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Alabaster battle reports


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Dec 9, 2013
Since I'm starting to participate pretty regularly in tournaments, I figure having one thread is better than flooding this subforum with a bunch of posts. So here we go.

1500 point tournament using the test points for GHB 2 (it only affects me as the only Death player and there aren't any Fyrelslayer players).

My list: "No horde outnumbers the dead."
Vampire Lord
-general; Ruler of the Night
Abhorrant Ghoul King on Terrorgheist
-Cursed Book
Crypt Ghast Courtier
Corpse Cart
-Unholy Lodestone
Zombies x50
Ghouls x30
Ghouls x20
Total: 1500 points

The first match is Take & Hold. I'm playing against Ironjawz (this is pretty much the best case scenario)

Opponent list:
Gor-drak on Maw Krusha
Brute squad x5
Brute Squad x5
Ardboys x10
Warscroll battalion
Total: 1500 points

I win the initiative for deployment, and deploy as pictured below. I deployed the smaller ghouls to the right first and the larger ghouls in the center, planning to put the zombies on the right. I realize that's a mistake before it's too late and put the zombies directly behind the ghouls. My opponent gives me first turn (one of the few times, I'm happy to have it). I fail Unholy Vitality, but Mystic Shield and Blood Feast to the larger ghouls. I move the ghouls up enough to allow the terrorgheist to move right behind them to counter the Maw Krusha (MK) and the zombies to keep enemies away from the objective.

His warscroll battalion gives most of his stuff 2d6" free move in the hero phase. Not good. His MK gets 6". He gives +1 attack for all weapons to the MK (also not good). He doesn't have anything in range for shooting. The Ardboys stay back and hold the objectives. One unit of brutes successfully charge the smaller ghouls. The MK and other brutes successfully charge the larger ghouls. I lose 4 ghouls to the MK charge. He then decides to attack first with the brutes (very good). I lose two more models, but it's not enough to get the MK out of combat. But my pile-in is. I swing back with the ghouls first and get just far enough away form the MK. I kill 3 brutes. He kills seven ghouls on the smaller unit and I wound one in return. The GK wiffs it.

My models are positioned so that if he charges, he either has to charge the ghouls or the corpse cart. He gets initiative on turn two and moves his MK towards the middle. He gives the MK an extra d6 on the charge and +6" charge range. He also gives it something that gives it +2 attacks for everything (wtf is this shenanigans?) He fails Mystic Shield and moves the shaman and warboss to the center terrain piece. He moves the MK as close the ghouls as he can and towards the center. He shoots at the GK but I save all. He decides to charge and rolls a 13. Just enough to miraculously go all the way around the ghouls and get in contact with the GK. He gets 2 of his 8 impact hits and I save both. I'm starting to regret not buffing my GK at all. He at least has the cursed book. He doesn't make the mistake of not attacking with the MK first a second time. He deals a lot of wounds, I don't remember how many, but in the end it equated to 25 saves after armor. Es no bueno. Somehow, I save 12. That leaves the GK with only one wound! at the top of turn 2. I go with the ghouls first to kill the brutes and keep them from potentially attacking. About ten ghouls get to attack the MK and deal 5 wounds. His other brutes go next and kill 2 more ghouls. My Crypt ghast is in range and I pile in and kill a wounded brute, giving the smaller ghouls an extra attack. My GK deals 2 wounds to the MK... The smaller ghouls kill 2 brutes. The zombies are in pile in range of the MK, but it's only a few models that do nothing. I'm good on battle shock. Both of his remaining brutes flee (Great luck for me!)

On my turn 2, I heal 2 wounds on the GK. Th Ghast brings back 5 and I put them all in the smaller unit (now down 4 ghouls) I give the zombies +1 attack and cast spirit blight on the MK but he unbinds with the shaman. I fail Unholy Vitality again, even with the +1. Being a Death player, I know no shame. The GK flees... I mean, he advances to the rear... I move the smaller ghouls directly forward passed the MK, ignoring it. I want that objective. The Ghast follows. I consider also retreating the zombies for a later charge, but if he kills all of the ghouls with the MK, then he would be able to charge the TG if he gets the double turn. Es no bueno. So I pile in with the ghouls first. I get 2-3 more wounds through (he's at 9 taken now). He kills A LOT of ghouls (like all but three after battleshock) I pile in with more zombies and get 2 more through.

On turn three,he gets initiative. He does the +1 to hit and casts mystic shield on the MK. I unbind mystic shield. He tries to to "flee" by using his free 6" move in the hero phase to avoid the penalty, making it possible to charge the GK again. We decide that because it's "as in the movement phase" it would count as a regular flee and he would lose all other actions that turn, so he decides not to. He shoots at the TG and misses. He charges his shaman into the few remaining ghouls. The MK easily kills the remaining ghouls, but he put all of the weaker attacks into the zombies because they had no save. He killed 4. The zombies are now pretty well in range and I get about 20 in range to attack, so 40 attacks. They devour the MK like those giant ants in Indiana Jones 4. To add insult to injury, the MK turns into a zombie... He wants to call it there and add up points, but that would only give me a minor victory. He's not mad, just practical. I ask if we would give me the major victory, and he says no, so we play on.

On my turn, I raise the exact number of ghouls I need to get them back to 20. They aren't in range of the vampire though. I finally get Unholy Vitality off on the ghouls. I shoot an arcane bolt at the shaman, but only wound and he has 4+ save against it. I charge the shaman with the zombies and the corpse cart (note: the corpse cart is garbage in combat; it should NEVER be used in combat, but I needed it in range of the GK to give the +1 to cast). The TG screams, but he's still too weak to drown out the waagh. The ghouls need a 9 to charge the Ardboys and that's exactly what I roll. They are barely in range of the GK. I kill 4... He deals 7 wounds back with no rend. I roll 7 dice and get 4 sixes. I roll three dice for UV and save 2 more. I roll one dice for Deathless Minions and save the last. Now he IS mad. To make matters worse, two of the Ardboys flee. He deals no wounds with the shaman, then just pulls it off the table so I don't have to roll a bunch of dice.

Turn 4. He gets initiative. He moves the warboss to charge the ghouls. It ends up that I'm 2 ghouls down and he's down 2 more Ardboys (2 left). I heal the GK again on my turn and move up the TG and Ghast. I charge in with both and the GK wiffs it again. The ghouls kill the warboss, but no Ardboys.

Turn 5 goes to him again. He kills a few ghouls. I kill nothing. On my turn, I roll 5 1s to bring back ghouls.... So the GK shoots an arcane bolt and kills one ardboy. The ghouls finish the last one.

Major Victory for Death, with the points being 1500-300. After talking, it turns out it's his first game as Ironjawz and only his third game of AOS. He did rather well, I think.

Round 2. Gifts from the Heavens.

I get paired against a club mate. He's playing a super nasty Chaos list.

His list:
Demon Prince, khorne
-+1 to hit artefact
Sayl the Friendless (because if you play Sayl, you have no friends)
10 warriors, khorne
10 warriors, khorne
20 bloodletters, khorne
3 stormfiends
Warpfire thrower
Total: 1480 points, he rolls reroll to wound on triumph table

I'm not going to go in to much detail because I made some really costly mistakes and rolled a lot of bad dice. The first mistake was that I thought we were measuring from the center of the objective, which landed on my left, but it turns out we were measuring from the edge of the marker. This allowed him to get his warriors within 6" of it and deny me points. He protected their flank with the demon prince. Unfortunately, his objective rolled in the center, where he had both bloodsecrators, Sayl, bloodletters, warriors, and a warpfire thrower protecting it. The second mistake I made was that when I piled in with my unbuffed ghouls, I wasn't paying attention and it brought the demon prince into combat, which cost me 11 ghouls before battle shock and 7 more after from the larger unit. I then charged the second unit of ghouls, my vampire lord, and the GK to the warriors and demon prince holding my objective. I got the DP down to one wound remaining and failed to kill a single warrior. He then flew in his stormfiends and promptly killed the GK (at least the DP went down with it. I was already down 700 points with no legitimate way of both reclaiming my objective and contesting his. We play for points because its ITC and he's still undefeated this season. I end up taking down the rest of the warriors on my objective, 13 bloodletters, the DP, and a stormfiend. I'm left with only my vampire lord and the corpse cart.

Major loss for Death VP=19-2; BP=1280-460.

Round 3. Escalation.

There's a Beastclaws player, and if there's any scenario I can beat him on, it's this one. Alas, I'm playing stormcast. But that's ok because I haven't played them since they first came out.

We didn't really look at lists since neither of us could win overall. I also forgot pictures.
From what I remember,

Lord Castellant
Dracoth character
Dracoth character
5 Prosecutors
5 archers
5 archers
5 liberators
3 javelin throwers
3 crossbow snipers
Total 1500 points.

Because of the peculiar deployment, I start out with a major advantage. MY GK is 24" back, but he's faster than the rest of my army. I deploy my zombies (9") and corpse cart (18") as close to the left objective as possible. The smaller ghouls are running center. The larger ghouls are running left. I figure I can just sit on the two outside objectives without any fear of losing them. I mean, both of these units outnumber his whole army and he brought a monster slayer list (I asked and he said that his only goal for this tournament was to beat the double frost phoenix list because that list tabled him in the last tournament; luckily he got paired with that list in round one and beat him! He said he had no idea how his list would do against other armies, but he didn't much care.)

