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Dec 21, 2022
Hello, my name is Marlie and I'm really happy that i found this Forum. :D
Since 2020 i've started playing tabletop wargames, after i stopped playing mtg and dnd due to corona restrictions.

Some Years later i now one 4 40k armies, some Mordheim Warbands and a bunch of Killteams.
"Deep into the Rabbithole i went." :D

I think it is time now that i start a fantasy army.

My first choice, as always, is a Vampire army. I've startet 40k with Blood Angels (Space Vampires) and Dark Eldar, my first Mordheim Warbands are Vampires and the Damned.
So no questions asked what my fantasy army will be ;)

I might start a thread, bc i have soo much questions.
First an foremost:
  • Which Models should i use?
    • I own a Printer so i might print out some of the models, yet the test skeletton seem to break really easy.
    • i've gotten myself the Skeletton side of the Cursed City Box Set.
      • Has anyone ever tried to put those new Deathrattle skeletton in a R&F Base setup?
  • How many Models (Skelettons/Ghouls/Zombies) might i need to build up the core of my army?
  • are there any really good hero models out there?
  • is there a "cookie cutter" - List excample i could use to get a feel for the core components of a vampire army?
  • It is going to be a T9A army as well as a 8th edition army.
    • there are 2 playgroups around me
      • Work: 8th edition whfb
      • playgroup: T9A (bc of a wide spread endtimes-ptsd)
I'm happy i found a Vampire dedicated forum.
You will hear more from me ;)

BR Marlie

Grave Tacticus

Staff member
Jul 26, 2020
Carpe Noctem Marlie! Just to clarify, are you interested in starting an Age of Sigmar or Fantasy 8th edition army?


Dec 21, 2022
Carpe Noctem my friend.
Definitely a square based version ;)
The fantasy part of my local game group is usually playing t9a, yet over the last vew week there has been a discussion about also integrating Warhammer armies project.

AoS, though interesting, won't be played bc the all suffer from post-endtime-stress-disorder.
  • Haha
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Ancient Vampire Lord | Siphoner of Spammers
Staff member
True Blood
May 22, 2010
Nottingham, UK
Welcome to the forum :). I hope that you enjoy participating in the community here. You've certainly come to the right place for all your vampire-related queries :).

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