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Additional Rules for The Beast Within Section - Read First!

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Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
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Feb 12, 2008
Many of the off topic discussions that our members like to partake in, can be potentially offensive.

It is of course difficult to confirm what different members will find offensive, but generally the following discussions:

Detailed sexual nature

These are just some. This is the reason why this forum exists, so certain things can be discussed whilst not affecting those who do not want to accidentally stumble across such a thread.

However this area is not against the forum rules, and there should be no trolling, insulting, or just being rude to other members.

You can express your views in a mature and civil manner.

Anyone who ignores this rule will be subject to consequences.

Please ensure your threads in this section are clearly titled as to the content such as:

DoN's Ramblings on Upbringing Children (religious, social and political)

:siren:Important: Due to the more mature nature of these forums, only adults should view and post in this area. If you are not classed as an adult in your home country, please leave this forum now:siren:

If there are any queries please let me know

Disciple of Nagash
~Carpe Noctem Administrator
Not open for further replies.