Anyways, he deploys everything but the javelins and the snipers in the direct center. The javelins and snipers were lined up against the zombies. I buffed the crap out of my center ghouls (Unholy Vitality, Blood Feast, Mystic Shield). I charged his liberators and killed all but one, which fled from battleshock. The next turn, I charged the first unit of archers with the ghouls and one of his dracoth riders with the GK. The GK decided to make up for his past failings and dealt 12 mortal wounds. The second Dracoth was able to pile in. I killed the archers. He counter charged the GK with the prosecutors and the warpriest. They cumulatively dealt enough to kill the GK, but he still got to attack and dealt 6 mortal wounds to the other Dracoth rider and the splosion killed it off. He killed the corpse cart with shooting. It turns out that it's nearly impossible to kill stormcast characters without mortal wounds and I just happened to deal 19 mortal wounds to two of them...

I maintained all 3 objectives for the first 3 scoring turns, and after the center ghouls finally died off, I had no desire to move any of my units. He was down a lot and had no desire to get into combat with another 80+ models to his ~10. So we both stayed still for turn 4-5.

Major victory for Death VP=12-0; BP=840-680

The only change I might have made is trying to fit a Wight King with a banner in there. It would have made everything a little bit more survivable.

***The battery on my phone is dead, so will upload pics later.
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Dec 9, 2013

I forgot to take pics in the first round, but after that, I was pretty bummed, so I didn't bother taking any for the others.

My list:
Tomb King/Chariot
-Tomb Blade
Tomb Herald
-Cursed Book
4x3 chariots
Screaming Skull Catapult

Round 1 Blood and Glory

I face off against a Tzeentch/Skaven combo:

Tzeentch lord (Big Bird)
Thanquol on Boneripper
10 Pink Horrors
10x3 rats
3 Stormfiends

I finish deployment first and deploy kind of receded to avoid spells. My opponent goes first and only gets one attack spell off on the mourngul. 9 mortal wounds which I save 5. He moves his army forward. On my turn, I give both commands and pray on a unit of chariots, giving them a 20" move and fly. I move them up to attack the left objective in his territory which only has two units of rats on it. I move all of the other units 10" forward. I shoot the catapult at the rats and kill 4. I forgot to shoot with the chariots. :( I charged the flying chariots into the first rats and kill them all. Another unit of chariots on the right flank gets an 11" charge and I can make it to the rats on the objective that are backed up by three stormfiends. I kill all of the rats there also.

Round 2. I get the double turn. I pray on a second unit of chariots to fly them over some terrain that's in the way. I issue both commands again and there's nobody to resurrect. Everybody moves up. I remember all of my shooting this time and I shoot with the catapult last at Thanquol, which is 7" away from an objective. I charge the mourngul into Thanquol who is now Bravery 5. I charge all of the chariots. The far left go to the rats on the objective. The middle left go into the Tzeentch lord and pink horrors, getting 3 mortal wounds on each. The middle right go into the vermin lord (no mortal wounds). The far right go into the stormfiends. Settra and the Tomb King fail charges :( The chariots on the outskirts wipe out the rats and two stromfiends. The mourngul takes out 2 pink horrors and deals 8 wounds to Thanquol (shoulda directed all of my attacks at him but wanted to heal the mourngul and wasn't sure I could kill Thanquol outright). I also forgot about the extra attacks that generate on 5+... I get the Tzeentch lord down to 6 wounds and the verminlord down to three. I now control all four objectives.

His turn, he focuses everything on the mourngul and Settra but not killing either and doesn't reclaim any objectives.

MAJOR VICTORY for Death...

At least that's what would have happened if I had understood the rules properly.

Round three. He gets the double turn. He refocuses everything on the mourngul and Settra killing both and the Tomb Herald. He also kills a unit of chariots, reclaiming one objective.

During his turn, I discover that I would have had the major victory based on the way the victory condition is worded, though it rarely matters. It reads "A player can claim a major victory if, at the start of the third battle round if they control all four objectives." I controlled all four at the end of the second battle round which is also the start of the third battle round. I had originally thought that you could only claim a victory at the end of third round. I ask the TO about it and he confirms that you can claim a major victory at the end of round two, but since we had already started the third round, we'd have to finish it. :( :( :(

I try not to be a sourpuss about it but fail. I have one chance to reclaim my victory. There's a Tzeentch lord sitting alone on an objective and I maintain the other three, but don't have much mobility. I charge my Tomb King into the giant bird. I deal no mortal wounds on the charge. I have six attacks hitting and wounding on 3 with a -1 rend and D3 damage. The bird only has six wounds remaining and a 3+ save. I roll to hit and get five 2s... I also roll a two on to wound The horses also do nothing...

My opponent gets a minor victory.

Round 2 Border War

I get a bye and have to play the TO (not awkward at all)

He has a 100% shooty Stormcast list. I'm guaranteed the minor victory with a chance for a major victory.

I decide to go first. I only get one unit of chariots into combat, but I lock up four units in the process. Everything moves up and there's a giant terrain piece in the middle that I have to go over and around. I fail most shooting but get 5 points. On his turn, he teleports 3 units out of the combat and onto my board edge. He has two hornblowers that deal a ton of damage to Settra, the herald, two units of chariots, and the Tomb King. He then charges all of those units to lock them in the terrain for his horn blowers (and also denying me any charges). At the end of round three, I am a point behind with only the catapult left in an reachable area.

Minor victory for Death...

Round 3. Gifts from the Heavens

I'm playing Stormcast again but its not nearly as shooty. Still shooty but only like 60% but I'm unfamiliar with the units. I have less points so I get 1 reroll to hit, which I forget about.

Neither of us were really in the game, but I managed to deny him a score for one turn and get two points on my turn three by sweeping a mourngul and two units of chariots around his weak right flank (3 snipers, 3 angels, 5 melee guys with two starsoul maces). If he reacted to the outflanking with his heavy hitters, he would have opened himself up to a charge from Settra and the Tomb King, who would both be in cover. My objective was on the far right with a unit of chariots on in cover. I scored a major victory at the end of round five with only one unit of chariots and the catapult still on the board. He still had 1000 points but they were too far away to claim my objective.

Major victory for Death.

As I said, the loss of the first round really bummed me out. I was glad that I didn't really have to worry about interacting with the TO because he spent a lot of time making rulings, which allowed me some time to quit being all mopey for round 3, though I still wasn't over it.


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Dec 9, 2013
NEW BATREP: Teaching Archaon some manners.

This was just a fun game (not matched play). There are several new players at my LGS and one of them bought Archaon. Since then, he's systematically gone around to all of the other noobs and pinned them with Archaon. Then he started talking trash to me about Nagash and I couldn't let that fly. So I challenged him Nagash vs. Archaon. He accepted but complained that he would be down 200 points. So we decided to do 1200 points.

His list:
Archaon the Neverchosen
Tzeentch sorcerer on disc
3 Varanguard

My list:
Zombie Dragon (FE)

He deploys ev rethink at the 12" mark. I deploy Nagash at my table edge with the dragon directly in front of him. I choose to go second.

He does mystic shield but fails. He moves everything forward the max distance.

On my turn, I use Lord of Death, cast mystic shield on Nagash, Arcane bolt on the Varanguard and get 2 wounds, and soul stealer on the sorcerer and get 3 wounds on him. I charge the dragon but can't reach anyone without bringing in Archaon, so I stay put. Nagash charges the Varanguard. I shoot at Archaon but do no damage with either the dragon or Nagash. Nagash kills two Varanguard and leaves one with 3 wounds left.

Turn 2. I get the double turn.
I cast mystic shield and it gets unbound. I cast arcane bolt on the sorcerer and kill it. I cast hand of dust on the remaining Varanguard but he selects the dice hand and lives. I also cast soul steamer but fail to wound him. I really don't want to get charged by Archaon so Nagash retreats. The dragon shoots at Archaon but misses. I charge the dragon and get 11 inches!! I fly over a terrain statue to the other side of Archaon, placing him between Nagash.
I'm just outside three inches of Archaon but I fail to kill the Varanguard. The good news is that it's nearly as impossible for Archaon to charge Nagash.

Archaon gets unbound for both spells so charges the zombie dragon. Archaon swings first and slayer of Kings does not slay. Out of all of the attacks, Archaon caused 20 wounds and the dragon saved ALL of them. The dragon gets two wounds on Archaon. The Varanguard then got 6 wounds through...
The zombie dragon lives to see another turn and my plan has succeeded.

Turn three. I win the roll off before t I decide to second to potentially get another double turn later.

I unbind Archaon and he gets some wounds through on the dragon but not enough to kill him. The zombie dragon gets 6 through on Archaon. The Varanguard kills the dragon.

My turn. I use Lord of Death. I cast mystic shield but roll low and get unbound. I cast soul stealer and arcane bolt on Archaon but he negates one and takes one mortal wound from the other. I'm too far away for Gaze and I need the Varanguard alive for my charge. I roll just enough to get 4 inches away from Archaon but succeed to the Varanguard. I use my pile in to get to Archaon. I put the spirits into the Varanguard and the rest into Archaon. The Varanguard falls and Archaon takes 8 more wounds. Nagash takes some minor damage.

