. The Griffon storms into the Barrow Revenants. I dispel Fiery Convocation and shooting did little. In combat I challenge his Prince with my Champion. He kills it and maxes the overkill with +3 (you may always do all your attacks). I loose by two but Bodyguards cuts it in half and BSB removes the last. The Skeletons fair worse. The Protectors are only 8 lefts and thanks to shields only hit on 3+. The Archers are in my flank though so Parry is not applied, meaning they hit on 2+. My armour Save of 4+ helped but I still suffered major losses.

In my turn charge the Ghouls into the flank of the Prince. Decides no to challenge (despite my Champion having returned thanks to Invocation of the Undead) to test my metal against the elvish armour. That armour proves to tough and I fail to cause a single wound. Many ghouls perish but I still win combat. High Ld and re-roll ensure that he stays put. With magic I managed to boost my skeletons a lot. Some were resurrected, they got +1 To Hit and Armour Piercing (1). His Protectors suffered -1 S and I got +2 Armour Save. Still suffered a lot of cassualties but the Light Cavalry were reduced to 1 remaining.

The combats continue in his turn. I challenge with my BSB and fails to wound me. I do the same but static combat res breaks him. Ghouls follow and chase him of the table in my following turn. The Skeletons are slaughtered until only the champion remains. He manages to kill the last Light Cavalry thankfully. This is ow it looked:

I charged the Archers with the Revenants who chose to ran away. Redirected into the Protectors. Managed to boost their armour and reduce his S. Still flunked my attacks horribly and he killed a lot. Lost combat by a little.

He charged Shadow Watchers into my rear, resulting in this:

In the combat I now rolled okay and he rolled bad for his Ward Save. He broke and I chased him down, but the terrain stopped me from making it to the Archers.

In my last turn I charged and killed the Bolter with my bunker, the Vampire got to fight! Here is an end picture:

Results. I won with about 950 pts

Post Game Thoughts
I LOVED the new VC! The Bloodlines and availability to other lores opens up for so many interesting builds. I've got loads of other lists I want to try, using both Von Castlestein and Strigoi. Our most powerful stuff might be nerfed, but we got lots of other fun stuff. Really looking forward to more games with them!

The Other Game
Warriors of the Wastes (WoC) vs Elves of Light (HE)

Alright, so I didn't play in this game, but I took some pictures and think I can summarize it alright.

The Warriors player too decided to go for first turn and deployed his army swiftly. This time it backfired a bit as the elf player here had more important match ups to consider. He managed to refuse the quite powerful unit of Favoured (Chosen) who now have Hatred and Holy Attacks.

The Warriors pushed forward, three spawns leading the left flank with their 3D6 movement. The Elves responded by placing a large dragon near the two blocks in the centre. His nullstone (100 pt item) cancelling all magic casting an magic items within 6". This allowed an Arcane Unforging take a wound off the BSB, who otherwise would have had 2+ Ward Save against flaming. It also destroyed the Sword of Might carried by the Hero. The archers again proved their worth and picked a lot of wounds off the Giant.

The Warriors moved away from the Nullstone and charged a Battle Shrine (Warshrine) into the front of the Dragon, locking it down in a combat that proved to he a horrifying example of poor dice rolling. The Dragon and mount did virtually nothing against the Shrine, while the Shrine Bearers rolled 6 after 6 To Wound against the Prince and his mount. Their wound count swiftly dropping. The salvation for the dragon oddly came from being rear charged by the Favoured. They were forced into challenge by Eye of the Warp and though winning combat the Prince held on Ld8. In the next round the Wizard was forced to challenge and the same happened again. After that the Dragon got help and managed to kill the Favoured and break the Shrine. Not before the Shrine Bearers had caused another 2 wounds to the Prince though, bringing the model down to a dangerous 1 wound. It survived the game but gave up half its VP though.

Elsewhere the Dragon Centaurs (Dragon Ogres)battled the Protectors of the Flame. It did not end well for the ancient race for the elves broke them, however choosing to reform and face the oncoming Wasteborn Warriors (Chaos Warriors) instead of pursuing. In a glorious combo charge with the Spear Elves the shield bearing warriors were broken and chased down. Mark of Pestilence (Nurgle), although an awesome combo with Parry vs Weapon Skill 3 models (-1 WS means they hit on 6s) did little to stop the elves who still hit them on 3+. The Protectors of the Flame were now free to save the Prince and his Dragon.

The trio of Spawns proved to much for the archers and bolt thrower, who did took down the giant. After several turns of combat with the mutated horrors the Archers were finally broken when hit in the flank by a chariot. This chariot and another form the other end of the table converged on the Spear Elves along with the last remaining Dragon Centaur. The elves were killed, although in 3 combat round they did manage to score 3 Killing Blows against the chariot to their front. It was not enough though and the chariot overran into the Light Cavalry, killing all 5 on impact. Last to happen in the game was the dragon flying up and breathing fire on the Dragon Centaur, incinerating it.

