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Age of Najo batrep


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True Blood
So my friend and I decided to do an AoS game with the guidelines that @najo described on kingdom of geekdom. For those that don't know, this is how they go:

Each player brings twelve warscrolls and they can see what their opponent has before deployment.
Each player takes turns deploying a unit.
After the third round of deployment, either player can stop deployment. If the first player stops, then the second player gets to deploy one more unit. If the second player stops, then deployment ends.
No player can have more than 120 wounds on the field.
We also played that I could only summon what I deployed.

So even though you have 12 warscrolls to start, you won't likely deploy them all and the ones that you do, don't necessarily have a preset model count. The way that we did it was that we actually set out 12 warscrolls worth of models. For example, I showed Nagash, Coven Throne, TG, Necromancer, 40 Ghouls, 3 Horrors, 50 Grave Guard, a Corpse Cart, 20 direwolves, 5 Black Knights, 5 Hexwraiths, Archai, and something else. So if I decided to deploy grave guard, I don't actually have to deploy 50 models, but I can only deploy one unit, because I only showed one warscroll for them. Or if I wanted to deploy Crypt Horrors in a unit of six, I could still do that, as long as I have the models for it. Even though across my 12 warscrolls, I could have more than 120 wounds, I could not deploy more than 120 wounds. While we were setting this up, his son asked if I was going to use Nagash. To which I replied, I might, but I might also be using Nagash to scare him into deploying something he doesn't really want to, or to end deployment early, which added another two elements to tactics. The second was that he should have decided to deploy second. As it was, he decided to deploy first, so if he had ended deployment, I would still get one more. I could use this knowledge to not deploy Nagash until the very end of deployment.

So I ended up fielding 4 Archai, 30 ghouls, 25 Grave Guard (I think), a Corpse Cart, necromancer, Nagash, and a TG. maxing out at 120 wounds. He deployed 30 clan rats, 30 skaven warriors (not exactly sure), a doomwheel, two units of plague monks, a plague master, two warlords. So he ended up at like 90 wounds, but had more models than I did.

I went first because I ended deployment a unit down. I was intentionally trying not to be a dick with Nagash, but it's really hard with all of the buffs he gets. The Archai give plus 1 to cast attempts and so can the corpse cart, which I didn't know before deploying. Then on top of that, one of the scenery pieces was arcane, so gives another+1 to cast attempts... Anyways, I used Nagash's command ability, which is broken. I then summoned two TGs. Because his wizards were out of range, he couldn't unbind, so I decided not to go on a summoning spree, even though I easily could have. I then attempted a soul stealer, but rolled poorly, so nothing happened. I moved everything forward. One of the TGs I summoned screamed at his doomwheel and killed it.

He used Gnashin on their bones on a unit of clan rats and attempted a spell, but my necromancer unbinded. His clan ratsand plague monks moved forward.

Turn 2. Nagash used his command. I attempted soulstealer again and succeeded and killed the hero I targeted. I then cast Vanhels on the ARchai with my necro, but he unbinds. I then cast it again on the GG with Nagash and Mystic shield on the GG. Everything moved forward again. The TG that killed the doomwheel screamed at the packmaster (now I remember) but didn't do anything. The other summoned TG killed 7 plague monks. The third TG moved to the doomwheel killer TG. Nagash is camped at the Arcane scenery. The DW killer charges the clan rats and kills about 5. They deal 12 wounds unsaved. He takes battleshock and loses 3 more models.

His turn 2 is where it gets tricky. He uses Gnash on their bones again, but for the warrior guys. No magic. He retreats the clan rats away from the TG but towards the grave guard. He then moves the warriors to the TG with 2 wounds left. The plague monks move towards the Archai. He doesn't shoot anything. He charges the warriors into the wounded TG along with his general, the plague monks to the Archai, but only one unit makes it there, so 4 monks vs. four archai... the clan rats also charge the grave guard which still have Vanhels. This is where combat order matters, because he didn't do so good. He did the clan rats first vs the grave guard and he kills one . I then do the TG because he's about to die and kill 4 warriors. Then he does the general and hits and runs and kills the TG. I then do the Archai and kill off the plague monks. So because of the order, he lost out on two units getting to attack (plague monks and warriors with Gnash). Then I got to do the double pile in for the Grave Guard on his clan rats, but killed them all in the first one anyways. So his warriors still had Battleshock because they lost models and I didn't have to do anything. Technically, the GG needed to battlsehock, but they only lost one model, so it didn't matter. He concedes.

In conclusion, think about what you are going to do, even if it takes time, because the order you do them in matters. Nagash is stupidly overpowered, even if you don't use him to his full potential. Undead scoff at battleshock tests. There is a lot of things to remember like auras, scenery, turns, etc. But we both had fun and are going to play again.
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