Turn 4 it's just the two Titans now. I win the roll off and take the double turn. I use Lord of Death and all my spells. Mystic shield goes off and he unbind arcane bolt. Soul stealer does nothing and he selects the dice hand again for hand of dust. I shoot at him but he saves. I start with his attacks and Archaon immediately falls to Alakanash's rend -3 and I roll 6 damage.

All of the noobs cheer that Archaon is not so almighty and they all would now like to challenge him again. Nobody wants to fight Nagash :(
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Dec 9, 2013

My list: No step on snek

Settra - general
Royal Warsphinx - Cloak of Mist and Shadows
Tomb Herald
Liche Priest
Mortis Engine
Zombies x20
Zombies x20
Zombies x10
Necro Knights x9 (sneks)
Total: 2000 points
I also have a lookout gnob/herald of Nurgle (my toddler)

Round 1. Gifts from the Heavens
Opponent: Stormcast
Opponent list:
Knight Venator - general
-Staunch Defender
Knight Azyros
-Armor of Destiny
Aetherwings x3
Aetherwings x3
Judicators x5 with Shockbolt bows
Judicators x5 with Shockbolt bows
Vanguard Raptors x6 with crossbows
Vangurad Raptors x3 with crossbows
Prosecutors x3 with Javelins
Retributors x5 with 2 maces
Retributors x5 with 2 maces
Liberators x5 with hammer/shield and 1 Grandhammer
Hammerstrike force
Aetherstrike force
Total: 2000 points

This guy was the TO for the last tournament and he tabled me in the bye, so Settra longs for vengeance.

I deploy my 50 zombies in the right sector in case the comet lands there. The Necromancer and Liche Priest are both towards the center in cover. Everything else is deployed in the middle. I figure that he has mostly shooting, so I should be able to move some heavy hitters to the left sector if needed without any issues. He deploys his Aetherstrike force in the center with a unit of Aetherwings each in the two side sectors. He used to be a death player, so I know I don't really need to explain things. He chooses to go second. I

Round 1.

Settra gets his prayer on the sneks and his command ability. The warsphinx uses his command ability on a unit of Judicators as all the units are too small to matter. The necromancer puts Vanhel's on the sneks and the Liche Priest puts Righteous Smiting on them also. Now that they're ready to brawl, I fly em up the full 20" and move Settra, the Tomb Herald, and the Mortis Engine to the middle of the board. The warsphinx stays back to protect against the hammerstrike. I put the Herald just inside some terrain. I have no shooting and only charge with the sneks. I get far enough that I can engage both units of Judicators and bring one of the Aetherwings, and all the other center units into combat except the two characters. I kill 9 Judicators with the first pile in. He attacks back with the remaining Judicator. He goes to pile in with another unit but I remind him that the sneks have Vanhels and he realizes he's mad a grave mistake. The judicator keeps two of the sneks from piling in any further, but I still manage to wipe out the unit of Aetherwings and everything but the two characters. The Aetherstrike force allows him to still put a bunch of shooting into the sneks and he kills 3 of them after all is said and done. Neither of us have battleshock.

Opponent turn.
He flees his two characters in opposite directions to make sure I can only chase one (but them some fast sneks) and hopefully claim an objective if it lands on the side. He brings in his hammerstrike force on my left flank, where there's basically nothing. The Prosecutors come in about 11" from the Warsphinx and 9" from the Herald. The first unit of retributors come in just under 3" away from the herald and the second unit is 4" away from the sphinx. The liberators fail to come in. He goes to charge, but realizes the retributors are already in combat with the herald (another grave mistake). The second unit makes it to the sphinx and they pile in first (the final grave mistake). They do 5 wounds to the sphinx after saves and halved, but their pile in brought them within 2.5" of Tomb Herald (to be fair, he was very careful to make sure that Settra was more than 3" away). The herald piles in to the retributors that are engaged with the sphinx, removing the other unit of retributors from combat, so they don't get to attack. The sphinx finishes off the retributors.

Turn 2. He gets the initiative. The comet comes in the center, directly on top of my sneks. He doesn't have the models to claim it, so his only real hope is to secure my comet, but only if it comes on the left or center. His Liberators still don't come in. He kills a 4th snake from shooting but doesn't charge and instead just moves his characters further away (ain't gonna do no good). He shoots at the sphinx with his prosecutors and gets 1 wound through. He charges the retributors into Settra... If he were paying attention, he could have put two models' attacks into the tomb herald, but he wanted to keep his unit in cover and instead put all attacks into Settra, who saved all but three and passed two wounds off to the herald. Settra wipes out the retributors.

My turn. The comet lands on my left where nothing is... Settra uses his command ability and prays over the sneks. The Necromancer and the Liche Priest are too far away to cast anything so I put Mystic Shield on Settra and Vanhels on the zombies just because. I use the Mortis Engine's once per game and only roll 10"... That's not enough to hit anything, but it heals Settra back to full health and a wounded snek back to full. I plant the banner on the tomb herald and bring back a snek plus the one from the snek banner. I use cloak of mist and shadows to teleport the sphinx over to the objective, just inside 6". I leave Settra in the middle of the board because I want to him to be able to buff the sneks AND the warsphinx. The sphinx shoots at the prosecutors and misses. The Mortis engine moves toward his character in the right sector. The sneks charge the character on the left, still maintaining the objective. I figure that since I'm already a turn ahead on claiming objectives, I don't really need to worry about the comet in my territory. So the sphinx charges the prosecutors and kills them all. The character attacks the sneks, but wiffs a lot, doing only a few wounds. The sneks kill him. I get 2 points.

There's really no point in continuing, but he wants to, so we do.

Turn 3. I win the initiative and heal another snek. I go through the motions and charge his last remaining character with the mortis engine and the sneks. I swing with the full hp engine and the spectral host kills his character. The birds manage to kill the wounded snek, but the sneks quickly avenge their "fallen" friend. I get 6 points. NOW he concedes as he only has the one unit of Liberators still in the heavens.

Major Victory for Death 1800-0
I ask the TO why I only got 1800 points when I tabled my opponent and he said it's because warscroll battalions don't count for points killed. I really hope that doesn't keep me from winning some sort of prize...

ROUND 2. Take and Hold

My opponent: Chaos
Opponent didn't upload a list, so I'll do my best
Lord of Change
Gaunt Summoner
Tzeentch Shaman on disc
4 Pink Horrors x10
4 Blue Horrors x10
2 Brimstone Horrors x10
Skyfires x9
Tzeentch chariot
warscroll battalion (unkown)

I get lucky and he rolls poorly on his destiny dice: (654443321)

He deploys his lord of change and a few characters then bubblewraps them on his objective.
I bubblewrap my objective with zombies, necromancer and mortis engine. Settra, the herald, and the liche priest are on my right and the sneks and the warsphinx are on my left. The terrain was really poorly placed, so I didn't keep my warsphinx within 18" of Settra, thinking I could use the cloak to get him close enough in the hero phase.

My opponent chooses me to go first. I played this guy in the last tournament so I know his magic is powerful. I take a few minutes to consider my options. If I engage, I SHOULD be able to punch through both of his screens of blue horrors and pink horrors with my first pile in, which would allow me to pile in the second time into his lord of change and the skyfires. If I stay back, I should be safe for the turn from most magic, but if he gets the double turn, I'll be facing two rounds of skyfires and one round of a ton of magic, severely weakening me. I don't think the sneks or my wizards, and possidly even Settra can survive that, so I decide to engage. All my buffs go off just fine, same as before. I teleport my sphinx, but the only way to get him within 18" of Settra is a beeline, which I opt not to do, as I don't think the +1 to wound is going to help. I have a dozen units to choose from and they're all really weak. So the sneks fly across the board and I only get a 4" charge. Thankfully, the musician gives me an extra 2", but I can only get 8 sneks in range.Settra, the herald, and the mortis engine follow, but no charges. I do a lot split attacks, putting all of the riders into two units of blues and two of brimstones. I put all of the sneks into the pinks behind them. I do REALLY well. I kill both units of blues, 1 of brimstones, and 2 pinks. The remaining brimstones have 4 models left and the pinks have 2 models left. He piles in with the brimstones, locking four of my sneks in place. I do my second pile in, but I can only get one to attack the skyfires and two to attack the lord of change. I wipe the rest of the brimstones and kill 2 skyfires and wound a third. The lord of change takes 3 wounds. I'm also able to wound the chariot. He does some attacks back and kills 2 sneks. He uses his destiny dice for the pinks that only have two models left to make it a 1 and gets 5 models back. He passes battleshock on the skyfires. This did not go nearly as well as I had hoped. :(

I think every unit except the skyfires was a wizard... He puts most of his magic into the Mortis Engine and gets it down to 10 wounds, but he also killed some sneks, removing them from within 10" of Settra and the herald. The pinks are back up to 10 models. He moves the chariot over the sneks and kills another. Every model in his list also shoots... He kills 3 more sneks, leaving 3. He charges with the chariot but only rolls 4" so he has to go back to the sneks, but he was trying for the mortis engine. The skyfires go first and only kill one snek, which brings his chariot out of combat. I kill another skyfire and some pinks, but still not enough.