Here are the pictures:









Final Thoughts
I am very pleased with how 9th Age plays. It is similar to 8th, but with some well placed changes that once you get a hang off makes the games more fun run much more smoothly. An example from the game above would be the combat with the Dragon Centaurs vs the Protectors of the Flame. The champions of both units got locked in challenge (no wounds caused). The BSB struck first and takes the last wound of an Centaur. In 8th the WoC player could have removed the model from any flank, letting him pick the one that based to the most elves. Since the champion was in challenge this would have denied the elf player of all but 2 attacks from the unit. In 9th you are instead forced to remove models so that as many models as possible are still in base contact (which is in line with the charge rules). Your own RnF can also always strike at the enemies RnF if they are in contact with the unit, even if the only model they are in contact with is not a RnF. This here gave the Elf player his full number of 15 attacks. This makes a whole lot of more sense both fluffwise and gamewise if you ask me.

Those of you who made it to the end, thanks for reading =)
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Nov 26, 2008
Nice reports, thanks for sharing. It's a bit difficult to follow with all the name changes but the 9th age looks like its shaping up well so far!


Grave Guard
Jun 3, 2015
I made it to the end but I skimmed the 2nd battle report. What I really wanted to read was your final thoughts and they sounded good. I'm really keen to get my group interested in adopting 9th. I imagine if the ETC picks it up it will be a lot easier, then again if the ETC adopts KoW we might go that way instead.

Good report, lots of detail and a fun read. Thanks.

Mad 'At

Dumb enough to work
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True Blood
Apr 2, 2011
Glad you guys liked it =)

Played another game today and wrote up another report.

Wednesday Battle
Greenhide Hordes vs Elves of Light

I decided to try out my Greenhide Hordes (OnG) this time. This is the list I used:
'Ard (Black) Orc Warlord @239
Additional Hand Weapon, Great Weapon, Shield
Bluffer's Helmet (Trickster's Helmet), 4++ Talisman, Divine Icon (Ward Saves must be re-rolled against him)

Common Goblin High-Priest @225
Level 3
5++ Talisman, Wizard's Hood (random battle magic lore and stupidity), Wand of STability

Cave (Night) Goblin Priest @135
Level 2, Power Mushrooms
Dispel Scroll

Common Goblin Chief on Hound Chariot @115
Sword of Haste (Initiative 10, always wound on 4+), Hardened Shield (Enchanted Shield), Lucky Charm (Luckstone)

Common Goblin Chief @112
Battle Standard, Shield
Plates of Lork (Heavy Armour, +1 Toughness, Quell Animosity), MR(1)

30 Orc Ladz (Boyz) @240
Spears, Shields, Full Command

20 Cave Goblins @130
Short Bows, Standard, Musician, 2x Doom Twirlers (Fanatics)

45 Cave Goblins @210
Full Command, Nets

24 'Ard Orcs @349
Full Command
Spirit Totem (MR(D6))

35 Jumpshroom Mob (Squig Herd) @280

1 Jumpshroom Pair (Mangler Squigs) @75

1 Goblin Stone (Rock) Thrower @90

Here is the field after deployment:


His army from left to right: 5 Elvish Light Cavalry, 5 Shadow Watchers, 1 Coast Guard Reaper (Bolt Thrower), Eagle, 18 Protector of the Flame with BSB (with Hardend Shield and 5++) and lvl3 Heavens, 20 Archers (with Flaming Banner), Prince on Griffon (with Bluffer's Helmet, Stellar Lance, Divine Icon), 30ish Spearmen with lvl1 Shadow, 2x Coast Guard Reapers.

I deployed a large portion of my army in one go, wanting that first turn so that I didn't get shot to pieces. I deployed both wizards in the bunker. BSB with the Night Goblins and General with the Orc Ladz.

On Mad 'At I got lore of Beast and rolled up Monstrous Transformation (Transformation of Kadon but sensible rulewise), The Wolf Hunts (permanent +1 M or Swiftstride to a unit) and Wildform (Wyssan's).
Cave gobbo got Vindictive Glare and Poison.

Lvl 3 Heaven got Blizzard (Iceshard), Windblast (hex, add extra die for charge, pursue etc and remove the highest) and Thunderbolt (Uranos)
Lvl 1 Shadow got Miasma

Here is the field after both our turns 1:


I moved up. Mad 'At jumped to the other Cave Goblin unit to avoid total lockdown of magic with just one failed Unruly roll. With magic I did nothing but drew out his dispel scroll. Having the possibility to permanently increase the speed of my 'Ard Orcs really scared him. The Stone Thrower missed.

He moved around a little. For magic he rolled an insane amount of dice. First spell with the Lvl3, windblast, use 3 dice, cast on 9+... failed. Lost focus. Second spell with lvl3 (without added bonus from levels due to Lost Focus), thunderbolt... failed. Blizzard dispelled. Misama with the last dice. Rolled insanely high without Overwheling Power. I didn't want to waste my scroll just yet. Jumpshroom Mob got -2 Movement. Attribute let the Griffon move up to charge my Stone Thrower in the next turn. Shooting killed the Jumpshroom Pair and took from models off the Jumpshroom Mob.

