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Feb 12, 2022
Note: I'm writing here following the advice of Sun King, since it's the most active part of the forum. It's not a proper post about Age of Sigmar: if other staff members prefer to move this discussion somewhere else, I'll understand.
Greetings! Hard for me to believe it's been already more than a year since I last visited you, with my obscure Warhammer 6th project. As you can guess, I've been too busy to invest as much time as I want in the hobby. The main reason for this is university (though the side jobs aren't helping). Since my studies are taking away my youth's hobby, I decided to force it back. I'm writing my Master's thesis about the role and the representation of the undead in the Warhammer franchise. This work allows me to conciliate my two academic interests: death and contemporary culture.

I am thus looking for documentation about the undead in Warhammer's universe, ideally about their conception. Since everyone here enjoys our beloved undead, I was wondering if anyone has anything of interest that they are willing to share.

To give you a few ideas about what I'm looking for, here are a few examples of stuff I've either already read or simply added to my "to-read" list: the emergence of the undead in art, both in medieval time (like La Danse Macabre) and in recent time (in movies, comics or music from the 50' to the 80'), the origin of Warhammer (without a particular focus about undead), all the rulebooks or army books from the 1st edition to AoS 3e, some blog articles about undead in other licences (mostly dnd, since the two were close at the beginning)...

Don't be shy, anything could really help me to write my thesis!

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The Sun King

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True Blood
Aug 22, 2012
My best recommendation would be Leslie Klinger's annotated Dracula. 🧛‍♂️ There are some really good references and perspectives in that one.

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