I get to go first, but I don't think it will matter at this point. I heal back two sneks and deal 1 mortal wound from the mortis engine to the chariot. I'm a bit flustered and forget to cast my spells, but the sneks are out of range so it doesn't really matter. I then forget to move Settra and the herald closer to the lord of change for a charge. I shoot at the chariot with the sphinx but miss. I charge the mortis engine to the chariot, but only get a 5, so I can't charge anything else. I was hoping to get closer to his other units for the hero phase shenanigans but alas. Settra is in range to charge, but only some blue and pink horrors. I boxcar the charge. The tomb herald gets snek eyes... I take a minute to consider my options. If I charge with Settra, I lose the bodyguard, which might not be that big of a deal. I'll probably kill both units, but they're worth like 100 points total and it puts Settra at huge disadvantage against his lord of change in the next hero phase. I opt not to charge. The sneks kill another skyfire and the rest of the pesky pinks. The chariot fails and the mortis engine kills the chariot. Two of the sneks die. One more skyfire dies to battleshock, leaving 4.

His turn.
He puts two spells into the herald and kills it. He then puts the big Tzeentch spell (roll 9 dice and 6s do D3 mortal wounds) into Settra on a 15. I use the Liche Priest to auto unbind it. He then puts the other big Tzeentch spell into Settra (roll 9 dice and 3+ deal 1 mortal wound) causing 4 mortal wounds. Settra lives. I activate the Mortis engine's once per game heal and get an 8... That's not enough to reach Settra or the lord of change. It reaches 4 enemy units and I deal 1 mortal wound to each and 3 to the skyfires, but the mortis engine heals 1. That could have gone better. The gaunt summoner finally kills Settra, but takes 5 mortal wounds for doing so, also killing himself. My opponent was really surprised that was a thing.The rest of the spells go towards the mortis engine. The skyfires shoot at the sphinx dealing 5 damage in the end and charge the mortis engine killing it. This is really bad. I can't win now, but I might be able to pull out a minor loss.

Turn 3.
I win priority.

I put Vanhels on the zombies and he unbinds. I try to stone shape the sphinx but fail. I merge the zombies into a single unit (might have been too early) and shamble them forward 4". I also move the sphinx towards the skyfires and put the liche priest in cover. I forget to also move the necromancer to give him the extra save. I charge the zombies (only getting 13 in range) and the sphinx into the skyfires but I fail to kill any of them (4 remaining, 1 with 3 wounds). He kills 1 zombie and gets the sphinx down to 4 wounds remaining.

He does a ton of magic, killing the sphinx and I deal 3 mortal wounds in return on some pink horrors (not like it's gonna matter). He shoots the necromancer off the board and ends up killing 23 zombies, 19 more die to battleshock.

I win priority (not like it's gonna matter)
I heal back 1 zombie... We get the ten minutes remaining mark. Maybe I can still get the minor loss, but it's a long shot. In order to do so, I need to kill only two skyfires and one has already taken 3 wounds. So I cast Arcane bolt from the Liche priest and roll a 10. My opponent rolls double 3s so he fails to unbind. I do 3 mortal wounds. Now I just to need to get 2 wounds through with 9 attacks hitting and wounding on 6s... It didn't happen. The zombies die. We call it because he has a lord of change, 3 skyfires, and the shaman all within movement range of my objective and a unit of pinks on his. I only have the Liche priest still on the board, which has 0 chance of surviving.

MAJOR LOSS 800-2000

ROUND 3 Escalation (This is the one I was to hoping to play against Tzeentch)
Opponent: Stormcast (also didn't upload list)
He was also running Hammerstrike, but a much better version and another battalion.

By now, my sneks have a reputation of being more deadly than a bloodletter bomb, skyfires, and stormfiends.

I deploy my zombies and Necromancer on the far objective, but the necromancer is still in range of the sneks. I deploy the sneks on the near side, but they stretch all the way from the table edge to a piece of terrain directly in the middle of the deployment zone, which is where the liche priest, the herald, and Settra are. My opponent deploys one unit each on the two outer objectives and his characters in terrain. The prosecutors are also in the middle.

He decides to go first because he only had 2 drops (I think) and he thinks that the best chance he has to kill the most sneks is before they have any buffs (smart thinking. He does his buffs and moves the prosecutors 9" away from the sneks. He brings in a unit of 10 raptors with 4 maces, a character, and a unit of retributors. He kills 2 sneks with shooting and does 8 wounds to my mortis engine. He charges with the retributors and gets a 9, allowing them to reach the engine, but only with 2 models, but also reaches Settra. The raptors charge the sneks, but roll a 4, so they can't go anywhere else. He kills two more sneks in combat and a 5th one has 4 wounds on it. I go with the engine next and kill one retributor. He decides the 4 remaining should go into Settra, but his pile in also brings in my Warsphinx. They get three wounds through on Settra and I pass two to the herald. I then pile in with the sphinx and kill another model. Settra sweeps the rest away. The sneks go last and kill all 10 raptors.

Now it's my turn... I heal back two sneks with their banner and reanimate. I get Vanhels on them. The mortis engine heals 2 wounds, heals Settra and the herald. I use my teleport to get close to a unit of liberators with the sphinx. Settra also moves closer to them. The zombies shamble toward the objective and the necromancer follows. I shoot at the liberators and fail. I charge the sphinx and roll an 11, getting all the way to the rear of the liberators. Settra also charges them. The sneks roll low on the charge, but the minimum 6" is more than enough to engage the prosecutors, the character, and the liberators. The sphinx fails to do any charge damage with a 6 roll. I swing with the sneks first, killing the character and the prosecutors. The liberators swing next and do nothing. The sphinx kills 3 models and Settra kills the other two.

My opponent concedes as his entire hammerstrike force has been killed on the first turn and he hasn't even killed a single unit, not mention that the sneks would be back at full size by the end of turn 2. He has two celestants on dracoths, but they are no match for the sneks or Setttra or the sphinx (though the sphinx is too slow to reach them).


I ended up placing 3rd overall, but I noticed that the person who got 2nd place also went 2-1 but beat me by 320 kill points. If warscroll battalions were counted (I still don't understand why they weren't), I would have gotten an extra 400 points, getting me to 2nd place.


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Dec 9, 2013
Wow. I can't believe it's been so long since my last batrep. Well, I have quite the treat for you guys: TOMB KINGS (2017 nerfed edition) Sorry for no pictures. I had a toddler with me.

This was a 1500 point Vanguard tournament. For once, I wasn't the only Death player, but I didn't get to play against the other guy.

My list:

"Settra" (Tomb King on Exalted Chariot)

-General: Master of the Black Arts

-Artefact: Ring of Immortality


Skeleton chariots x3

Skeleton chariots x3

Necropolis Knights x6 (aka snakes aka sneks)

Mortis Engine

Total: 1500 points

Round 1. Battle for the pass

My opponent was running Chaos SKaven.

Greyseer with two chaos familiars.

-dreaded 13th spell

3 Stormfiends with warpfire

Warp lightning cannon

Warp lightning cannon

40 clan rats with spears

40 clan rats with spears

20 stormvermin

I deploy my army an inch behind the deployment line to avoid warplightning shots on turn one. I put Settra on my objective with the necro knights in front of him. I put the mortis engine right behind the knights. The two chariot units are on my flanks, lined up with the two center objectives. The necrotect is on my right, in cover, in position to whip both the chariots and knights. My opponent lines up 40 clan rats in the center and 40 clan rats on the left with the greyseer between them. The stormvermin on my right side. The stormvermin and cannons just behind the centered clan rats. I choose him to go first.

He puts mystic shield on the stormvermin. He gets great rolls on the runs, with the clan rats on the left getting to move 14" and the stormvermin getting 12". The center clan rats only get 10". He realizes that his cannons are out of range and runs both of them, one onto his objective. and that's his turn. He scores 5 points.

I put mystic shield on the knights and use Settra's command ability (+1 to hit and wound for all skeletons within 18" of him). Settra also prays on the snakes (double movement and fly) and the necrotect whips them (+3" move and reroll 1s to wound in the next combat). The snakes now have a 23" flying move. I go straight for the stormvermin. The mortis engine goes right to the middle of the board. Settra moves up to keep everything in his bubble and be in position for a counter charge. The chariots on the left move up to charge the clan rats. The chariots on my right stay back with the necrotect for a later turn since the knights will block their advance. Tomb king shooting is garbage. I charge the stormfiends and the clan rats on the left. I figure that the stormvermin and the stormfiends are the only two things that can wipe out my knights so I swing there first. I wipe all 20 stormvermin. He kills one chariot on my left side and they kill 5 rats including battleshock. I score 3 points.

Turn 2

He goes first. His stormfiends are 15" away from Settra, much to his chagrin. He casts mystic shield, but I am able to unbind because I remembered my mortis engine and he forgot his familiars (Settra being a wizard just doesn't seem right, but I love it). He shoots both cannons at Settra but gets a four and a five on the initial roll, getting only 2 wounds through. He shoots the stormfiends into the snakes, killing two and wounding a third. He charges the 40 clan rats in the middle at Settra and the mortis engine. He gets only one wound on Settra and 5 on the mortis engine. I'm able to kill six more clan rats with my chariots, taking away his +1 to wound before he attacks and the do basically nothing from here on. I kill like 18 rats in the middle, but his greyseer only lets five rats flee in battleshock. He scores 3 points.