After turn 2:

I continued moving up. Bunker failed Unruly so could lvl2 could not cast spells this turn. Magic still did well and I got through Wildform on the Jumpshrooms, adding protection against shooting and Wolf Hunts on the 'Ard Orcs, giving them Swiftstride. Stone Thrower missed his shot at the Griffon again and was now doomed.

With movement he redirected the Black Orcs, robbing them of their beautiful Swiftstride :'(
The Griffon charged and killed the Stone Thrower. The Protector of the Flame retreated a little bit. With Magic we both got two dice and I dispelled his spell. Shooting saw some more Jumpshrooms going down.

Next two pictures is after his charge sub-phase in turn 3:


'Ard Orcs and Goblin Chief on Chariot charged and killed the Light Cavalry. Actually the chariot did all the killing with Impact Hits and initiative 10. The Cave Goblin entered the Windmill. Orcs and Jumpshrooms moved up. With magic I didn't roll as good as I would have liked. Wildform on the Orc Ladz got dispelled but Wolf Hunts got through again on the 'Ard Orcs, this time giving them +1 Movement. Attribute I put on the General, giving him +1 Attack and +1 Strength.

Then he charged... with both the Spearmen and the protectors of the flame into my Orc Ladz.

With magic he got through a Windblast on the 'Ard Orcs and drew out my Dispel Scroll. Shooting saw all three Bolt Throwers bombarding the Chariot Chief, but with some lucky armour saves it survived with 1 wound remaining. In combat we both rolled quite poorly, although I slightly worse I think. 15 Orcs went down. My Warlord hit all 6 attacks but failed To Wound with two on 2+. Still caused 2 wounds on the Protectore of the Flame and killed the BSB with those (re-rolls successful wards, hell yeah!). Orcs put 1 wound on both wizards but missed the rest. In challenge my Champioky armour saven beat his Spearman Champion to pulp and got an overkill. I lost combat by 4, broke and was chased down. The Spearmen pursued into the Jumpshrooms, a fight that ended in the demise of the Jumpshrooms who even failed to cause the last wound to the puny Wizard, and the Protectors into the Windmill. Here is how it looked after that:


In my turn I charged the Chariot Chief into the flank of the Protectors of the Flame and the 'Ard Orcs into the Coast Guard Reaper. The Orcs rolled 4 dice for charge ranged and removed the highest and lowest ^^. With magic I got greedy and tried a Vindictive Glare with 1 die on the Shadow Watcher but failed. Then used 4 dice to cast Monstrous Transformation on Mad 'At but failed to roll high enough. And I who wanted to become a Dragon and burn some Elves :(
In combat I rolled a lousy 2 impact hits, 1 failed To Wound and the other was saved with 4++. The Chief struck at the lvl3 and caused a wound though. My nets ensured he had low strength so he did little damage. The chariot lived and the wolves bit the lvl3 to death. Lost combat by 1 but held. He choose to be pushed back and reformed to face the chariot. This is how it looked:

After this the Griffon charged my bunker who failed Terror and ran. It redirected into the Windmill. In the following combats we made some errors and let the mount fight. It made little difference though in the end as the Prince overkilled my Champion enough on his own to win combat and my Break Test was way over my unmodified Leadership. The Cave Goblins fled the building, stumbling over the Archer's Doom Twirler in their haste to escape. The Protectors of the Flame killed my Chariot.

In my turn I charged the 'Ard Orcs into the Protectors, a long nice charge that was no problem for my swift Greenskins. I failed to rally the Night Goblins on Ld9, now robbed of their re-rolls due to the Battle Standard Bearer abandoning his banner, this robbed me of the magic phase and made me unable to support the 'Ard Orcs. They did alright on their own though. Rolling good for saves and killing a few elves. Won combat by 2 but they held. In the next turn the Griffon charged in and turned the combat in the elves favour. The 'Ard Orcs broke and were chased down.

In my last turn all I did was re-form and try to cast Monstrous Transformation to become a Dragon and incinerate the Shadow Watcher, but it was dispelled. In his last turn he focused shooting to try and panic my last remaining unit. It failed.

In the end he won by around 1300 pts.

It was a good game. I think the dice were a little bit more against me this time, at least when it mattered. We both had pretty lousy magic phases which was a bit sad because the lores were fun. I really liked the Beast Path and will probably try using on my VC someday.
Greenhide Hordes felt alright. My list was not very good though. Far too many block and too little support. A Doom Diver and a Pump Wagon would have been nice. I'm still unsure about how to feel about the Wizard's Hood. It's nice that I can get a lvl3 or 4 wizard with random path instead of just a lvl2, but taking it on a fighter character feels wasted. Getting a lvl1 with a random path doesn’t sound that good. And it's cool to have Mad 'At wizarding powers boosted but at the cost of combat prowess... unsure.
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