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9th Age v0.9 2400 pts Orcs and Goblins vs Vermin Swarm

Mad 'At

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Apr 2, 2011
Played a game today, to practise for a tournament next weekend. I used my trusty Orcs and Goblins (because I've made such a funny list with them) and face off against the Vermin Swarm of a friend.

This was my list:
1 Orc Warboss on Wyvern, with Beast-Bane Halberd, Shield, Plates of Lork, Talisman of Greater Shielding and Potion of Speed.
1 Forest Goblin Warboss (aka Mad 'At) on Spider Monster, with Lance, Shield, Armour of Fortune, Wizard's Hood, Tome of Arcane Lore
1 Cave Goblin Boss on Big Cave Gnasher, with Lance and Hardened Shield
1 Orc Boss BSB with Great Weapon, Mithril Mail, Talisman of Lesser Shielding and Icon of the Relentless Legion
1 Goblin Shaman on Wolf, Level 2 (Path of Shadow)
1 Orc Shaman, Level 2 (Path of Wilderness)
30 Orc Brutes with Spears and Shields, Full Command and Banner of Speed
Orc Ladz with Bows, Shields Full Command and Banner of Cleansing Flame
5 Goblin Raiders with Spears, Shields, Musician
1 Giant
40 Gnasha Herd
6 Greenlings
1 Goblin Wolf Chariot
2x Gnasha Wrecking Team
1 Rock Hurla

This is the list I faced was the following:
1 Exalted Vermin Daemon; Pathmaster (Path of Ruin)
1 Clan Chief; BSB, Hardened Shield, Sword of Strength, Talisman of Lesser Shielding
1 Warp Tech Machinist; Warp Generator, Exoskeleton, Heavy Armour, Dragonscale Helm
40 Clan Vermin; Full Command, Gatling Gun
20 Clan Vermin; Full Command, Noxious Mortar
2x40 Underlings; Musician
8 Vermin Ogres; Swiftstride, Champion
5 Musket Teams @100pts
2x5 Duskrunners; Poison, Slings, Scout and Ambush
5 Grenadiers
5 Disciples of Blight
1 Dreadmill
1 Warp Cannon

This is the battlefield after deployment:


My army from left to right: Wolf Chariot, Gnasha Boss, Giant, Unfinished Gnasha Team, Rock Hurla, Orc Ladz with Bows and Orc Shaman, Brutes with BSB, Mad 'At, Wyvern, Gnasha Herd, Gnasha Team 2, Raiders with Goblin Shaman.
His army from left to right: Dreadmill, Grenadiers, Vermin Daemon, Disciples of Blight, Underlings, Musket Teams, Gatling Gun, Clan Vermin, Warp Cannon, Clan Vermin, Noxious Mortar, Underlings, Vermin Ogres, Duskrunners, Duskrunner.

Mad 'At. Path of Heavens; Blizzard, Thunderbolt
Orc Shaman. The Beast Within, Raging Storm
Goblin Shaman. Shadow Miasma, Turn to Smoke
Vermin Daemon. Defile the Ground, Black Lightning, Feed the Swarm, The Bell Tolls

We rolled deployment method and got Flank Attack. On Secondary Objective we got Hold the Ground (marked in the middle).

Deployment went like this. We both deployed carefully, one unit at a time. Until felt I knew where most of his important things went and I deployed the rest of my army, earning a +6 to the roll. Scouts were deployed and he put both Duskrunners to threaten my left Gnasha Team. I put my 30 wound snotling to bother his Dreadmill. I got the first turn.

Full speed forward! The Gnasha Herd charge the closest Duskrunners. With M5 and swiftstride it was a piece of cake. After Gulping them down and they continued into the Underlings. The Brutes marched forward 15" thanks to their banners, Wyvern following close behind. The Ladz marched up 8". The left flank positioned itself to try and lure the enemy out. Both Gnasha Teams stumbled forward. The Raiders rode up to the hill. With magic I got my Thunderbolt dispelled but the Warp Cannon was hit with Raging Storm and would therefore not be able to shoot in the next turn. My Hurler took an indirect shot at the Vermin Daemon behind the house, and hit. Caused 2 wound. This is how it looked after my turn 1:



In his turn the Vermin Ogres charge into the Gnasha Herd to help the Underlings, a combat where the dice gods played awful trick at the Vermin. The Gnasha took around 8 wound, 11 Underlings were eaten and 8 wounds were caused to the Vermin Ogres after their regeneration. Both broke and were destroyed. The Dreadmill rolled into the Greenlings. Many of the little critters were crushed but some must have jammed the mechanics of the machine as it suffered a wound. With unbreakable the Greenlings were going nowhere. The Disciples of Blight sacrificed themselves to take out the Gnasha Team next to them. Thanks to the wonders of Aided Dispel I only let a Black Lightning go through in the magic phase, and it caused a single wound on my Wolf Chariot. The Grenadiers caused a wound to the Gnasha Boss, the Musket Teams a wound to the Wyvern. The Gattling Gun and Noxious Mortar aimed at the Brutes but rolled poorly and only a few were felled.

Waaargh! The Brutes stormed into the big Clan Vermin block and the Ladz into the Underlings. The Wyvern failed a charge (needing 9) to the other Clan Vermin and the Giant failed a charge on the Dreadmill. With magic I only got off a Blizzard and a Thunderbolt at the Musket Teams, should have targeted the Warp Cannon with the former. But getting them off granted me 2 re-rolls that I could use until the next turn. Shooting saw the Hurler misfire so that it would not shoot in the next turn. I combat I rolled quite poorly mostly. Won both the big ones but not by as much as I had hoped considering my Devastating Charge granted by calling the Waaargh! The Greenling got lucky though, jamming another two of their numbers into the mechanism, brining the wheel down to 2 wounds remaining. This how the field looked:



Countercharge! The Vermin Daemon slammed into the side of the Ladz and the small Clan Vermin block into the Flank of the Brutes. I combat I used my two re-rolls to kill a few extra Clan Vermin, and it saved me from loosing the combat and therefore loosing my +1 Strength bonus. The Ladz were not so fortunate and despite looking the Daemon down in a challenge with the Champion I lost the combat and only stayed put thanks to a lucky Leadership roll. Burning my Dispel Scroll I managed to stop all the spells. Shooting saw the Cannon blasting the Wyvern clear out of the sky, nothing remaining than a fried husk. The Grenadiers killed the Gnasha Boss (but he only cost 60 pts so no big deal). In combat the Dreamill finally managed to grind the last greenlings into a greenish paste.

I charged Mad 'At into the flank of the flanking Clan Vermin and the Giant and Wolf Chariot into the Dreadmill. Had a great magic phase thanks to a failed dispel roll on the first spell cast. Got Turn to Smoke off on the flanking Clan Vermin, reducing their Strength by 1, reduced the BS of the Gattling Gun by 3 with a Shadow Miasma. Beast Within gave the Ladz +1 S and +1 T an Raging Storm turned the Warp Cannon around again. In combat Mad 'At's timely arrival saved the day. I won combat and had now reduced both units enough for them to loose Steadfast. Both were chased down and the Noxious Mortar panicked. The Giant smashed the Dreamill, causing a wound and unalienable it to attack in the next turn. The Ladz were not so fortunate. Rolled poorly and lost combat. The Underlings chased me down. This is how it looked:


The Underlings advanced on the Rock Hurler. The Vermin Daemon hid behind the house again, and cast The Bell Tolls on the Brutes, killing several. Shooting was uneventful. This is how it looked:

In my turn I charged the Warp Cannon with the Brutes and the Grenadiers with the Giant. Both combats were swiftly won. With magic I rolled a double one. Cast a Thunderbolt on the Gatling Gun, but the Vermin Daemon snuffed it out with a flick of its whiskers. It must have wavered his awareness for seconds latter a rock tumbled from the sky, lobbed straight over the house, smashing his head to bits.

The Underlings failed their charge and shooting was uneventful. The Noxious Mortar rallied however.

In my last turn, Mad 'At conjoured up another Thunderbolt and electrocuted the Noxious Mortar with it. The Rock Hurler took aim and crushed the Gatling Gun, panicking the nearby Musket Teams to flee off the board.

In his last turn the Underlings could finally avenge their fallen master, swarming over the Rock Hurler and eating its crew.

In the end I had lost units worth 1302 pts, and had killed worth 2495 pts. A major win for me. We also completely ignored the objective in the centre, me being to busy bashing head and him fending for his life.

It was a great game and I loved the way my list performed. A real face smasher list, with a lot of juicy targets. I think this will be the list I bring to the tournament, and hopefully my Wyvern will get to play some more there.

Thanks for reading :)