I heal back a chariot and knight. Settra cries WAR and prays over the knights. The necrotect whips the chariots on my right side. The mortis engine does the once per game heal and gets settra and the knights fully healed, heals one wound on itself, and does 3 mortal wounds to the clanrats in the middle and the storm fiends. It does 1 more from the wail on the rats and kills the wounded stormfiend. TK shooting is garbage. I go straight for the cannons on the back objective with the necro knights. The chariots on my right move up to secure the side objective and prepare to charge on the rats in the center. The snakes succeed on the charge, but I choose to attack the stormfiends and one cannon instead of the two cannons. I thought the stormfiends were a bigger threat than the two cannons combined but I also wanted to steal the objective. I am able to kill one cannon but completely whiff on the stormfiends, they kill two snakes in return. This is when I realize I forgot to cast mystic shield. I am able to wipe out all of the clan rats in the center between the chariots, Settra, and the mortis engine and kill some more rats on the left. He isn't doing any damage anymore with them and he didn't realize that he could flee and seize my back objective until it was too late. I score 3 points again because his stormfiends pile-in move got him to have the same number of models on the objective as I had.

Turn 3.

He goes first again. Realizing how dangerous the necro knights are, he attempts an arcane bolt but I unbind because he forgot his familiars again (I would have reminded him, but he didn't explain what they did until turn 4, so I didn't know he was forgetting until then. I just happened to always be unbinding by 1 over his cast result). He shoots everything at the snakes and gets a one on his cannon, so 6 mortal wounds. Not a good sign. Next is the stormfiends. He rolls three more ones and a 3, dealing only 5 mortal wounds. The snakes LIVE!!! Though, they don't survive the combat. He scores 3 points.

I beef up the chariots on my right with a prayer and mystic shield. The mortis engine is out of range to do anything, so I move it over to the right-side objective. Settra moves to the middle of the stormfiends, the greyseer, and the remaining rats. My opponent's now realized that they can flee and claim my back objective, but they won't likely survive long enough to do so. The chariots on my right fly over to the far objective. TK shooting is stlll garbage. I charge Settra, but he's just 1" short of the stormfiends and greyseer, however, he can still make it to the clan rats. He murders all of them. The chariots charge the stormfiends and I'm able to kill one without losing any chariots. I score 9 points.

Turn 4. We only have ten minutes left and I ask my opponent if he wants to concede as he can no longer win. He decides we should continue for kill points. Fair enough. I get the double turn.

I command ability and arcane bolt on the stormfiend, dealing only one wound. Mortis engine still out of range, but it claimed the objective, so I can move about freely now. Settra and the chariots on my left charge the greyseer/familiars while the mortis engine charges the stormfiend. All succeed. Greyseer and familiars are slain with great contempt (some old grudge between the skaven and undead). However, I whiff everything on the mortis engine and he saves everything from the chariots. The stormfiend survives. I score 9 points.

The stormfiend passes the bravery test in the hero phase from the mortis engine. :( The stormfiend retreated.

Major Victory Death. 24-11 on objecitves and 1180-480 on kill points.

Match 2. Starstrike. One objective lands at a random location in the territory borders at the beginning of round two. Two more land randomly at the beginning of round 3, one in each player’s territory.

Opponent: Order (maybes high aelves)

Frost Phoenix


Dragon Prince on dragon

Reavers x5

Reavers x5

Reavers x5

Temple Guard x20

two wizards, one has a 1+ save once per turn.

repeater bolt thrower.

Total 1480 points. Triumph: reroll wounds

I deploy my knights on a piece of terrain in the middle of my deployment zone. Mortis engine is right next to them. Settra is behind them, obscured from my opponent. Necrotect also in the terrain, able to whip snakes and chariots on the left.

My opponent deploys one unit of reavers each on the left and right and the third slightly to the right. The temple guard are in the middle. On (my) left of the temple guard is the phoenix and to the right is the dragon prince. The two wizards are behind the dragon prince, in cover. The bolt thrower is behind the phoenix on the back line.

I finish deploying first and choose to go second. He gives the temple guard reroll to wound and the bolt thrower reroll everything. He moves everything up, cautiously. About half their full moves except for the reavers. He moves all of the reavers up close enough to shoot at the necro knights (their reputation must precede them) and withdraws them back after shooting. All of them and the bolt thrower manage to do 8 wounds total.

I heal back the dead snake. I then give them all the buffs (mystic shield, whip, prayer) and of course cry WAR and suggested to my opponent that he should tremble. For some reason he thought Settra’s command ability was “My Will be Done” which he said affected his first turn strategy, but he also didn’t ask me about it, soooo…. I move up the chariots on my left up 10” to charge the reavers over there. The snakes go as far as they can forward (just past the center line). The mortis engine follows. Settra moves up as far as he can, and just stays on the terrain to maintain a 2+ armor save. He is also positioned so that all of my units will stay within 18” of him. I assumed that the phoenix aura is only 6” in my movement phase but I remembered to verify when I started charging. The snakes cannot fail the charge, nor can the chariots on the left (musicians). The snakes go into the temple guard and the dragon prince, but I can’t get them all in if I want to avoid the phoenix bubble (which I do) and also allow Settra to charge. Settra is 10” away from the dragon prince. I roll an 11. So he goes forward also, but now my left-side chariots are out of his bubble. The chariots on the right fail the charge, but that’s fine. Settra gets the dragon prince down to one wound. He kills a snake in return. The snakes finish off the dragon prince and 5 temple guard. Settra’s charge also brought in a unit of reavers, but they didn’t do anything. The chariots on the left are stuck in a tarpit/tarpitting for the next 2 battle rounds.

The first gift drops in the exact center of the board, right beneath my mortis engine. I win the roll off.

Seeing how successful the first round was, I decide to take the double turn, hoping to prevent my opponent from really doing anything the rest of the game. The necrotect is close enough to whip the chariots on my left. Settra attempts to buff up the snakes again, but I fail the cast, even with the +1. TK shooting is garbage. Settra finishes off the reavers and the snakes finish off the temple guard. The chariots on my right just kinda sit around. I don’t want to commit them until I know where the next objectives land. I score 2 points.

My opponent is feeling the heat (get it? Cuz he has a frost phoenix. Wump wump). He casts a spell, but I unbind (Man, Settra being a wizard is awesome). He fails the other. He shoots at his bolt thrower and reavers at the snakes, killing one. His phoenix charges at my mortis engine, presumably to wrest control of the objective. He causes 9 wounds, which is a fail. He charges the reavers into Settra (hail mary?). Settra dispatches the reavers and the mortis engine whiffs it again. He scores 0 points.

Round 3. Both objectives land on my right side of the table (bingpot!) I win the roll off.

I fail mystic shield on the snakes and pray on the chariots to my right. WAR of course. I pop my once per game heal and get Settra back to full health but only heal 2 wounds on the snakes and mortis engine. I then attempt my aura, but only the phoenix is in range, and he fails bravery, 1 mortal wound (roller coaster of emotions there). I flee the mortis engine but charge in the snakes onto the phoenix so I can maintain control of the objective. Settra charges the two wizards. The chariots on my right go capture the objective on The necrotect runs towards the tarpitted chariots getting close to whip them next turn. The snakes do 2 wounds to the phoenix and he kills two in return (3 remaining). Settra gets both wizards down to 1 wound each by splitting his attacks 50/50. I score 6 points.

On his turn, he gets the spell off to get reroll everything on the bolt thrower and I let it slide as Settra is in cover and I don’t think he can do enough to kill the rest of the snakes. I was wrong. He killed all of the snakes. The phoenix is now free to move about the cabin and charges the mortis engine. The phoenix whiffs it, but is able to claim the center objective. 0 wounds dealt. Settra kills both wizards and the chariots on my left, finally kill off the reavers. He scores 3 points.

Round 4. I win the roll off.

I put mystic shield on Settra and WAR. I pray over the chariots on my left. Both Settra and the left chariots make a beeline for the bolt thrower, completely ignoring the phoenix. It’s basically impossible for my opponent to claim more objective points than me but I want to ensure it. The mortis engine flees, but stays within 3” of the objective, so if the phoenix goes after Settra, he forfeits those points. The bolt thrower is destroyed. I score 4 points.

Baited. The phoenix redirects towards Settra and forfeits the objective. He splits his attacks. The phoenix attacks Settra, getting 3 wounds through, and the rider attacks the chariots, getting 2 wounds through. Settra and the chariots deal 5 wounds total. He scores 0 points.

Round 5. I win the roll off.

I consider fleeing Settra as I don’t think he’ll survive two more rounds of combat with the phoenix and I want to preserve kill points. However, killing or at least tarpitting the phoenix also sounds good. I decide to stay. I put mystic shield on Settra again. WAR. No movement. Shooting is garbage. I manage to get 3 more wounds through on the phoenix (#Nagashsaves). He kills the chariots. I score 10 points.

He kills Settra on his final turn. I fail my ring of immortality roll and I get 2 mortal wounds through on the phoenix. He scores 0 points.

Result: Major victory Death. 22-3. Killpoints: 1240-1180

Match 3. Scorched Earth.

Opponent: Tzeentch (the most difficult opponent for death in my opinion, but to be fair, many Tzeentch players have told me Death is the most difficult opponent for them, particularly tomb kings)

Army list:

Big Bird (lord of change?)

