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9th Age v1.3 4000 pts Nosferatu vs Sylvan Elves

Mad 'At

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True Blood
Apr 2, 2011
Got a small battle report to show you of a game I played yesterday. I wanted to try out a list I've been working on, and got the chance to do so now, using a few proxies. We played 4000 pts however, so I had to adjust it down from 4500 pts. This is the list I used:

3998 pts Nosferatu
Vampire Count on Colossal Zombie Dragon, 4 Spells Master (Occultism), The Dead Arise, Book of Arcane Power, Flaming Lance, Lucky Charm, Colossal Zombie Dragon, Arcane Knowledge @1250
Vampire Courtier, BSB, 2 Spells Apprentice (Cosmology), Arcane Knowledge @340
20 Zombies, Standard, Musician @150
45 Zombies, Standard, Musician @300
40 Zombies, Standard, Musician @270
3 Bat Swarms @160
10 Spectral Hunters @580
1 Dark Coach @440
2 Great Bats @80
2 Winged Reapers, Halberds @408

The army I faced was a Sylvan Elf one, with three units of Archers, a medium unit of Rangers with a BSB that gave them distracting, two units of Briar Maidens, nine Pathfinders, two Eagles, three Thicket Beast and a lvl4 wizard master on Druidism with Book of Arcane Power.

Pretty much all I could do was hope that my Dragon wasn't shot to death before I got close enough to do some damage. The only really bad unit match up I had was the Spectral Hunters against the Pathfinders, but those are Scouts so there is not much I can do about it. Probably shouldn't have boxed them in in a corner though...

For spells I got a lot of damage. Ice and Fire, Pentagram of Pain, The Grave Calls and Marked for Doom.

My opponent went first and caused a few wounds here and there with shooting. I had hidden my Dragon behind a hill so that one was safe for now.

I advanced and tried to magic some back. Only got Evocation of Souls through though which increased my zombie units in size (not bad since the bunker had taken a lot of hits).

The following turns I weathered more shooting as I advanced, and the Dragon took two wounds while the Winged Reapers took 4. The Spectral Hunters also started to come down in numbers, only 3 remained. I also charged the Zombies into the flank of the Thicket Beasts, hoping to get lucky and break their Stubborn (stupid forest), didn't though and got flank charged by the Rangers, who munched through them pretty fast.

Next turn was the climax. My Spectral Hunters charged the blocking Eagle which failed the Terror test and fled. I redirected into the flank of an Archer unit. The Dragon failed a charge against some archers (needing a 5 of dice -.-), the Dark Coach charged and killed and Eagle and the Winged Reapers failed a long charge at one of the Briar Maidens. With magic I again rolled really well and got both my spells through, both of them Evocation of Souls. This brought the Dragon and the Winged Reapers up to full number of wounds, restored the Spectral Hunters to 5 models and brought in a bunch more zombies. The Spectral Hunters did awful in combat though. The two archers managed to bring one down, and the 3 hunters only killed two archers in return. They held on Steadfast Ld7. Next round another Hunter was killed, but the 3 horses killed 2 archer, only to have the 6 Hunter attacks all fail. Meanwhile a lot more zombies were killed by the Rangers.

In his turn I suffered yet more shooting. Only one Archer unit and the Pathfinder could shoot, and they managed to cause 4 wounds on my Dragon.

I charged the archer unit with the Dragon after that and stand & shoot caused another 3 wounds, of which I saved only 1. Dead Dragon and game was over.

I think my biggest mistake was using Evocation of Souls too much. I guess I was stuck in my usual mentality of playing raise armies. Should have used Grave Calls and Pentagram of Pain more. I did like the list though, so probably will try it again.

Here are some pictures:





Grave Guard
Jul 17, 2014
Nice battle report though I would have liked to see the zombie dragon actually get into combat. I was waiting for that the whole report and then you finally died charging. Oh well. Guess that just means you'll have to play another game.