-firestorm (9 dice, 3+ cause mortal wounds)

-other firestorm (9 dice, 6+ cause D3 mortal wounds)

Tzaangor shaman on disk

6 skyfires

3 enlightened

20 Tzaangors

10 pink horrors

Total 1500 points

I do basically the same deployment: Chariots on each flank objective. Snake riders and mortis engine in the middle with Settra behind them. Necrotect affecting snakes.

He deploys the much anticipated tzeentch bubble. Pink horrors in the front, Enlightened behind them. Skyfires and shaman behind the enlightened. Tzaangors are stretched out to one side to claim the (my right) right side objective. Big Bird is behind them. He gets four 5+ on his destiny dice, but no 1s, so that’s good. I opt to go second.

He fails mystic shield and has nothing really in range for other spells. He rearranges his deployment to make a kind of wall. Pinks, backed by enlightened, backed by skyfires, backed by shaman. This was to get the skyfires in range without making them vulnerable. He also moves the Tzaangors towards the center off of his right objective. He spends his top 5 destiny dice on the hit rolls rather than the D3 mortal wound rolls, which was strange, but I didn’t question it. He killed 2 snakes. He scores 1 point.

I heal a snake back. All three buffs on the snakes (whip, prayer, shield). WAR. I move up the two chariot units as far as I can while still holding the objectives. I run the necrotect over to the chariots on my right and makes it into a forest. I move the snakes up to 3” away from the pink horrors. If I roll well enough on the charge, I can fly over the pink horrors and wipe out the skyfires. I did not. The mortis engine runs up the center. Settra moves up to claim the objective in the middle and gets into terrain. The snakes charge and wipe out all of the pinks and the enlightened. I score 3 points.

Round 2. He wins the roll off. Between spells and shooting, he wipes out four of the snakes and 1 has a single wound left. The skyfires wipe out the rest in combat. The tzaangors charge the mortis engine. The snakes all die and the mortis engine takes 7 wounds. He scores 1 point.

WAR. Settra prays on the chariots on my left. The necrotect whips the ones on the right. Mystic Shield on Settra. I decide not to heal yet with the mortis engine but it does some mortal wounds to the skyfires and tzaangors. The chariots on the left run and claim the objective in my opponents left corner. The chariots on the right don’t roll high enough on the run to get to the far right corner, so they daisy chain out, still holding my right objective. The mortis engine flees 3” away from the tzaangors. Settra charges the Tzaangors and kills 7. He spends a 2 from his destiny pool to pass battleshock. I destroy the objective on my left and only get one point from it. I score 3 points.

Round 3. I win the roll off. This time, Settra prays over the chariots on my right and the necrotect whips them. I still hold off on the heal. The mortis engine is just under half health and Settra’s only taken two wounds. Everything else is at full health. I kill a skyfire with the mortis engine’s wail and two tzaangors. The chariots on my left move over to charge the shaman. The mortis engine runs to be between the skyfires and the shaman. The chariots charage and kill the shaman. Settra kills 6 more tzaangors in combat and only takes one wound back. He spends another 2 to lower the battleshock, but now there’s only 9 tzaangors left. The skyfires fail battleshock and another one flees. The chariots on my right destroy the objective in the far right corner and the chariots that killed the shaman do the same. I roll one point for each ☹. I score 3 points.

On his turn, he casts the weaker firestorm on the mortis engine, which I let go. It deals only 2 wounds. I then activate my heal form the mortis engine and get those two wounds back and heal Settra back to full. The skyfires and big bird take 3 mortal wounds each and I kill one tzaangor. He casts the better firestorm now at the mortis engine and kills it. The skyfires move to behind Settra to claim the objective. They shoot at him, but miss two and Settra saves the rest. The decide to charge Settra. They get five wounds through on him. Settra didn’t like that so he killed all the remaining skyfires. The tzaangors are able to finish off Settra though, and I fail my ring of immortality again. I kill two skyfires as retribution. He scores 0 points.

Round 4. He wins the roll off. He casts little firestorm on the chariots but only does 2 wounds. He fails the big firestorm (whew). He moves big bird to the middle of the board and shoots at the necrotect but misses everything. The tzaangors moved to my left so that they could score the objective in the middle but be in position to move to the one the left in the last round. Big bird charges the necrotect and flies over him to get closer to my bottom right objective. He only gets 2 wounds through on the necrotect. He destroys my center objective and gets 3 points from it.

On my turn, I charge the chariots on my right into Big Bird, allowing me to control the objective in the bottom right, and prevent him from fleeing to control it. I charge the chariots in the center into the tzaangors, trying to block them from going to my left. Unfortunately, I only kill 3 of the 8 remaining. He uses his a destiny dice to pass battleshock. I score 1 point.

Round 5. I win the roll off. I don’t really have anything I can do except try to kill tzaangors. I whip the chariots in combat with big bird, but it doesn’t matter. I kill one and he uses his last destiny dice to pass battleshock. I lose one chariot from each unit. This opens a hole for the tzaangors to go through. Firestorms could also cost me the game. I score 1 point.

He flees the Tzaangors and rolls a 6. He thought he only needed to be within 6” to claim the objective but turned out to be a 3” range and he was ¼” short from making it. Big Bird succeeded both firestorms, but wasn’t able to kill both remaining chariots and the necrotect prevents him from moving. He shoots at the necrotect and the necrotect saves. Scores 0 points.

Result: Major victory Death: 11-5, Kill points: 1020-1120.

I achieved 1st place overall, but it was REALLY close.

End note: Tomb Kings are still somewhat viable. Not having unique/named characters is a huge buff, especially considering that you can now run more than one “Settra” and run two +1 hit/wound bubbles. Being able to give command traits and artefacts is also nice, even if mine didn’t do anything this time. I hope you enjoyed this. I know I did. I’ve been running Tomb Kings all year and this is my first championship. GHB 2017 had a lot to do with that, I think.

Jan 1, 2017
First of all, congrats for you victory... especially against Tzeentch, that actually is almost dominating the scene in our gaming area... it's actually a top tier army and so it's Always good to see it suffer!
(I'm doing a rep of a tournament at 1500 pts on Khemri, btw... I'm not posting it here, 'cause it was a 100% TK list)

(Man, Settra being a wizard is awesome).
Indeed, thats my favorite setting.
And anyway it's not wrong... after all, Settra was a wizard in oldhammer. :cool:


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Dec 9, 2013
Yeah. Tzee
First of all, congrats for you victory... especially against Tzeentch, that actually is almost dominating the scene in our gaming area... it's actually a top tier army and so it's Always good to see it suffer!
(I'm doing a rep of a tournament at 1500 pts on Khemri, btw... I'm not posting it here, 'cause it was a 100% TK list)

Indeed, thats my favorite setting.
And anyway it's not wrong... after all, Settra was a wizard in oldhammer. :cool:
Yeah. Tzeentch is tough. A Tzeentch player has taken first place in like every tournament here since their book dropped (aside from a few Tzeentch-heavy Chaos lists). They've always told me they have the hardest time against Death because negating mortal wounds and bringing models back for free is the biggest counter to them. Unfortunately, I'm usually the only Death player that shows up to the tournaments. It was really nice to show people that Tzeentch isn't invincible and maybe that will bring some players over to the Death side. There was a Flesh Eaters list this time that got paired against the same Tzeentch list I beat and he got tabled. Apparently the Tzeentch guy just killed all 40 of his ghouls on turn one with the Skyfire/Enlightened wombo combo.

I didn't pick up Tomb Kings until the End Times and I didn't pick up Settra until a year after General's Handbook, so I didn't know he used to be a wizard. You should still post your batrep here. I was under the impression that we switched to an UNDEAD forum with VC preference during the End Times. Besides VC is all but abolished in AOS (even more than TK) and I don't see much 9th age any more.
Jan 1, 2017
You should still post your batrep here. I was under the impression that we switched to an UNDEAD forum with VC preference during the End Times. Besides VC is all but abolished in AOS (even more than TK) and I don't see much 9th age any more.
As the BatReps are completed, I'll post them here in my dedicated thread. ;)

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Dec 9, 2013
The legions of Nagash in action. jk.

After my last victory, I felt I could relax a bit and decided to run Nagash as I hadn't played him competitively since End Times and he has only been on the table once since the first Generals Handbook was released. It was just a coincidence that I ran Nagash today and GW announced the new battletome.

I’m also changing up my batrep style so they aren’t extensive essays. Let me know what you think.

Anyways. My list:

Wight King with banner
-artefact: ring of immortality
Mortis Engine
Corpse Cart with Balefire
10 zombies
10 zombies
10 zombies

Total: 1470. 530 points for summoning.

Going into the tournament, I felt a little bad for bringing the biggest dog to the fight, but my guilt quickly dissipated when I walked in the room and saw Archaon, a Stardrake, Alarielle, a 9 stormfiend skryre army, double maw krushas, a 5 dinosaur seraphon list, a double Karl Franz list, and a 12 skyfires Tzeentch list.

I brought most of my collection and displayed it so people could see what I had available for summoning but it was also partly to keep them guessing on what I would be summoning. The only two things I didn’t bring were ghouls and crypt horrors because I don’t have the Death book and they aren’t available in stores anymore and the summonable ghouls/horrors aren’t available in the app, so I didn’t want any shenanigans for my opponents.

Available to summon:
4 Morghast Archai
Zombie Dragon
40 zombies
40 skeleton warriors
15 Black knights
10 hexwraiths
15 Spirit Hosts
5 cairn wraiths
3 banshees
10 direwolves
30 grave guard

Instead of regular format, we did Open War Cards.

Round 1.
I get matched against Seraphon, which I had never played against. So good start. My opponent said he had never played against Death but that was partly because he had less than 10 games under his belt. So I set the beat stick down and coached him through his loss. oops. spoilers

His list:
Slann Mage
-ring of immortality equivalent
Skink Starseer
Engine of the Gods
Bastiladon with Solar Engine
5 saurus cavalry
20 Saurus Warriors
10 Saurus guard
10 skinks
3 ripperdactyls

Scenario: 1 point for every wound of slain models. Slain monsters and heroes yield double points.

I wasn’t too worried about deployment because he didn’t have much shooting. I didn’t put out many mortal wounds as everything in Seraphon is Bravery 10 and many Death spells rely on low bravery. I ended up summoning a screamy Terrorgheist (3d6 scream) and 30 zombies. The TG and ME were the two powerhouses even though the Wail of the damned never did a single wound. Through the high damage output of the TG (and the superior scream) and the mortal wounds of the spectral host/Reliquary, they killed 4 monsters and about 8 5 saurus warriors. Nagash only killed a unit of skinks, the saurus guard, and the remainder of the saurus warriors, which weren’t fairing well already. The saurus guard did the most damage to him, getting like 10 wounds through. The zombies murdered the ripperdactyls because they got their shamble ramble on lock, always running at least four, including the corpse cart. The zombies also killed the saurus cavalry and almost the slann (he teleported to a far corner on turn 5 with only one wound left). They also killed the starpriest.

Major victory Death. Wound points: 151-30. Units points: 1740-320

Round 2: Skaven Skryre

Scenario: 4 objectives, players choose locations. Score one point for each objective held at the end of the turn. Most points wins minor. Double points wins major. Twist: No Battleshock.

Skryre list:
Arch Warlock
Warlock Engineer x2
3 Stormfiends with warpfire x3
Warpfire thrower team x2
Warpgrinder team
2 chaos familiars (allies)
Warp Lightning Cannon
Clan Skryre battalion
Arkhspark Voltik battlion
Gautfyrre Skorch battalion

2000 points.

I’ve always feared this list but never played against it. I was right to fear it. However, I turned out to be kind of old world fluffy because there were 13 skaven models in the “tunneling” all trying to kill Nagash.

I didn’t fully understand the skryre gimmick and misdeployed, but I didn’t do it horribly. I put Nagash in a corner with a 45mm buffer from both sides as my opponent still had his stormfiends on the 50mm squares. It turned out one unit was on 40mm rounds, so that didn’t help much. Due to my deployment area, I didn’t have enough space to keep the fiends more than 8” away in front of me, but some terrain blocked them out and I was able to block them on my flank. So 6 stormfiends, both warpfire throwers and the grinder were in range of Nagash. The other three were 9” away. I immediately popped Wail of the Damned on rolled under a 7 on every single skaven unit… One unit of fiends took 5 mortal wounds from tunneling and all the rest of the units took 1. Each thrower team took two. So as in the fluff, here’s how the shooting went down. First fiends do 12 mortal wounds to Nagash and he reflects 4 back, killing a fiend and only taking 3. Second fiends fire dealing 13 wounds taking 6 back, killing a fiend, taking 5. Weapons team deals two, reflecting one back and killing it, taking none. Second team deals 3, reflecting one back and killing it, taking 2. The third team shoots at the Mortis Engine and deals 13 wounds, saving one, so it died even with the wight king there. No heals… The “council” of thirteen tried to kill Nagash and Nagash killed four of them in return. I told my opponent that if he had a hooman with a Fell Blade he might have faired much better.

I summoned a unit of 10 black knights that immediately made a charge into the stormfiends. It turns out they’re garbage. I summoned 5 more black knights and 5 dire wolves to run across the board and get objectives as I was cornered in. The zombies did do really well against the stormfiends with the double pile-in, hitting on 2s rerolling 1s and wounding on 3s. After the stormfiends died, the only damage dealer left was the warplightning cannon, which sploded the first time he shot it after using a warpstone on it. In the end, he only had the warlock and only killed the mortis engine.

Major victory Death. Objective points 10-3. Unit points: 1710-180.

Round 3.

I was in first place going in and 2nd and 3rd were the two Tzeentch lists, one with Archaon and the other with 12 skyfires. I would rather have gone against Archaon just because we both had ways to instant kill each other. Alas, I got paired against the Skyfires.

Scenario: 3 objectives, one in the middle, one in each territory. Controlling all three is in immediate major. Otherwise, most held at end of round five is a minor. Twist: roll 3D6 in your hero phase, each 6 deals D3 mortal wounds to an enemy unit. Twist 2: Everything gets +2 move, +1 run and charge. Not great for me as the skyfires now have a 42” threat range. Deployment was opposite quarters, cannot be with 6” of center.

The destiny dice were in my favor. No sixes and two ones. I really wish I was against Archaon with those dice. I’ve played against this Tzeentch player in the final round of like the last 5 torunaments, so we know each other well.

His list:
Lord of Change
Gaunt Summoner
Tzaangor Shaman on disc
Herald of Tzeentch
6 skyfires x2
10 pink horrors x3
20 blue horrors
10 brimstone horrors

I got off to a good start. He deployed his skyfires out of range to reach Nagash turn 1 and only got 8 wounds on the mortis engine and 1 on the corpse cart. I left ten zombies and the necromancer hidden on my objective all game, so no threat there. I moved the mortis engine out of spell range for the next turn and summoned a screamy terrorgheist in its former location. I moved Nagash up hoping for the double turn, which I didn’t get. He dispatched the mortis engine and the corpse cart in the second turn without much trouble. However, those weren’t his biggest threats. I summoned 30 more zombies to join the 20 in the front. The second TG scream ghosted 2 skyfires out right. Nagash also made a charge into the same unit and killed the other 4. The zombies killed 5 skyfires from the second unit. I then got the double turn. And killed both the shaman, the remaining skyfire, the herald of tzeentch and all of the blue horrors. Not too bad. I also did a great job unbinding the firestorms and the infernos. However, I didn’t realize the gaunt summoner also had an inferno spell which decimated my zombies holding the center objective and had already used all my unbinds. In the end, only a single unit of 8 pinks and a unit of 6 brimstones were left on the board. However, the pink horrors got a 6 on a run in round five and were able to sieze a second objective at the end of the game. The only way I could have prevented it was to go second in round five but I chose to go first. Otherwise, I would have had to survive three potential firestorms/infernos, which was possible, but too risky, especially since the only way he could get the objective was to roll a 6 on the pink horrors, or less if he killed Nagash, which had already taken 8 wounds. Alternatively, rolling anything but a 1 on resurrecting zombies or Nagash being ½” closer to the center of the objective would have also granted me the victory. C’est la Vie. Errr… C’est la Mort?

Minor victory Tzeentch. Objective points: 2-1. Unit points: 500-1820 (I killed the 1820 points)

Overall result: 3rd place. Points destroyed: 5370. Points lost: 1000

The take away? Nagash is a beast. He's worth all 800 points. I thought he would take up too much of a chunk of the army and be too easy to kill but his saves are really good (2+ rerolling 1s with mystic shield) and reflecting mortal wounds back really makes your opponent think twice about targeting him at all. If he gets buffed in any way with the new tome without going back up in points, he will hands down be the best unit in AOS. Right now it's kind of a tossup between the other big monster characters, stormfiends with warpfire and skyfires.

Also, be wary of when to go first or second in a turn.
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Jan 1, 2017
Nice reports, glad to hear about some real games with Nagash.
I've especially appreciated the battle agains skaven.

A pity you didn't score a victory against Tzeentch. 2x6 skyfires with shaman on disk are just bad, there's no merit in winning using such lists.

Speaking about a army I own, i can say that Seraphon can be a really nasty opponent.... of course, your adversary was new to the game and that was clearly guessable by the list xD


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Dec 9, 2013
A pity you didn't score a victory against Tzeentch. 2x6 skyfires with shaman on disk are just bad, there's no merit in winning using such lists.
Yeah. Especially since I all but tabled him. But I've won several games through objectives in what would have otherwise been me being tabled. I'm only upset about my own strategic error. Though, if me nearly tabling him makes him think twice about his list and others think twice about adopting it, then that is a much greater victory.


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Dec 9, 2013
This tournament was on the same day that Legions of Nagash dropped so it’s with the old rules. LoN WAS allowed, but I got the book that day and didn’t have time to come up with a bunch of cool ideas. It was an open war format with twists, but we still had matched points
My list:
Wight King
-Tomb Blade
Mortis Engine
Corpse Cart with Balefire
3x10 zombies
520 points for summoning
Total: 1990 points

My first matchup was against Chaos Dwarfs. I’d never played against them, even in oldhammer, so this was exciting.

His list (from memory so not sure on the names):
3x6 hellbrutes
2x mini-steam tanks
2xhellbrute characters, one is the general
1 wizard

The deployment was the opposing quarters with a 12” diameter bubble in the center that neither of us could deploy in. The scenario was most wounds killed; monsters and heroes are worth double. The Twist was slashing rain, which is -1 to hit in shooting, -1 to run and charge; at the beginning of each battle round, on a 4+, it either stops or resumes raining. It rained the whole match.

I barely finished deployment so I opted to go second. I deployed much farther back than normal because his stuff didn’t move very fast but hit hard. His tanks only had a 14” range so having one round of no shooting was going to be nice. His first round was uneventful. He moved forward and cast his spells. I tried to snipe a couple things with casting but failed. I summoned a Terrorgheist and that was about it. Nagash failed to hit in the shooting phase because of the rain. I guess he got something in his eye… The TG also failed rolling a 6 on 3 dice.

I didn’t get the double turn, but that was fine. Better to have it later anyways. He cast mystic shield again and put it on a tank making it 2+ armor. He’s now in range to shoot and battens the hatches, which gives his tanks double shots. So each tank has 4D6 shots, hitting on 4s. Fortunately, it was raining and made it 5+, but he almost sniped both the wight king and the necromancer with his 8D6 rend -2 shots. The Wight king was in cover which really helped. The necromancer was next to a unit of zombies and just passed off the wounds but still took 3. On my turn, I mobbed up the zombies with vanhels and charged them to the 2+ tank. Soul Stealer failed to do anything. The terrorgheist choked again, this time double; due to the rain, he failed his charge against a tank. The zombies pull through, getting 3 wounds through on the tank with their 60 attacks. I also summoned a bat swarm to reduce the damage output on one of the tanks. Still have 120 points for summoning.

I still didn’t get the double turn, which almost meant my demise. I unbind his casting but he moves two units of hellbrutes up. One to charge the TG, one to charge zombies. His general charges the Mortis Engine. He shoots both tanks at the zombies this time. I remove the ones in front of Nagash because Nagash does pretty good against cavalry. Well, at least better than zombies do. But I forgot that I had put Mystic shield on the mortis engine. Everything makes the charge. The hellbrutes charging the TG get their exact needed roll, so only one makes it in. However, the ones going to the zombies make it far enough to get to Nagash. So they go to Nagash instead, one having to attack the corpse cart. Those hellbrutes do some massive damage. The riders attacks are all -2 rend, but 1 damage so that wasn’t bad. THE HORSES get 4 attacks each on the charge and do D3 damage on 4+/4+!!! They don’t rend, but he has 24 attacks coming my way. Nagash ends up taking 14 wounds through it all. The TG comes out without a scratch, but his claws and teeth must have been pretty dull. As I understand it, bats don’t do well in rain. The Mortis Engine took 4 wounds. The zombies get 3 more wounds through on the tank. Out of its 11 wounds. On my turn, I pop the Reliquary healing Nagash 1 wound and everything else gets 3 wounds back. Figures. However, Almost everything of his also took 3 mortal wounds including his caster. Now that the engine is back to top tier, I use the wail of the damned, killing his caster and taking his general to 2 wounds left. Nagash uses Soul Stealer and gets 4 wounds back. Whew. I also use hand of dust on the champion hellbrute (they have 6 wounds each, btw). First time it’s ever worked. My opponent reached to remove his 1 wound left model, but I caught it and said it’s a specific model, not on the unit. He didn’t like that. Through magic and attacking with Nagash first, I’m able to whittle the hellbrutes down to one model. The TG kills the tank that’s not affected by bats and the Mortis Engine does exactly 2 mortal wounds to the general but receives 8 wounds back. From hereon, I put mystic shield on Nagash…

I got the double turn and finished off the last hellbrute fighting Nagash with magic, allowing me to summon a new unit of zombies as a shield wall in front of Nagash to halt the third unit of hellbrutes. . I also finish off the tank with magic and shooting. I move the mortis engine to charge the unengaged hellbrutes in a bit of sneakiness that would make a skaven player proud. I succeed on the charge and go base-to-base against the hellbrute on the far flank, so even after he piles in, he only gets one model to attack and the ghosts got 3 mortal wounds through The zombies also pile-in to bring his chariot into combat now that the tank is dead. Unfortunately, enough zombies died that I decided to remove the ones fighting the chariot that had not yet attacked. The bats are just hanging out now. The TG wakes up and kills 2 hellbrutes. On his turn, the mortis engine gets 3 mortal wounds off on the hellbrutes, killing 1. He gets two more hellbrutes into the mortis engine and kills it, but that’s a turn that I didn’t get charged by them and now they’re way out of position. I’m able to kill his final character. The TG kills another hellbrute and one flees. So two left in that unit and 5 on the other.

He gets the priority. His hellbrutes charge the TG. The chariot charges the zombies. The TG crumbles beneath the charge but when he explodes, he kills a wounded hellbrute on the unit with 2, the last remaining flees. The zombies are able to get some wounds through on the chariot, but they’re pretty depleted. At this point, I’m slightly behind on wounds caused. I try to win through magic, but it doesn’t do enough. The only sure way for me to win is for Nagash to charge. He has 8 wounds at this point, so I’m pretty confident he’ll survive. He charges the hellbrutes. The fresh zombies charge the chariot. The zombies are able to finish off the chariot, but I’m still behind. Nagash takes 3 wounds (worth 6 for scoring) but he almost wipes the unit, which gets me the victory.

Result: Minor victory Death; 135-109.

Round 2.

Standard deployment. Scenario is Kill the Messenger; choose a model to be the messenger, whoever kills their opponent’s messenger wins a major victory. Twist: another scenario. Whoever holds both objectives at the end of a battle round wins a major victory. Both major victories must be scored to win a major.

Opponent: Kharadron Overlords

Aether Khemist
Aether Khemist
3x Arkanaut company x10
-3 skyhooks each
12 endrinriggers
-3 grapnel launchers
9 skywardens
-3 drill cannons
Skyport= +1 to hit/wound against units that fly

He has a 2 drop list. One is a unit of arkanaut company that he selects to be the messenger. The other is the ironclad with all of his other units riding it.

I try to bubble wrap as best I can, but I focus on the front because that’s where he put his ironclad. After I finish, he picks up the skyboat and places it in my deployment zone…. Then his whole army gets out of the boat.

He buffs the skywardens’ drill cannons and the endrinriggers saws with the two khemists. He shoots his entire arsenal that’s in range at Nagash. The rest goes into the corpse cart. Both survive but barely. They each have four wounds left at the end of shooting. Then his grapnel launchers pull the endrinriggers to 3” away from the corpse cart. He succeeds the charge and pulls Nagash, the corpse cart, and the wight king into combat. He goes first and Nagash goes down. The endrinriggers have 2 attacks each with their saws, hit on 3+/2+, rend -2, D3 damage. I have no buffs up. The corpse also dies, but the wight king survives. I’m now down 1400 points. On my turn, I try to summon some more zombies but his navigator unbinds. I offer to concede. He says we should at least see who wins the roll off for round 2 as that would give me another chance to summon and move my necromancer outside 18” of the navigator. He wins the roll off, and therefore the game. However, I did manage to kill three endriggers with the wight king, so it wasn’t a complete slaughter…

Major Loss

During my down time as that game only took 45 minutes, I take the opportunity to read some of the Legions of Nagash and see the First Cohort Battalion. Methinks I’ll be running that next time…

Round 3. Deployment is U-shaped negative space, long table. I opt to take the inside of the U as it allows me to get a good bubble wrap and block being flanked or from the rear. Scenario is 2 objectives, if you hold both at the end of your opponent’s turn, get a major victory.

Opponent: Kharadron Overlords
The SAME. EXACT. LIST. The good news is, I’m better prepared. The bad news is that it probably won’t matter.

I go second and you might as well re-read round 2’s report. However, my bubble wrap prevents the edrinriggers from making it to Nagash. They instead charge the Mortis Engine. They don’t kill it because he didn’t buff their saws with the chemist and some zombies prevent them from wrapping around the engine. So Nagash survives. This round. On my turn, soul stealer fails. I use the reliquary to heal him and itself and get 3 wounds back on each and kill a rigger. The wail also kills one. I measure and there’s no way for Nagash to get far enough away from his shooting. I summon a TG to distract. I summon a batswarm with the necromancer to weaken most of his units. I also summon some zombies as I don’t think I’ll get another chance to do so. I’m able to kill off the riggers but that’s about it.

He wins the roll-off. He kills Nagash by 2 wounds with all of his shooting but it’s not as big of a blow as the last game. Then I realize that I forgot my bat swarms debuff!!! It was my mistake so I don’t make him reroll. That and now my TG is safe and is only about 20 inches away from his objective, which only has ten arkanaut company on it. Despite being down by points, I could win by objectives. However, he charges the ironclad and skywardens into the TG. Luckily the wardens fail. I don’t die, but he used some ability that makes all flyers half movement so I can’t flee and get closer to the objective. A unit of company charge and kill the mortis engine The bats charge a chemist and kill it, aided by an arcane bolt. The TG kills the ironclad.

TO calls time. Wow. That was an intense game for only having two rounds and I’m doing math in my head and I think I might be able to eke out a minor, not that it matters.

Result: minor loss 980-940. It’s bittersweet because he only kill 2 models… Oh well. Now I know not to mess with sky dwarves.
Jan 1, 2017
I didn't knew KO could be so competitive. I've got the manual, but I was not impressed; they seems passably good, but not exceptional. Oh well...

Opponent: Kharadron Overlords

Sigh... kinda boring, but as a partial excusation, is not that KO got so many different models to choose from...